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Mylène Farmer et Julia : Discussion Générale

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 6896, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. I love this album.

    It is completely out of step with current pop music, it is in a complete bubble of it’s own and makes no attempts to sound ‘modern’. I expect Mylène and Laurent hoped that the world was ready for Alizée V.2 and imagined gazillions of similar sales. I think Alizée sold A LOT around the world especially in Japan and Mexico.

    For me it is perfect French pop, it reminds me of the halcyon days of Jeanne Mas and early to mid 90s Mylène and even Ysa Ferrer’s second album. It is full of melodies, I enjoy the ballads as much as the uptempos. My least favourite is My Lovely Day and I find it a much better listen in reverse!

    I just ordered the record from FNAC, I imagine the vinyl is pretty limited. I expect we will never hear from Julia again but at least we (who wanted it) got an actual album in the end!!
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  3. So, in its second week Julia's album has fallen from #31 to #176. Ouch.
  4. Island

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    In true Mylenian fashion (for singles, at least ddd).
  5. My favourite of the new tracks is "La vie coule", it's sublime. Verses, bridge and chorus each have a beautifully layered melody. I can see both "Regrets" and "Appelle Mon Numero" dna in there. And the production is also subtle which helps its appeal.

    I listened to the album multiple times the past few days and really like all of the tracks. It also helps that its fairly short so one can listen to it again and again without it appearing to be a slog to get through.

    Julia will probably go on to forge her own path, but as it stands she elevated these songs and I am really happy with the outcome.
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  6. Sorry to be over a year late, I absolutely loved Ghostland! And loved to see Mylène kicking some ass

    Oh and I find Julia’s album to be a wonderful listen! It feels quite timeless to me, rather than dated. It will hold up well over the years. Her voice is very pretty too
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  7. So girls, I'm thinking about which rate I'd like to possibly run next and feel like a Mylène rate is long overdue. I seem to remember one being in the rate queue years ago but it never happened?

    Now Désobéissance and the live shows are done with and she's back in her castle counting piles of money and thinking about how to fleece the gays next, would there be enough takers for a Mylène singles rate when it gets to the top of the queue?

    I think a whole discography rate would probably be too much of an undertaking for me right now (the Garbage one almost finished me off) and maybe also put off some potential voters so I'm reluctant to suggest that but, hey, if there's enough interest it could happen in the future... maybe.

    Thought I'd post here first to gauge interest before committing to anything.
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  8. I'm extremely here for either a full discography rate or a singles rate.
  9. Just listening to Manan a Tort for the first time / so good!
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    I'd be down for a singles rate.
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  11. Me too, pas de doute.
  12. Honestly I would like a discography rate but I understand that could be daunting to the host and the voters so I don't mind a singles one for the mean time. I'm just happy Mylène is getting her own rate very soon! the amount of 11s!
  13. I love Mylene to death, but she does have some ballads that are just there for me, so on one hand I would prefer a singles rate, but on the other one we would miss out on some amazing album highlights.
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    I'd be down for a discography rate but not all at once. Splitting them up into two rates using the everything until and including Les Mots for Part 1, and then everything after Les Mots for Part 2 would be better in my opinion.
  15. The difference in terms of quality between those two though...
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    Kinda the point ddd
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  17. Including a few album track highlights in the singles rate could work too, like maybe one or two from each album. That way the rate wouldn't be super long, but the fan favourite album tracks would still be featured.
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  18. I’d vote! My 10 for The Farmer’s Conclusion is ready.
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  19. Just imagine her doing something like that today.

    And no, this "this will do" thing called Nuit d'hiver doesn't come anywhere near it.
  20. XXX


    Not 'The Farmer's Conclusion' having stans. *insert Phoebe ''Now I've seen everything'' gif at the lesbian wedding*

    I'd be down for a singles rate as I honestly think the singles are the highlights of her discography (with some notable exceptions I'm sure).
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