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Mylène Farmer et Julia : Discussion Générale

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 6896, Nov 30, 2017.

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    I've listened to Julia's album so much more than I thought I would. Three songs are definitely too dated to be on there: 'Baptême en l'air', 'SEXTO' and 'Même pas mal'. The chorusses of 'Même pas mal' and 'Utopia' are so similar I don't know why they had to place them back to back. But those are really my only gripes.

    Even the dated songs are listenable to these ears. 'My Lovely Day' is such a breezy, lovely listen. 'Utopie' is a gorgeous ballad. '#Mesuistrompée' still slaps. '9 vies' kind of does too. 'Et toi mon amour' is so catchy.
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  2. I am still thoroughly enjoying the Julia album!

    Whilst 80s and 90s Mylene are a powerhouse, I thought the ugly looking best of she released post Bleu Noir was an excellent compilation. Also not on Spotify Oz que m'e'nerve!
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  3. For Alizée fans, her 2 Farmer/Boutonnat albums will be released on vinyls via this site, pre-orders begin tomorrow.
  4. Luc


    Latest Mylène rumours..

    A new single is about to drop this Autumn as well as a Three-part Amazon France Prime Video Exclusive Documentary/Making Of about her 2019 Paris Residency.
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  5. I've been revisiting Avant que l'ombre... a lot the last few weeks and this song is a particular highlight of mine -

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  6. Bumping this thread because it's Mylène's birthday today.

    Happy birthday to an underrated legend with the most iconic videography out there.
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  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Happy Birthday, God!

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  8. California is really comfortably inside the Best 100 songs ever made by anyone. What. A. Mood.
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  10. Google can.

    A documentary on Mylène Farmer's 2019 concerts to be discovered on September 25 ...

    Hashtag NP has just announced on social networks that a documentary on Mylène's 2019 concerts will be available on Amazon Prime Video on September 25.
    "" Mylène Farmer, l? Ultime Création ": the documentary event, available Friday, September 25 on Amazon Prime Video.
    #MyleneFarmer #LUltimeCreation" According to the press release from Amazon: Director of the documentary: Mathieu Spadaro "This is the good time. Approaching you. Closer. Closer and closer. " (Mylène) The documentary would be offered in three episodes with Mylène in "voice-over".

    gathered from June 7 to 22, 2019 more than 235,000 spectators.
    The Live 2019 album was certified Platinum in France for more than 100,000 sales.
    The DVD and Blu-Ray Live 2019 Le Film received a double diamond certification for more than 80,000 sales.
    The lack of backstage bonuses at concerts surprised fans.
    We now have the explanation even if the recurrent use of the term "Ultimate" (the 2019 concerts = ultimate disobedience, the last date of June 22 = last date) questions and frightens a little.
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  11. Luc



    3 x 45 mins episodes on Amazon Prime Video France starting 09/25 !
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  12. Island

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    Is it only available in France?
  13. Luc


    From what I read, the Documentary will be available only in a couple of French-speaking countries like France, Belgium and Switzerland.

    But, I'm sure it'll leak online quickly after the release. Thanks to Mylène's huge fanbase and fansites. Her Russian fans are already on a mission!
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  14. Luc


    First & Second Teaser of the Amazon Prime Documentary :

    Second Teaser of the Amazon Prime Documentary :

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  15. Luc



    Her new single, L'Ame Dans L'Eau, will be out this friday!

    It is rumoured to be a french adaptation (re-written by her) of this song :

  16. And I thought Stolen Car was random for a cover!

    How did HIBTB get Kate Bush in that video?

    Looking forward to hearing her take.
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  17. Luc


  18. This is a disappointing ballad from her. I think she recorded it while she was still waking up, boring.
  19. It is one of the most (if not the most) poignant songs she has released in the last decade, for me.
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  20. Is anybody able to watch the Amazon Prime Documentary outside of France?
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