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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 6896, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. I spent the morning watching the documentary and was basically in a trance watching it, even though it is mainly all in French it makes no difference as you can get the gist of what's going on. This must be the first time she has ever given so much access but you still don't learn a whole lot about her (which is fine by me), I don't need her to be relatable. The whole thing is beautifully shot. There is a hotel room scene with an unidentified person lying on the bed, her partner maybe? I learned she is a fan of coconut water (and possibly chicken) and she loves her Games Of Thrones dogs. Sting makes an appearance and we see Jean Paul Gaultier for a second. The documentary gives the impression she is collaborative and drama free.

    As my French is very bad if there are any revelations can someone post on here? Anything mentioned in relation to future plans?
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  2. Is there no subtitle option for the doc?
  3. The only thing that seems to suggest a possibility to go on is the fact that the very last shot of the documentary is Mylène rehearsing her 2019 entrance saying that "next time she'll do a normal entrance".

    It is very strange because after 25 years being a huge fan of hers, this was the first time I saw her in a sort of normal surrounding/atmosphere and it still all felt really natural/familiar to me.
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  4. jtm


    No subtitles. At least the first episode is 70% dancing and mood shots so it‘s not too bad. Should have paid attention in those French classes I guess.
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  5. I'm not great at French listening either but her voices overs and the general mood makes it look/sound like this is her final tour, and she is retiring due to health reasons.

    She seems very collaborative in this documentary. She has a minor disagreement with her driver about her upcoming schedule and also doesn't wear her seatbelt in the car. That is what I took away mainly.

    I wish I had discovered Myèlene and Alizée when taking French AS level. I would have done my oral examination on them, particularly the explicit meaning of their lyrics.
  6. Retiring from touring or retiring for good?
  7. Pretty sure she is not retiring, else we would have heard a lot more news about it!

    I was more remarking about the serious, melancholy mood. Somewhat typical of Mylène and her songs about death etc.
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  8. Sorry, I got scared! I hate how the threat of retirement is always around the corner with her, but I guess that’s part of her brand, ddd.
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  9. My hope is that it is unlikely that she would have signed a single album deal with Universal when she left Polydor? Then again I have pas de doute that she can do whatever she likes.
  10. I tried to do this but I settled on Jean Pierre Jeunet instead.
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  11. Luc


    French popular DJ The Avener, who produced Mylène & Sting's Stolen Car, was commissioned to do a remix of L'Âme Dans L'Eau. A CD Single and a vinyl should follow this autumn.
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  12. Luc


    **Mylène update**

    A new Best Of compilation will hit the shops in December. A colourful photoshoot by Jean-Baptiste Mondino was done a couple of days ago in Paris.

    We don't know yet if it will be a ''2011-2021'' tracks selection or a larger thing/boxset reuniting all her hits from 1984 to 2021. But it will include her latest single L'Âme Dans L'Eau.
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  13. No CD single by the looks of it unfortunately.
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  14. Don’t know if it’s real but this is the cover apparently

  15. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Why does she look like a Muppet?

  16. Here is the confirmation, her new best of « Histoires De » will be out on December 4.
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  17. Luc



    Best Of 1999-2020
    Release date: 04/12/2020
    72 pages booklet - Photos by Jean-Baptiste Mondino

    1. Libertine
    2. Sans logique
    3. Sans contrefaçon
    4. Ainsi soit je...
    5. Pourvu qu'elles soient douces
    6. Je t'aime mélancolie
    7. Regrets
    8. Désenchantée
    9. Beyond My Control
    10. XXL
    11. California
    12. Rêver
    13. Comme j'ai mal
    14. L'instant X
    15. Mad World
    16. Diabolique mon ange

    CD2 (BEST OF - STUDIO VERSIONS 1999-2020)
    1. Innamoramento
    2. L'âme-stram-gram
    3. Souviens-toi du jour...
    4. Optimistique-moi
    5. Je te rends ton amour
    6. C'est une belle journée
    7. Les mots (avec Seal)
    8. Fuck Them All
    9. L'amour n'est rien...
    10. Avant que l'ombre...
    11. Q.I
    12. Redonne-moi
    13. Dégénération (Single Edit)
    14. C'est dans l'air (Radio Edit)
    15. Appelle mon numéro
    16. Si j'avais au moins...

    CD3 (BEST OF - STUDIO VERSIONS 1999-2020)
    1. Oui mais... Non
    2. Bleu Noir
    3. M'effondre
    4. Lonely Lisa
    5. Du temps
    6. À force de...
    7. Monkey Me
    8. À l'ombre
    9. Je te dis tout
    10. Interstellaires
    11. Stolen Car (avec Sting)
    12. City Of Love
    13. Un jour ou l'autre
    14. Rolling Stone
    15. N'oublie pas
    16. Désobéissance
    17. Sentimentale
    18. Des larmes
    19. Histoires de fesses
    20. L'âme dans l'eau **New Song**
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  18. Island

    Island Staff Member

    She ain't fooling anyone with "live versions from previous tours".
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  19. You have killed me, now all I see is.....

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  20. Luc


    I find her obssession with Albator kinda cute. It shows again on her latest Best Of cover. The character was one of the main inspiration behind her 2019 Paris residency wig along with the Blade Runner movie.




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