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Mylène Farmer et Julia : Discussion Générale

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 6896, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. No, nothing about retiring is mentioned in the documentary.

    Actually, the very last sentence of the whole thing is an extract of her preparing her entrance (being scared of heights) and saying "Next time I'll do a normal entrance".

    The fact that the documentary ends on that note suggests that there is more to come.
  2. This is pretty good

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  3. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Was Les Mots taking off streaming for anyone? It's no longer on Apple Music and it fucked up my Mylene library.

    And XXL isn't available on Anamorphosee?
  4. Thank God, I live in Spain and I don't have any of these issues. If anything, Bleu Noir, the album, became available on Spotify a few weeks ago, after having been removed from the platform for five years or so.
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  5. So I just received my En Concert vinyl, the 2018 reissue and I'm in love. I will play it later so I hope the sound is great, it's my favourite concert album from hers.

    Does anyone know where to buy her stuff at normal prices? I realise that French music is expensive but it seems impossible to find Mylène's discography at a normal if slightly high price. The En Concert vinyl is 25€ in FNAC France which is very good (it's double and you get the photo booklet which is amazing). However, the only other vinyl available (Désobeissance notwithstanding) is Anamorphosée quite cheap but according to the Discogs reviews it is a shitty reissue regarding how it sounds.
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  6. I'm sorry for the double posting, but does anyone know how good the latest coloured Cendres de Lune vinyl sounds? It's available on the official store and I'm having doubts about buying it.
  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I'm re-enacting these the next time I'm in France:

  8. God, how could one possibly guess that that poor girl would become Mylène Fucking Farmer only 18 months later?
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  9. Not super on topic, but not sure where else to ask. Does anyone have any recommendations for other artists that make music that sounds like "Cendres de Lune," with that echoey, shadowy subterranean quality? It's perfect for the writing I'm doing now and I'd love to find more. I suppose it's not really a style I'm looking for, but more of an atmosphere. (And yes, I already know and love the Cocteau Twins.)

    These also have that unique "Cendres" energy, I think:

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  10. Not exactly the same vibe per se, but your Cocteau Twins reference made me think of Faye Wong, especially her mid-90’s stuff.
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  11. Maybe the Heart Throbs album Jubilee Twist
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  12. Huge Faye fan, actually wrote a big chunk of my last project while listening to her. Not quite right for this one, but that late '90s imperial run is nothing but stone cold classics.
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  13. Is she preparing a new album for autumn as I readed?
  14. Je n'ai pas choisi de l'être
    Mais c'est là, l'innamoramento
    L'amour, la mort, peut-être
    Mais suspendre le temps pour un mot
    Tout se dilate et cède a tout
    Et c'est là l'innamoramento
    Tout son être s'impose à nous
    Trouver enfin peut-être un écho

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  15. Luc


    Her 1999-2015 Albums will be reissued by Sony on 05/28/2021. 2CDs each with bonus discs containing the Full Instrumental Version of the Albums/Songs !! + 16 pages special booklets. They will come in small eco friendly cardboard boxes.

    Sony acquired her 1999-2015 catalog and Universal own her 1984-1998 work. I guess that we're in for many re-issues to come this year again! Rumours about CD Singles/12'' of these eras are circulating already!

    Pre-order : links
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  16. XXX


    I just realized she released another GH album a few months ago and I'm annoyed it's not just a 4 CD edition with a new disc and the same 3 discs as previously released (maybe without non-single fillers like la veuve noire, effets secondaires and be me). I don't like that they removed some songs and that the first CD is now a live CD. But all the lyrics seem to be in the booklet now so it's still a bit tempting.

    If she would've released a new one with these singles on a 4th disc I would've stanned: a l'ombre, je te dis tout, monkey me, stolen car, city of love, c'est pas moi, rolling stone, N'oublie pas, sentimentale, Désobéissance, des larmes and l'âme dans l'eau. Ah well I made my own Spotify playlist anyway.

    When is a singles rate planned? This bitch found her way back to my ears recently and I'm slain once again.
  17. There's some issue with Universal having the rights to the first 4 albums and Mylène not wanting to give them cash which is why her biggest hits were released live.

    Shitty idea though.
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  18. Island

    Island Staff Member

    They were "live" yes. Queen of the pre-recorded track.
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  19. I hope that with these reissues from 1999 they will do better than with the previous ones. Some reissues like the iconic Anamorphosee were embarrassing.

    Sony also is releasing her videography in DVD/Bluray in a lovely package BUT from 1999 till now.
    What were they thinking not to fight with Universal to include for the most iconic videos from the beginning of her career?

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