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Mylène Farmer - Interstellaires

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 6896, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. Looks like new single is a Sting collab?
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  2. The title of the song seems very apt.
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  3. Is "WTF?" the title of the song? Hahaha...

    I'm here for it. On a side note, how I wish Mylene's videography was available in YT in HD...
  4. Ray



    WTF? would actually be a very fitting title. I hope she didn't write the English lyrics for Sting, I still haven't recovered from "Soul, how would it feel?".
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  5. Here for this
  6. Sting's made some sublime records down the years*, why the fuss?

    *Okay, those years were a long time ago now, but still.....
  7. There was Muse rumours too. Hopefully it'll be a killer ballad and not a snooze fest.
  8. [​IMG]
    Sting is bae.
  9. Vas, is that you?
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  10. Ray


    According to the caption, Mylene has grown quite a beard and Sting doesn't look all that bad as a ginger.
  11. Well won't be long until we hear it! Looking forward to new Mylene!
  12. I love this concept. The image is great except for Sting's creepy undead hand. Run, Mylene, RUN!
  13. Ray


    Confession: I can't stand Sting.
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  14. Looks like the single is a cover of one of his tunes from Sacred Love 'Stolen Car'........she does throw the odd curveball now and again! Apparently out tomorrow.

  15. Ray


    The very definition of random.
  16. I can hear her cooing over those slow beats though.
  17. just read on - that the song will be debuted at 10h00 (European time no doubt!) and that it's been produced by The Avener.

    Update: It's on iTunes and is sounding good! Already a number 1 on iTunes in France... of course!
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  18. Would have much preferred a new song.....
  19. I'd be surprised if it were an album of covers... I'm happy with it as I didn't know the Sting version before hand.
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