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"N1KKI" - A male Sandi Thom style cringefest?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by on request, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Not sure if he's been mentioned on here, in fact I'm surprised I've not seen anything about him.

    Was watching ITV1 the other week when an advert for "www.n1kki.com" popped up. Basically, it was a cheaply made advert with a boy saying "watch my live webcast at 7.30pm!"

    The first thing that struck me was "How can a little boy afford a primetime advertising slot on ITV1?" so I naturally went on his website.

    It's basically 17 year old London lad who writes his own songs, is backed by an all-girl band and dancing troupe, and does a live show every night - the current series has finished now but you can watch the old ones here: http://www.n1kkilive.com/archive_home.htm

    The whole thing is utterly bizarre. Firstly, he's had a single out already (which missed the top 40) called 'Jeans On' (he performs it in the last show, 18th June).

    His show is dire, the song production is terrible, and he's a terribly wooden presenter whose vocabulary doesn't extend far beyond the word "Cool".

    Does anybody know any more about it?

    I presume he's got a record deal, indeed he must be backed by a huge company to afford ITV1 advertising, the relatively expensive studio (well, I don't know any 17 year old with that sort of studio setup in his bedroom!) as well as bandwidth for high-res programmes to be broadcast to "1 million" people. In fact the credits at the end of the show suggest there's a big team behind each live webcast.

    And yet the boy is absolutely useless, and his cringeworthy backing dancers and his backing band make Nikki Sanderson look talented.

    The 'saving grace' is his pop video (right at the end of the 18th June broadcast), and yet even in that he looks uncomfortable. It's a fun idea, and I think it would have been pulled off by somebody like Will Young with a bit of irony in it (and didn't the girl from Aqua recently do something similar? And that looked good). But this whole thing looks cheap and shoddy.

    He's got another single coming out 'eventually'.

    Who is funding this?
    Is this boy going to be a megastar?
    Did anybody buy the single?
  2. Surprise Surprise - he went to Sylvia Young!!!

    Mummy and Daddy are probably funding his venture. Is laughably dire though.
  3. What the fuck is that hideous noise?

    Ah yes, the bottom of the barrel.
  4. Oh. My. God.
  5. Exactly what the fuck have I just seen? It seems to combine the credibility of I Dream, the choreography of Tikkabilla, and the fun-loving joie de vivre of herpes.

    And having to place a prime-time TV advert in order to build a grass-roots support movement? That belongs in the Tate Modern.
  6. This is the worst thing I've ever seen in my life. And I've seen a crocodile bite a man's leg off.
  7. yes, I wonder too whose money is financing it all, shall we ask his Dad?


    Seems like the sort of thing where cynical producers are quite happy to keep milking the cash cow, even though they know the whole thing is utterly appaling.

    and as for the female backing band, ha ha ha.
  8. I've heard of this ages ago...I met a guy called Myles Clark who was bragging about all the money he was getting for producing this. He wrote the songs I think, and 'en one kay kay eye' did the words
  9. That whole 'piece' was vomit-inducing.

    What was the bloody point of it. Eugh!!!
  10. There's a competition on his site to find a backing dancer for his new video, so it would seem that the saga continues.
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