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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by shazza, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. Nadine Coyle has held secret US talks to plot a solo career amid fears Girls Aloud will split up.

    The 21-year-old Derry beauty, who is dating Desperate Housewives Jesse Metcalfe, 27, spent a weekend with top music producer Wyclef Jean who has told pals he wants to turn her into a megastar.

    The news comes as sources close to the band say they will call it a day after the release of their Greatest Hits album and a farewell tour next year.

    Jean, 33, whose duet Hips Don't Lie with Shakira was a chart hit, partied with Nadine in New York and introduced her to industry pals.

    A source revealed: "Wyclef was crazy about Nadine and thinks she is destined to be a superstar in the States.

    "Nadine was flattered by all the attention and Wyclef was determined to get her back to America soon.

    "But Nadine is torn because she is very loyal to her band-mates and wouldn't want to ruin things for them."

    But news that Nadine is already attracting attention in the US could cause a crisis for the band.

    The source added: "Nadine would make so much more money if she was solo and she's really the one who carries Girls Aloud.

    "She works the hardest and has most of the vocal talent."

    Credit: Daily Mirror Northern Ireland
  2. It won't work. The Spice Girls were HUGE and none of them succeeded in solo careers. No member of Girls Aloud will do well solo. None.
  3. This reminds me of when Posh worked with Damon Dash. Nothing good ever came of it apart from that track that Beyoncé's now covered for her album. If Nadine wants to go solo, she'll have to think long and hard about the right people to work with. I mean, this guy worked with the fucking Rock of all people...
  4. I highly doubt any of it is true. She doesn't have the stage presence to pull of a solo career, and the only one that does have the stage presence can't sing.

    I think it's best for them all to just stay in the group, Westlife have been very well behaved so they can now stick a finger up at Brian.

    I wonder what it would be like if one Aloud Girl left and was replaced! Who would it be....? *ponders briefly before not really giving a shit*
  5. So which of the girls has 'stage presence'??
  6. Cheryl & Sarah have stage presence.

    Nadine sings.

    Kimberley & Nicola fill the blanks.
  7. Nadine is my fav member of the group but I think working with Wyclef would be damaging - please don't do it!!!!
  8. Nadine Coyle, or as my friendsand I call her; 'walking voice-box'

    Quite frankly she has all the stage presence of a microphone stand.
  9. Sean

    Sean Guest

    Wyclef showing an interest in peddling her is hardly a guarantee of overnight success- Claudette Ortis, anyone?

    I'm having visions of the impending reggaeton jamming session and my head, it cries.
  10. Perhaps not, but as much as I love the Spice Girls, not one of them can match Nadine's singing voice. I am biased as I love her voice, however, I'm sure when it comes to ability she's more capable.
  11. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    I bet he doesn't even know who Nadine is.
  12. Maybe Jesse introduced them
  13. Steve

    Steve Guest

    I don't think any of them have that much stage presence without the other members of the group - I think it would be something that they'd learn as solo artists. And Nadine certainly has the voice to carry solo material.

    I am adding Sarah Connor to the list of people Wyclef wanted to "make huge" (although obviously outside of Germany, and the surrounding countries, where she is quite big!).
  14. While you may be right, and were this to be true it is possible that nothing at all good will come out of it, but comparing Nadine and Wyclef to Posh and Damon Dash isn't as relevant as it may seem.

    Damon Dash doesn't have the musical profile (and following) that Wyclef Jean has. While Nadine doesn't have the profile of Victoria Beckham, she has far more musical talent. There may be parallels in that Posh and Nadine lack stage presence, but as far as I can see it would end there. Wycled has shown he has a skill for producing radio friendly tracks that cross many styles- latin music, hip-hop, r&b- and thus straddle many market profiles, while Damon Dash hasn't had any sustained success (if any at all) in the UK (please do correct me if I'm wrong as I'm woefully unaware of his profile aside from the Posh debacle).
  15. Well he bankrolled most of Jay-Z's success, and I think he made some musical input too. Though I prefered Jigga's stuff with Kanye West, all done before Kanye got his "even bigger than Jay-Z" ego.
  16. I doubt that its true. And if it was it wouldnt work especially in North America.
  17. It all sounds like a big PR stunt to me. All this 'a source said' something glowing about a member of a band who might go solo business is nothing new, and if Wyclef was serious about working with Nadine for a solo project, it would be kept quiet. This story is another opportunity to plug the band and the Greatest Hits project and another opportunity for the girls to say 'no, we're not splitting, we're really excited about our new single, out xxx'.
  18. if the band split, Nadine will stick with Louis as he has said many times she has an amazing voice and th best in the band and he will turn her into a female Shayne Ward ith all the ballads.
  19. Having more musical talent than Victoria Beckham is hardly difficult is it?

    Anyway, even if this story of Wyclef wanting to work with Nadine is true, I wouldn't hold out much hope. After all, the last one time member of a British pop band he worked with was Brian Harvey.
  20. It reminds me of when Wyclef worked with Brian harvey
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