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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by shazza, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. Re: Nadine Solo

    She could do the 'Compare the meerkat' ad.
  2. Re: Nadine Solo

    Im actually really liking that none of the girls are working with Xenomania on their solo projects (I know that its only Nadine and Cheryl, but i still believe we'll get a Sarah single sometime next year) - it means for me that Xenomania are exclusive to Girls Aloud as a whole and not seperte. Though i would love to hear if Nicola and Kimberely are writing with Miranda as we speak.

    Anyway, i really can't wait to hear a whole album of Nadine! I will indeed be treasuring it!
  3. Re: Nadine Solo

    Yes I imagine the Girls love Xenomania, but really want to experience more of the music industry. I'd love an album of Nadine solo Untouchables, but I can understand why she'd be more interested in trying something different
  4. Re: Nadine Solo

    i'm hoping for some frothy disco pop
  5. Re: Nadine Solo

    Well that would be ideal...but I think she is feeling that since she's already shown she can do that in Girls Aloud, she'd like to experiment with some different sounds.

    I think if/when G.A split, she'd start busting out dance numbers.

    But in a dream world an album full of
    Girls Alloweds
    Close To Loves
    Something Kinda Ooohs
    oh and throw in some Biologies and Blackjackses for good measure
  6. Re: Nadine Solo

    Sad that it probably will be nothing of the sort..
  7. Re: Nadine Solo

    Yeah I suspect not as well.
    But hey, would Leona be as respected if she sang those songs? Maybe Nadine needs some blander music that shows off her vocals to gain some respect.
  8. Re: Nadine Solo

    I dont want Nadine to "show off her vocals" I want her to come out with good fun music
  9. Re: Nadine Solo

    Me too!
    But, I have a feeling...
  10. Re: Nadine Solo

    NadineWorldwide Hi Everyone...I've been in the studio, wanted to
    say hi and wish you all a great weekend...going to Europe soon! Yeah! xxnc
  11. Re: Nadine Solo

    I'm hoping for a pop/rock album, similar to Breakaway and I'm Not Dead. It would show off her voice without being boring.

    I don't want a fun pop album, that's what Girls Aloud is for... I like that Cheryl's done something so different to Girls Aloud's work and I hope Nadine does the same (although not R&B).
  12. Re: Nadine Solo

    Whatever Nadine releases, I get the feeling she is working hard on it, with her full heart in it, so I'm really looking forward to it. Nadine is my favorite person in pop right now. Lovely looks, personality, singing voice...and THAT ACCENT :)
  13. Re: Nadine Solo

    Nadine seriously tweets some of the most random stuff ever ha!

    from tonight:

  14. Re: Nadine Solo

    Ha, I saw that. Love the phrase 'delicate spread'. Sounds lovely, doesn't it?
  15. Re: Nadine Solo

    Just watched an old performance of 'Jump' from top of the pops, and even then, Nadine is just stunning. She has the most incredible face, like a model. I find Cheryl so bland in comparison.
  16. Re: Nadine Solo

    NadineWorldwide Mr Desmond Child is a glamour puss, he threw
    a party last night it was so hollywood!!

    NadineWorldwide I loved every second, the people the delicate
    winter spread the hair pieces!! Xx nc
  17. Re: Nadine Solo

    I just watched that performance and i see what you mean. Nadine has always had that "it" factor whilst in the group. I love her "dragalicious"/over the top nuances she brings out in her performances. She reminds me of Beyonce a lot.

    Cheryl has grown a lot though from back then 'til now to be honest. She is like a different person now.
  18. Re: Nadine Solo

    Cheryl def gets the "most changed" award
    Nadine always has had her own style of performing...a natural flair for dynamic movement and facial expressions...She's also the only member of the group that makes it look easy. She can sing while flicking her hair and bouncing her hip, whereas usually the other girls go dead still the minute they have to squeeze out a note.
  19. justabluefox

    justabluefox Guest

    Re: Nadine Solo

    Nadine puts so much personality into her singing. I love it. She likes puts something extra on it or something.

    She needs to hurry up! I really can see her doing everything. Dance tracks, ballads, etc. I wish she somehow got Battlefield instead of Jordin Sparks. I would love to here her sing that song.

    The hair pieces part had me laughing!
  20. Re: Nadine Solo

    What? Nadine's performance motif is practically "Forgo all choreography the minute I start singing." Not that I mind really though, it works for her.
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