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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by shazza, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. Re: Nadine Solo

    NadineWorldwide Hi..having a party at my place tonight with
    friends and family can't wait to catch up and have some fun! xxnc

    NadineWorldwide I think we will play some of my new remixes
  2. Re: Nadine Solo

    I love that Nadine's presence is emerging again, I'm anticipating her solo material so much. I'm fine with it not being like the Aloud, from the people she's working with I expect it will still be quite pop.
  3. Re: Nadine Solo

    I'm just trying to imagine Nadine doing interviews on her own. I think she won't like it. Nadine isn't very direct.
  4. Re: Nadine Solo

    She's done interviews on irish tv alone before just fine. I think she'll come across better, to be honest.
  5. Re: Nadine Solo

    I know. She does tend to dodge questions a fair bit though. She is a very likable character.
  6. Re: Nadine Solo

    Nadine Coyle is the ultimate........obsessed with her!
  7. Re: Nadine Solo

    I'm anticipating a solo Nadine music video quite a bit - three and half minutes or more of Nadine's facial expressions alone?!

    The girl is a star through and through.
  8. Re: Nadine Solo

    Not strictly related to solo Nadine, but I can't describe how happy it makes me to know that Nadine Coyle has played a part in breaking the Guinness World Record for most trees planted in an hour. Quite ridiculous, but one of the many hundreds of reasons why I love anything associated with the Aloud.
  9. Re: Nadine Solo

    Just had a facebook conversation with a friend purely based on Nadine videos and how amazing she is.

    She has truly become one of my favourite people at the minute.

    Can't wait for solo Nadine. :D
  10. Re: Nadine Solo

    great interview, i love the nuhdineese for 'arms'. solo wise i reckon she's the sporty to cheryls ginger.
  11. Re: Nadine Solo

    oHmYgOD her new remixes!
    This implies a Nadine solo dance track is in existence. I couldn't be any more excited! Nadine is wonderful, quite whimsical and quirky--I love it!
    Agreed it is so random and Girls Aloud to be a part of breaking a tree planting record. Words can't describe the good feeling it gives me inside.
    It's weird, because talent aside, Nadine is sort of the Kelly Rowland to Cheryl's Beyonce....she comes across *(to me) as the chattier, friendlier, more accessible one. The smilier one.
    ANd yet...she is also soo Sasha Fierce. I don't know.
  12. Re: Nadine Solo

    What new remixes?
  13. Re: Nadine Solo

  14. Re: Nadine Solo

    Yeah i saw it right after i posted
  15. Re: Nadine Solo

    FUCK NO. Nadine is GINGER FIERCE and Mel C talent... only about ten million thousand times more talented. Also prettier than GA and SG combined.

    Nadine is the polar opposite of Melanie C. The main reason is that she is a woman, and Mel C is not.
  16. Re: Nadine Solo

    I admire your ruthless love for Nadine. Nadine for Queen 2010.
  17. Re: Nadine Solo

    If only...

    She could certainly pull off the whole tiara look.
  18. Re: Nadine Solo

    NadineWorldwide Bye Ireland, will be back soon...I'm heading
    back to London, for more time in the studio with Guy Chambers : )nc
  19. Re: Nadine Solo

    I swear her accent has got slightly stronger! (i.e: more amazing)

    "Ah heve tee go end CONTREBUTE!"
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