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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by shazza, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. Re: Nadine Solo

    Shouldn't she be getting her arse in gear by now? By the time this actually sees the light of day, it'll be late summer and she won't be able to promote it as she'll be recording the new Girls Aloud album and promoting their new single (well, I fucking hope so anyway...!)
  2. Re: Nadine Solo

    "you's dun't know?"
  3. Re: Nadine Solo

    Nadine's still recording with Guy Chambers tonight (and has asked for suggestions for album titles, I suggested WAAAAAAAAAAAAAASP...), so she's not at Cheryl Cole's Night In or Sarah's film premiere.
  4. Re: Nadine Solo

    Wow, she asked for album title suggestions?

    She should call it "The One With The Voice" or actually she should just call it "Kimburlay"
  5. Re: Nadine Solo

    I suggested WASSSSSSSSSPPP!!!!!

    It would certainly jump off the record shelves...
  6. Re: Nadine Solo

    'Bayther Tehn Charell'
    'Thray Werhds: Ay Cehn Sayng!'
    'Ahm Nuhdeen!!!1!!'
  7. Re: Nadine Solo

    Nadine Coyle - Lost In Translation
  8. Re: Nadine Solo

    Can you all honestly not understand her?
  9. Re: Nadine Solo

    I find her accent incredibly charming/alluring...but I am a sucker for girls with accents in general.
    I can however, understand just about everything she says. It's more when she squeaks a bit that I have trouble figuring out what she's saying.

    On a serious note...I couldn't really start throwing out album titles until I've heard some of the material.
    I keep thinking Nadine Coyle - Unleashed
    But it's really sort of cliche and silly. But really the title should somehow reflect the music, and as of now we know very little about it!
  10. Re: Nadine Solo

    Nadine Coyle - Norn Iron's Sweetheart
  11. Re: Nadine Solo

    Oh, of course! It's just fun talking about her accent for whatever superfluous reason.
  12. Re: Nadine Solo

    'Nadine - UnCoyled' surely? *goes off to Tweet*
  13. Re: Nadine Solo

    Intrauterine Device (the Coyle)
  14. Re: Nadine Solo

    Nadine Coyle - (Insert Girls Aloud Pun Here)
  15. Re: Nadine Solo

    Nadine Coyle - Oh, Fucking Hell!

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Re: Nadine Solo

    Nadine Coyle - Et's A Fucken Oitrage!
  17. Re: Nadine Solo

    Nadine Coyle - Fucken Tearible, Kimburlay!
  18. Re: Nadine Solo

    Four Words.
  19. Re: Nadine Solo

    Tuuh wurds - AAAHHH WASPPPP!!!

    (I am still working on my Nuhdeenish.)
  20. Re: Nadine Solo

    She's been making music for the gays and their clubbing ways apparently:

    @NadineWorldwide PS They were playing GA at the gay club last night!!! "Something Kinda Ohh" - one of my alltime GA faves!
    about 1 hour ago from web in reply to NadineWorldwide

    @PerezHilton yes, we must have a drink and listen to some new songs that I think you will have fun with, and great for the clubs! xxnc
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