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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by shazza, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Re: Nadine Solo

    I think she's paying for them herself for now, which is amazing as it shows dedication and drive. Many other girls would just get cars, pads and clothes isntead. And if she signs with a label it will be a good investment as she will make the money back.

    I think they have Fascination as the last resort, and if Fascination think Sophie and GCC are promising, I have faith in them working Nadine.
  2. Re: Nadine Solo

    the problem I think Nadine may have is not wanting to do much promotion and I think that could put companies off her.

    Even Cheryl did lots of promotion, there's a very interesting article in the guardian about her marketing campaign for 3 words with interviews from Fascination managers and what not -

    it's basically saying that even cheryl being a huge star wasn't enough alone for her to do well

    The thing is I don't see Nadine wanting to do this kind of stuff and she doesn't have the boost of an X Factor performance either.
  3. Re: Nadine Solo

    What makes you think Nadine wouldn't want to promote? I don't understand where you're getting this from.
  4. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Re: Nadine Solo

  5. Re: Nadine Solo

    Nadine isn't half as laid back as she lets on to be, I'd say.
  6. Re: Nadine Solo

    There's a difference between promoting songs you sang on as a session-singer basically and songs you like/co-wrote and release under your own name...
  7. Re: Nadine Solo

    She does promote Girls Aloud music though, doesn't she? She just doesn't do non-music promo like the Ghosthunting or Passions shows. Also, she lives in the US so she's less likely to be photographed falling out of Boujis pissed.
  8. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Re: Nadine Solo

    Exactly, she wants everything to be right, she wants Leona type attention (first album Leona) and she won't be satisfied with Fascination's SEB - type job. That's what's taking her so long I think.
  9. Re: Nadine Solo

    You don't devise the name "Nadine's Irish Mists" by accident. WHO SAYS SHE ISN'T COMMITTED?
  10. Re: Nadine Solo

    That's my point exactly, I think Nadine will want to be known for her talent whereas Cheryl is fine being simply a brand and having great marketing.

    There's obviously nothing wrong with Nadine wanting to be known for her talent - it's great, of course - however it's just a lot lot lot harder to launch and I can see record companies not being fully behind it, that's the problem.

    Leona has always been as talented as she was, but was turned down by record companies. She only found success thanks to being launched in front of millions, something Nadine won't have the benefit of with her solo album

    I'm not saying she won't want to promote but that she won't want to promote in the way Fascination and other labels want/plan for her to be, based on what they did with Cheryl from that Guardian interview.

    I can see her wanting to be taken seriously for her music, rather than for a brand or a name like Cheryl. I mean very little of Cheryl's promo actually involved her singing - with good reason! It was mostly her being herself in interviews, meet and greets and such
  11. Re: Nadine Solo

    Haven't you read the Popjustice Forums revisionist history on The Life and Times of Nadine Coyle? She has never applied, performed or been a guest mentor on a primetime talent show, she's never lowered herself to having a chat with some tosser on a daytime TV sofa, she's never promoted a popular brand of chocolate bar and she CERTAINLY doesn't have her own line of fake-eyelashes.

    No. Nadine spends her time writing 13th century Monastic chants and will appear only once following the release of her debut opus - and even then she will be covered in a shroud and have her own Popemobile.
  12. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    Re: Nadine Solo

    Nadine will also not be doing any UK promotion as she has hidden her passport and won't tell anyone where she put it.
  13. Re: Nadine Solo

    Kelis self funded/begged producers for her amazing album Tasty.
    Hopefully Nadine is doing the same and coming up with quality material.
  14. Re: Nadine Solo

    This would be awesome in all sorts of ways.

    I had a lot of respect for Nadine when she chose not to participate in some of the extraneous Girls Aloud 'projects', especially that ghost-hunting rubbish. Thank God there's one member of the group who knows a load of bollocks when she sees it. The others are so undiscerning in terms of what they'll do for money that I'm surprised none of them has offered to join Queen.
  15. Re: Nadine Solo

    But choosing not to appear in TWO (count them - in fact one of those shows was a one-off) ITV2 series has been interpreted with wild inaccuracy as anything from 'she doesn't do shows for ITV1' to 'she wouldn't appear in an endorsement'. Both of which she has done.

    Anyone that know sanything about A) Nadine, B) the promotion of pop music C) the relationship between pop artists and television media knows that is a huge heap of bollocks.
  16. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Re: Nadine Solo

    Ah JamieLyn no-one gets us, do they!
  17. SBK


    Re: Nadine Solo

    I dont understand why people think she wouldnt have signed with fascination because they'd want her to promote.

    Nadine has said many times that shes happy to promote the music, but isn't comfortable going down the endorsements and spin-offs route. There's no reason why she couldnt sign with fascination and promote through gigs and tv appearances to promote her music.

    The mass media exposure is mainly down to cheryls managment and agent, not her record label.
  18. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Re: Nadine Solo

    To make it easier:

    Fascination is like an old boyfriend to Nadine, he's a good guy, tries hard, is a bit predictable, their relationship is good but a bit boring, but generally ok.

    BUT Nadine is probably looking for a new boyfriend* that will marry her, is sexy, hot, rich, believes in her and will be there for her while letting her do what she wants to do.

    *new label
  19. Re: Nadine Solo

    NadineWorldwide I'm in a starbucks it's 9.21 am and this place it
    like a night club in here. Not too appreciated first thing..
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