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Nadine Coyle - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by shazza, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. BMG would be a good home. Focus on an album and decent campaign of radio singles with a couple of videos.
  2. TMI


    Nadine has a voice. And the looks. And the charisma. She deserves more success.
  3. Something new acoustic! Wow! Was not expecting that.
  4. Something New acoustic is SOMETHING ELSE! I'm blown away. What a serve.
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  5. Can she just release all of the songs she made with Xenomania? Whats the point of them collecting dust? I've already got an album cover ready to go.

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  6. I think they’ll appear in a Girls Aloud reunion.
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  7. Rob


    Outside of Go to Work the released Xenomania songs were largely dreadful so let's hope not.
  8. GCZ


    The Xenomania Radio Edit of Go To Work is such a tune. Does anyone know why didn't properly release the Xenomania remixes of the track? The two of them are better than all the other mixes.

  9. Oh I love this!
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  12. Nadine seems to be posting a lot of reminiscing memories at the moment looking back across her career. I wonder if there’s more to it and she’s building up to something or she’s just enjoying looking back?
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  13. TMI


    I guess she’s just enjoying.
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  14. I missed this, she performed an acoustic version of All That I Know.

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  15. TMI


    76EFDC92-9CF8-4CE4-8310-34631103EE75.jpeg An alternative cover for Fool For Love is now online.
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  16. AMAZING!
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  17. This is better than the original, which sounds like a demo. Her voice never fails to amaze me.
  18. Did anyone download You Really Got Me before it was taken down? The only trace of it online is a LQ YouTube upload which came after the original was removed.

    I know many didn't agree, but it slaps.

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  19. First time hearing it (so thank you) because I love it. It sounds demo but catchy as hell!
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