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Nadine Coyle - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by shazza, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. Yes that questioning was a LOT. Still, lovely piccies and a nice read so thanks for posting!
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  2. Honestly felt like a court deposition at times.
  3. To be fair, that was the whole point of the interview - her 'unusual' living situation. So I guess that was expected. I actually hoped Jason would have been part of the interview.
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  4. 'So Nadine, what you're saying is you and Jason are fuck buddies?'
  5. As always she looks gorgeous.
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  6. Lovely seeing Nadine on the cover of a magazine this week. She looks incredible.
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  7. I'm surprised there hasn't been a Nadine reality series yet about her day-to-day life. It'd be so entertaining. Hopefully post-COVID.
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  8. I get the impression that Nadine would hate and never do that lol.

    Listened to the Telegraph podcast she did the other day and her favourite thing to do is spend time at home with her family. She said she lines up TV work that can be completed in either the same or a few days so she can get it over with go straight home again. She turns a lot of projects down.

    Her favourite gig is still performing live so I’m sure she’s looking forward to live events again.
  9. Yeah considering her comments in Off the Record and how she wasnt even a part of the Passions/Ghost hunting I sincerely doubt we would ever get a Nadine reality TV series.
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  10. Yes she has been pretty vocal about it over the years, by great surprise she took part of "I'm a celebrity" out of nowhere and with no plan whatsoever of what to do after that.
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  11. The £250,000 fee might’ve swung that one

    Fully deserved, obviously!
  12. Rob


    The start of that interview was shockingly invasive, like let it go sis.

    Interesting to hear the girls have met up and are getting on well. Even if they never tour again I'm glad there's at least no animosity behind the scenes like there was around Ten.
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  13. That was a cute interview, if not a bit pushy on the Jason questions... Lovely hearing about the other girls and how they are in a good place.

    Nadine and Anaíya are so cute though, oh my god, you can just tell how fantastic a mother she is and it’s written all over Anaíya‘s face how much she loves her iconic mum, and vice versa. Can’t believe she’s now 7 years old!
  14. The fact there was even mention of ‘were in a good place’ furthermore backs up what we already knew.

    I’m bittersweet as a fan in the sense that I’d love to have been a fly on the wall during TEN.. but then I wouldn’t wanna see it for my own eyes. The stage dynamics were enough to prove what was going on behind the scenes I guess (along with the stories we’ve had since)
  15. I’m really craving some new Nadine releases. I wish she’d talk about those plans in her interviews.
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  16. Nadine is doing the “pop tarts” Instagram live with Sink The Pink tonight. The person interviewing Mel C for this was asking her about album tracks and deep dives. So it should be more than “how’s lockdown been?” and pestering about her boyfriend.
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  17. maybe she's not talking about release plans because there aren't any...
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  18. TMI


    I thought that Instagram live would be a gig...
  19. It was a little annoying when the host kept interrupting her when she was trying to speak
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  20. Yeh the host was hyper, kept talking over her too.

    Nadine was a sweetheart, as usual. Some nice Girls Aloud stories. Love the focus on the Tangled Up tour intro!

    Nadine said there is new music coming. There was a moment when the host mentioned music with Brian and Nadine said “have you heard a bit already?!?” But then at the end it didn’t seem as if the new stuff was with Brian, so who knows.
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