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Nadine Coyle - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by shazza, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. I didn't catch the whole thing, just a tiny bit at the beginning and the ending session, I was very annoyed by the host... by the way it seems like some new music is coming very soon and it also seems that she's working with Brian again, as @Krissykins mentioned Nadine misunderstood what the host was saying and she though that they have heard a new song with Brian, that lead her to say "wait have you heard that?"
    Now it was all a bit frenetic but it really seems like there's a new song from miss Coyle floating around...

    She also was very clear that there is no plan for a Girls Aloud reunion/anniversary next year because of Sarah's current situation, again the host clearly was not aware of how serious Sarah's conditions are given that she went like "Well is next year so we will see"
  2. ADM


    The way the presenter related times over the years to songs, they were a bit too excited but we love a presenter who know's their stuff.
  3. Does anyone else feel like Go to Work was the only one of the EP tracks that got properly mixed and mastered? Gossip and Something In Your Bones in particular sound kind of static-y and not very polished. Girls On Fire is just... loud. Go to Work sounds so pristine and then it seems like once it wasn't a hit the others were just thrown out. Something In Your Bones is still a bop, it just sounds a bit like a demo to me.

    Edit: Scream at this being on the main forum! Yes Nadine! We love an active pop star!
  4. I always thought Go To Work sounded mixed very low. That major label money must not have went far.
  5. TMI


    Nice to see Nadine on the main forum...if only she could release new stuff.
  6. I think the budget would of been low. It sounds like Go To Work got the full treatment bf didn’t she say that GTW went through lots of different versions.
  7. Why our Queen of Comeback forum is back into the main one?
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  8. Something In Your Bones and Go To Work are both absolute top tier for me!
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  9. Is something going on in the world of Nadine, soon?

    A new album would be great!
  10. TMI


    Wish she could just throw things to streaming platforms every now and then like Florrie (but not boring ones).
  11. Go to Work & September Song remain great songs. Fool for Love is also cute although it would benefit from an extended instrumental intro.
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  12. It’s not one of the EP tracks tho...
  13. Amazing performance from Nadine tonight!
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  14. What did she sing? Im catching up later.
  15. I'll Stand By You.
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  16. TMI


    Did she talk about releasing new music?
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  17. She did not, unfortunately!
  18. A bop and a half. The guitar solo at the end slaps.

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  19. I don't remember this one but it probably sounded like a bop. A 1997 bop, for sure.
  20. A 1997 bop is still a bop. I love the Insatiable album. I can see why people would call it 'dated', but I loved it from the first listen.
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