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Nadine Coyle - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by shazza, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. Hearing Nadine sing that, at this time more than ever, makes me feel so nostalgic and sad for Girls Aloud.
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  2. I know it's probably nothing, but I'm choosing to believe Nadine was moved here because she's about to release new music. Between all the tv appearances and interviews it wouldn't be completely out of the question. I'll always welcome solo material from her. It hasn't all been perfect, but it's been pretty damn good. I'd be interested in seeing how it's going now that she doesn't seem to get all the negative press from being the "bad girl" or "outsider" of Girls Aloud.
  3. I can see Nadine releasing music and the promo stopping.
  4. I hope to be proven wrong, but i can't see her doing much more than what she is doing now.
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  5. Nadine will sporadically appear on TV shows like this and in magazines and we will deal!
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  6. Who's managing Nadine? You'd wonder would Fascination take her on and bag her some bangers and change the course of her solo career. I don't mean seek out wide mainstream success, but at least get some gays and girls on board. She has a great voice, looks better than ever and a fun personality, which has all been proven in her recent TV appearances. I feel like a Fascination/BMG situation would be great. And I might be in a minority here, but I'd prefer her not to work with Xenomania again for now - the songs just weren't good enough outside "Go To Work", and their production of late hasn't been so hot either.
  7. I’ve noticed really been watching it but just caught a glimpse of The Masked Dancer. Could Beetroot be Nadine?
  8. Oops! Thanks
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  9. Just YouTube’d their performances and it sounds nothing like Nadine!
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  10. It's Masked Dancer, not Singer.
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  11. Ah that makes sense!
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  12. Anyway.. it was Dita Von Teese, false alarm!
  13. Happy Nadine day!
  14. Nadine will be a judge on new Saturday night show on RTE, Last Singer Standing:

    Former Girls Aloud singer star Nadine Coyle is to be a panellist on a new RTE One talent show fronted by Westlife’s Nicky Byrne.

    Fresh from her appearances on BBC’s I Can See Your Face and Celebrity Great British Bake Off, the Derry-born star will help judge acts on karaoke show Last Singer Standing, along with N*Sync’s Joey Fatone.

    Dublin singer Samantha Mumba will be the third panellist on the show, announced as part of RTÉ's new season of programmes.

    Nadine + Samantha Mumba? Irish Gay Rights confirmed.
  15. TMI


    I wish she released some new music. It will soon be four years since Go To Work and almost two years since All That I Know.
  16. Nadine, Nicky Byrne, Samantha Mumba and Joey Fatone? What in the 2002?
  17. GCZ


    I hope one of the snatch game questions is asking where Nadine put her passport.
  18. This is... unsettling.
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