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Nadine Coyle - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by shazza, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. As well as guesting on Drag Race UK, she’s also going to be appearing on ITV2’s Drag Celebrity Karaoke.

    so much drag for Nadine. She’s really giving the gays what they want (apart from new music)
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  2. I seen the other celebrities for that show include Ashley Roberts, Sophie Ellis Bextor and Mutya. A lineup.
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  3. A Girl Aloud, a Sugababe, a Pussycat Doll and Sophie Ellis-Bextor? They really said Popjustice.
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  4. Nadine is due to perform this weekend, her first public appearance since Sarah passed away. I’m sure it will be very emotional for her performing GA tracks :(

  5. What a... bizarre line-up. Nadine, Charlotte Church, 3ive, Basshunter and... Paul Chuckle?
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  6. But will Charlotte give the gays what they want (a performance of Call My Name) or is she still a serious indie artiste?
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  7. I think she’s singing Christmas opera songs.

    Nadine is just the best! Love her passion in being a Girls Aloud gal.
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  8. Nadine being on the same line up as a Chuckle brother and one of the ones who sang Agadoo is pure criminal
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  9. How has it been over 10 years of Sweetest High? That was a classic.
  10. Delete this xx
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  11. A preview of Drag Race UK Series 3 judges has been posted by WOW+ and our Nadine won't be a judge sadly but only part of The Snatch Game. Homophobia confirmed.
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  12. I feared this. Hopefully they bring her back in season 4 as a judge
  13. This was included in the announcement unfortunately. Still glad they’ve got her on though.
  14. Island

    Island Staff Member

    She’ll probably do her Late Night Pop Dungeon show where she does different renditions of pop songs. She still does Crazy Chick!
  15. Which circle of hell is this?
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