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Nadine Coyle - I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of the Comeback Corner!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by matthew., Sep 13, 2014.

  1. Eyeroll.

    This is for a 20 minute set at the Bongo’s Bingo St Patrick’s Day shows, not her usual performances. I’m sure the Clapham show, if it goes ahead, will be completely different.
  2. I love that she said that Cheryl emailed her, rather than text/called. The definition of a colleague.
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  3. And she’s been on Tinder!
    Is it me or does she miss opportunities to promote what’s she’s doing now/next in talking about the music?
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  4. Obsessed with this tweet

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  5. Nadine's gig at The Clapham Grand moved from 27 March to 3 October.
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  6. So many tours and events are being pushed to October. The only benefit is how fantastic that month is going to be!
  7. I’ll actually be able to go to that Clapham date now, if it sticks.
  8. My birthday is in October, might just take the whole month off and party.
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  9. Plus a new Saint Etienne album!
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  11. Of course you want to hear more of Nadine's accent.

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  12. Nadine was on Celebrity Juice last night and she looked just as bored as I did watching it lol. What happened to that show?

    She looked beautiful anyway. She must be tired of every interaction being about her accent.
  13. Does anyone know which era the leaked “Moving On” demo is from?
  14. It was recorded towards the end of 2015.
    It was part of an album they were pulling together for the ‘London Granmer’ era. She also tweeted about OMG and Don’t Talk which was in response to a fan asking what she was most excited about people hearing at the same time as the Xenomania EP. These aren’t Xenomania which I think people thought, me included as she talked about them at the same time as the EP. Those were from the same time and recorded between the end of 2014 and the end of 2015, she recorded over an albums worth of songs between that time.
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  15. SBK


    Thats actually pretty good.
  16. Is it though?
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  17. Over the years her vocals have become increasingly awful. She was a fantastic singer back in the day but she's got some really bad habits which clearly no one has tole her about. She's very rapidly heading into Duffy/Nicola Roberts territory.
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  18. I'd agree she's lost a certain charm that Xenomania were able to bring out in her vocals. I feel like 'Fool For Love' was a return to form in terms of vocals.
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