Nadine Coyle - Insatiable

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nadinecherrypie said:
Plus bought the physical in tesco Glasgow.I'm past being bothered about it's chart position.I'll be interested to see where the album charts.I don't think she should worry . Just keep plugging away your thing.there's loads of people supporting u.Shes the only reason I went to see ga last yr and IMO this album is better than any ga/cheryl album just my opinion

YES!!!! i just got the album in tesco in manchester
zking3 said:
kynosaur said:
This album should be called Infectious! It's growing on me very quickly, there is a lot of variety in there and at first I didn't really notice!

She deserves more credit for sure on all levels, and even though I do prefer the tracks from Geffen the rest isn't so bad after a few listens.

Rumours could be a Girls Aloud comeback single! (provided Nadine would sing the entire track )

If she titled it that the press would've blamed her for Cheryl's malaria!

Haha, true! Then again I'm surprised they haven't already cobbled together some "Nadine sent the mosquito's after Cheryl" story. I can see it now, stood on top of Nadine's Irish Mist screaming "fly my pretties fly!"

Back to earth now, does anyone know if she wrote Red Light? She said she used Garageband for a lot of her writing and the guitar part in Red Light must have been inspired by the Apple Loop "Modern Rock Clean Guitar 08" in the key of C. Any Apple users will know what I'm on about. I used that sample myself in the first thing I ever wrote on a Mac, good choice Nads!
I really like this album. She's assembled a really strong roster of tracks for it and she sounds fantastic on it. Outside of the two we've already heard, I love "Runnin", "Lullaby", and "Natural". The production overall is quite varied and fresh as well, so I'm pleased that something good has finally came from a solo Girls Aloud effort.

However, it sort of meanders along with the last few tracks, doesn't it? I feel like she's shooting for the wrong audience with most of the back half of the album. "Raw" is pretty much her parading her singing ability, and the last three are quite unexciting. I don't hate any of the tracks, in fact I quite like "Unbroken", but "Make A Man..." really sounds like something the token X Factor diva would sing in Week 3, doesn't it?

Good effort, Nadine. I'll be down to Tesco on Monday morning. PROUDA U.
Put Your Hands Up is really the only choice possible for a second single though is it not? It's pretty damn great, except her ad libs towards the end don't really take off.....
Posting my track-by-track as I listen...

Runnin': Very pleasant, albeit in a "soothing background music" sort of way. Better than it sounded from the clip.

Put Your Hands Up: I quite like this now, except for the actual "Put your hands up, put your-put your hands up" part, which I actually find really annoying, and the bit in the middle where she goes a bit nuts vocally.

Chained: Not a fan of this one. Nothing about it grabs me at all.

Red Light: Apart from the bloke going RED LIGHT RED LIGHT and the extended outro, which always annoys me in any song, this is brilliant.

Sexy Love Affair: Don't like this one at all. Her voice in it is really irritating, as is the background music. Worst track by miles.

Lullaby: Actually quite lovely. She sounds really nice on it too.

You Are The One: I don't like her voice on the verses, she sounds a bit strange. The chorus is really nice though and I love the backing music. This one actually got me a bit teary!

Natural: I like this one, it's very relaxing, the piano is nice and the lyrics are lovely.

Raw: Damn, I love the intro. Yep, I really like this one, I can see it becoming my favourite track. Ooh, and I like the belty-without-being-screechy bit just after the middle eight.

Rumours: I have to admit I'm finding this one a bit boring on first listen. Quite nice though, and I like the lyrics.

Unbroken: I don't like her voice in this one, too high for my liking! It doesn't help that I think the actual song is a bit boring. Don't like this one, except for the nice piano bit in the middle.

Make A Man Out Of You Yet: I got a bit distracted by the lovely piano backing. I'm a total sucker for nice piano parts in songs. I like this one, mostly, but I don't like the choir that comes in towards the end. I thought it sounded much better with just Nadine and the piano.

So in conclusion, I quite like the album, generally speaking, and it's much better than I thought it would be from the clips. Standouts for me are Red Light, Raw, You Are The One and Lullaby, while the worst ones for me are Sexy Love Affair, Insatiable, Chained and Unbroken. The rest range between "OK" and "very good".
It's weird. I have to admit I quite like the album in a guilty pleasure kind of way, but at the same time I feel that's it's a very generic "pleasant background get ready for school" type of album. But there are small moments of genuine brilliance scattered throughout the album, and then there's You Are the One...


Can somebody please explain to me what this Tesco thing actually does for her? Did they pay for the album or something? Because this exclusive deal is clearly not working out.
Cheryl Cole take note, without the might off Xfactor and all its mindless followers who think the sun shines out of your talentless mouth.... this is were you would be, bumming in the charts without Xfactor proping you up!! and you KNOW IT!!
vasilios said:
My fave thread EVER.

Mine too

I went to the chart show but it was supposed to start at 19.30 and was put back to 9 and I could be bothered to wait in the queue with people I could have fathered - i'm too old for that - anyone know what time it finally started?
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