Nadine Coyle - Insatiable

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Whole load of crazy going on. It's like a Sugababes thread. Nadine's single will chart, not very high, but it will chart. We'll all just have to get our heads around it all and stop moaning and bitching. Remember - Girls Aloud aren't active any longer (AKA the end of the pop universe)... so anything is possible.
kynosaur said:
benriches said:
Voicething said:
Here's some of what's inside:

Wow! More effort has been put into the party pack than the entire Tesco single campaign...
That's exactly what I thought!

Its good that they've sent me it all for free!
Can't complain.
If anyone would like a poster I will probably be able to part with some once I've had the party.
I'll let you know.


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Voicething said:
It's not as grand as it may seem.
It's essentially the album, loads of massive posters, leaflets, pens, badges, T-shirts and beauty stuff like facemasks.

Still cool, though.
I'll take a pic.

Not as grand as it may seem?
For something a fan can get for free that sounds pretty amazing, and beyond what you can win in your average competition!

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Dennis said:
|GiRlS AlOuD fAn| said:
I love RUMORS, Lullaby, Raw,... =)

Stijn, wil je alsjeblieft geen emoticons of smileys gebruiken hier, dank je!

Carry on.

Haha, ik moest even lachen toen ik dit las. En dan nog wel in een Nadine thread!


Does anyone on a computer with iTunes installed know the latest position ?
I really love the first half of the album, but there's too much filler ballads in the second half in my opinion. I guess Rumours, Unbroken and maybe Raw are alright but with the others it's just too much. I would happily never listen to Natural and You Are The One ever again.

Lulaby is my favorite, with Put Your Hands Up. I'd like those two as next singles, and maybe Chained.



Does anyone know who the guest Singer (or Group) is on this saturday's "Strictly" ?
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