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It was so weird, they asked her why she made her own label and her answer was basically that there were just so many offers she didn't know which to choose and so created her own... I thought it was because she wanted full creative control? Which is a much more pleasant answer.

Lies, lies, lies, lies. The truth, the full truth, is that any label she shopped it to rejected her. ALL of them. That's the sole reason she ended up doing it this way - because no-one else would touch it. Clearly the public don't want it either. Less than 3000 copies? That is shockingly poor. I didn't think it was going to be massive, but I never thought it would do so badly.

Geffen were interested though...
Yes, and is it any wonder they parted ways? No major would have funded this album.
But she wouldn't have recorded half of this album with Geffen. She would have got cast-offs like Wake Up had she stayed with them. I think it was a mutual decision, she wanted more control and they weren't that interested.
I don't care who didn't want to fund this album, why should we? It's all in the past and holds no importance to wants happening right now. All this useless discussion about rumours is ridiculous and always ends with no real conclusion.

The fact of the matter is the album's brilliant but the promotion is dire and we can expect great disappointment this Sunday.
I met Nadine after the In Demand gig tonight, and she is so nice. All the reports about being the bitch of the band could not be more wrong, after performing an amazing set she stayed until everyone got pictures or signings, she couldn't have been sweeter!

I said to Nadine that Lullaby should definitely be the next single, and she said they almost didn't include it. She seemed shocked to hear it was a favourite, but it is definitely mines
rmstltanic said:
She. Almost. Didn't. Include. LULLABY??

If ever there was proof that she needs good management.
It makes me think about how potentially amazing some of the leftover tracks might be.
So, this is my first post, but I've been reading the thread for a few days, and I wanted to share my thoughts...

First, the stan wars are too GAM. Shouldn't it be about the music?

Secondly... in all honesty, I don't think Nadine has a fook all clue about her campaign. I thinkg Bruce handed her the Tesco deal and did all his "deal of the future" and there are 90092827dhfkf Tescos in the UK/Ireland and only 2 HMV's business and had her sign it. I don't think she realized when it said Tesco album exclusive it meant she couldn't ITunes or Amazon the album, or that out of the 309240394023984 Tescos, only like 56 had to carry it (BTW as an American I have to say there are a large group of GA fans here who would have brought the album on itunes since we can't from Tesco, but we can't). She spoke about the deal and made it sound like they all were selling the album and then the day the single came out she posted a list of which ones were really selling it. Seemed almost like she had no idea. I really think she assumed it was just the physical copies. I think Bruce has ruined her whole campaign. Between attacking her fans on youtube for not agreeing with the "deal of the future" or thinking one pint size popstar is better than the other pint sized popstar, he turned a lot of people off on her. She is who she associates herself with. And, it's his job to land her the promotions and shows, and he's failed to do so. He may have also been the one to cancel the signing, since it was "team Nadine" announcing she wasn't doing it, not Nadine herself on her personal twitter, and you can surely see why since she'd have to go out and face the wild press over her flop instead of a calm camera crew and interview. He didn't do his job and she's the laughing stock.

I really seriously and truly think that once she gets ride of Big Apple Bruce, and comes clean about the campaign a lot of the problems will be linked back to Bruce. He's polarizing and lets face it, homeslice looks like a total creeper.

Thirdly... I do believe the press have sort of put the blame of things on Nadine. Before her album came out they were saying it was she who was holding up the reunion, ignoring Cheryl's second album and tour. She was asked if Cheryl really had malaria and she said she didn't know (because as she later added she hadn't spoken to her), the media spun that as Cheryl was faking it. They take the rest of the bands words completely out of context against her, and use hers against them. The whole "I won't mime like Cheryl" business wasn't at all what she said. She said she loves to sing live and a lot of the shows won't allow you too. Not that Cheryl is any less of an artist for miming. Her weight and shape are constantly criticized, even though as I'm sure many people have pointed out, her legs have always been stick thin. Her accent has been cruelly laughed at (I read someone's comment somewhere saying they knew her as a kid and she had a speech impediment and had to go to therapy, which explains her "strange" and "difficult to understand" accent). And, she gets blasted for moving to LA, where her family lives. But, when Cheryl was considering moving to LA, everyone thought it was a lovely career change and perfect for her superstar lifestyle. They even had her lined up to star on American shows. So, I do agree with those people who say the press has been skewed against her.

BUT... she has a PR team and hasn't disputed anything out there about her...

So, I'm blaming Bruce for this cockup of a flop and hoping she'll ditch him, repackage the album with new songs and re-release it with more promo.
i was at the in demand in glasgow tonight-all i can say is WOW!
This girl has a voice, she knows how to use it,she and her band worked well together,she looked stunning and was so friendly
and by the way you see people who say she has no personality--i have always been baffled by that-she has a funny,warm personality
-i just dont get it-i seriously had goosebumps with her vocals-shame on the media turning on her-shame on people going by her sales-because quite frankly, this album is fantastic and i love it oh so very much
plus my other half was with me-he had no real opinion on her and at the end he was like-what a voice-plus he was laughing along with her anecdotes too-im telling you-i can tell its her irish charm....its always a winner,,,i dont want to be horrible about any other solo venturers but SERIOUSLY!!!....there is no competition!
Well, I've done my bit to help the cause:


I was amazed how easy both the single and album were to find (stocked side by side in quite a small store in Belfast City centre. I didn't see any special promotional stands though!

Having listened to the album on repeat for the past few days, I love it. As a whole it's pretty solid, yes there are a few W.T.F moments, but as a whole it's listenable and I did have quite a few wow moments too.

Travesty that it's bombing
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I met Nadine twice during the Girls Aloud days and she was lovely...probably the most friendly out of all the girls so I don't believe that she's the mega bitch that Mr PJs post implies. I'm still blaming Bruce...and even more so if PJs second point is true.

I have to be careful what I say here, and can't name them implicitly but there is a London based gay showbiz mafia (some you know, some you don't), that shape's A LOT of the nation's opinions with regard to how high profile personality's are represented in the UK.

Let's just say, the decision was made a while back to make Nadine persona non-grata in this country.

Quite separate to the above, if you saw some of the P.M's I have received from fellow posters, you would be shocked to learn just how many supporter's Nadine has from the Northeast, that is something I never saw coming and even now don't quite understand.

Thankyou for making one of the most memorable posts I've ever read on this forum.

Do we know then Jeremy Joseph is not a part of this "London based gay showbiz mafia"? (Nadine performed at his club G-A-Y).


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Has anyone seen the first two of the vids on Nadine's youtube where she talks about the album track by track? Apparently, she did write Runnin' with Ruth-Anne, as opposed to just covering her demo.
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