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Nadine Coyle - Summer Pride Tour

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by mattyjayy, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. I love how many people on this page love 'September Song' and echo my thoughts that the last two songs were not up to the standard you'd want from Nadine. She indeed sounds amazing on this and as i said she needs to make music like this!
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  2. Semptember Song is extremely dull. Nothing has remotely reached the incredible highs of Go To Work.

    Girls On Fire would have made a nice album track but the other two aren’t anything like what I’d expect. Something In Your Bones better be good because at this rate an album would be an awful idea.
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  3. She sounds so good on September Song. I love how restrained and "laid back" her vocals are compared to the other tracks.
  4. Whatever the case, we are working off a very small base here. I wouldn't read too much into it.
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  5. I am incredibly surprised at how much I'm loving September Song.

    I absolutely despise the original but this has really got me hooked. THIS is how Nadine should be singing.
  6. A relative who doesn't like Nadine or her songs even admitted to me yesterday after playing them 'September Song' that she sounds amazing on this and that she should make music like that.
  7. Era saved. Iotv found horse-riding.
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  8. dddd yes the none xenomania song being the best is really era saving
  9. September Song is not the best song Nadine 3.0 has released. Let’s keep our knickers on.

    1. Go to Work
    2. Girls on Fire
    3. September Song
    4. Gossip
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  10. Its not all time, it supposed to be current popularity but its not even reflective of that. An artist can have a song thats #25 on the main chart and be 4th on their artist page. It means nothing.
  11. Bopping to this, but I would have prefered Nadine covering Earth Wind & Fire's "September" instead of JP Cooper's.
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  12. No I get it, the sales are probably in the hundreds/low thousands. But if it truly is 'current' shouldn't one of the songs off the EP be the best selling? The fact Insatiable was No.1 on both is abit odd....that just to me suggested it might be an all time chart. But I guess it's all irrelevant anyway! It's slipped to the bottom end of the top 200 on iTunes.
  13. September Song is that song. I'm loving it.
  14. It's got no real correlation to anything. Usually whatever has been most popular will be first and then more recent releases and so on. It's literally nothing to read into. It isn't a 'chart'.
  15. Yah!, as of today Nadine has now amassed over TWO MILLION streams since releasing music with Virgin EMI.
    • Go To Work + remixes + acoustic version = 1.8 million
    • Girls On Fire = 80,853
    • Gossip = 48,382
    • September Song = 25,947
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  16. You certainly can always find a victory in Nadine's narrative.
  17. I love her version of September Song.
  18. Gossip and September Song are... subpar.

    It's sad the quality has dipped since Go to Work and Girls on Fire.
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  19. For me,
    Go To Work - 9 - brilliant lead single, catchy and fun.
    Girls on Fire - 6 - album track only please
    Gossip - 7 - album track only please
    September Song - 9 - great cover, she sounds great!
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  20. Go To Work is the supreme.
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