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Nadine Coyle - Summer Pride Tour

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by matthew., Sep 13, 2014.

  1. Go To Work is the best of a not-brilliant bunch.
  2. Go To Work really felt like a moment and the perfect song for her. They then followed that up with substandard songs - considering she is on a major and they have had the time to get this right I am completely amazed that it's all so underwhelming.
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  3. I think they're trying to break her as a 'relatable' act. Instead of going all guns blazing get people to know her bit by bit. Her 'problem' was that people thought she was a bit stuck up so they know it's going to take a while to overcome that.
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  4. There’s nothing wrong with “Gossip”, it’s a quality ballad. However, if there are folks who were really gagging for a third uptempo in a row then I can see the disappointment.

    Though it’s not a fair disappointment to have as she was due a tempo drop after the previous two, following that up with a well chosen cover is yet another welcome twist.
  5. But the only people listening are Girls Aloud die hards?
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  6. I can’t get into Gossip as much as I would like. I think the issue is the subject matter. It’s just so boring. Plus, she already had Rumours, which is very similar in pace and obviously it’s about her not caring for what people say.

    It just doesn’t connect with me, even more so now when she doesn’t really get talked about by the press.

    I really like the other three though.
  7. For Me its
    1. Go to work (exceptionally brilliant..thats what we want from her)
    2. September Song (cute trop bop)
    3. Girls on fire (not bad, kinda Insatiable 2.0)
    4. Gossip (nah , more of a Bside)
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  8. For me:

    1. Go to Work
    2. Gossip
    3. September Song
    4. Girls on Fire
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  9. The point is Girls on Fire and Gossip whilst good in their own right are not single worthy at all nor commercial enough for today's market not even a little bit. They would flop so hard it'd be shocking. The underwhelming streaming figures for both songs confirms that i'm afraid to. She had it right with 'Go To Work'. September Song is great too, but of course it's not her song but for me that's the aim for her future material. Maybe Something In Your Bones will be better after all that was originally planned as the second single?
  10. Something In Your Bones is still the second single and the main track of the EP.

    Girls on Fire, Gossip and September Song are just tracks from the EP, they were not distributed to radio nor have a video or a proper promotion.
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  11. Go To Work is the only proper single here and probably they know that. They must have some kind of strategy and it's nice she has a small catalogue of songs to perfom.

    Does anyone know if Something In Your Bones is supposed to be a single?
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  12. Exact same for me I think. Go To Work is the only one I'd go back to though.
  13. Yes it is the official second single which will get the video treatment. We finally get to hear it on the 23rd.
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  14. Interesting method, to release the actual single as the last track from the EP...
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  15. I didn't say their plan was working as such, just me surmising what I feel their long term goal is.
  16. The streams for September Song are now upto 38,358 on Spotify.
    In comparison Gossip, has managed 49,582 streams with two weeks extra to achieve that. This to me suggests that it's performing better in it's first week than both Girls on Fire (now up 82,045) and Gossip but obviously none are a match for Go To Work (1.17m).
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  17. Chill.
  18. Weren’t we supposed to get Initial Talk remixes for Go To Work and Girls on Fire?
  19. Quite clearly they need to go the bonkers o clock route
    I’ve bought my tour tickets and I like what she’s doing , but she needs to play to her audience - the gays !
    It’s why go to work has err worked
    That’s your strategy Nadine and Brian
  20. I've got faith Something In Your Bones will be what we're waiting for. Saving the best till last, etc.
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