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Nadine Coyle - Summer Pride Tour

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by matthew., Sep 13, 2014.

  1. Her deal was only for a single and an EP. It'd be no surprised if they've not taken the album option up, would it?
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  2. TMI


    Off to visit Birmingham like in late January, but Nadine will be nowhere to be seen this time and I'm so sad.
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  3. Still heartbroken. Still hoping Nadine takes pity on me and gives me some attention.

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  5. Poor Nadine needs live subtitles.
  6. Did we lose all hope for Nadine's solo success with "Girls on (mis)Fire"?

    Did she ever stand a chance?
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  7. I'm still dying to hear Fool For Love.
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  8. You don’t even care, you don’t even give a damn What i’m thinking!
  9. Girl stop your teasing and either leak or delete.
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  10. I'm not trying to read too much into this but, Virgin just interact with Nadine via twitter...
  11. God bless the gay intern at Virgin.
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  12. Or they're trolling her because she's got nothing to do.... haha
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  13. Damn you're really waiting for something to happen just to being negative, isn't it?

    BTW I didn't say that this means something or whatever, I just found this odd so I decided to post it here.

  14. Sooooo Nadine is still pretty signed and is doing some shows this summer. Tour cancelled, yes, but still a current artist. This should be back to where it belongs. Until she inevitably gets dropped .
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  15. TMI


    If Fool For Love ever leaks, I feel like I'll be disappointed, don't know why...I really was deceived with Something In Your Bones. Imagining Nadine having some sex at the beginning had me shooked.
  16. NaQueen's reign just won't let up.
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  17. The only way I can see them doing another single is if they wait till Cheryl releases a single then releasing one at same time to capitalise on that because the media coverage would be guaranteed
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  18. Tried that before with Insatiable, did not work. Promise This came out a week before and sold much better.
    The comparison was unnecessary and the media coverage was there but it wasn't all positive.

    I'm quite encouraged by this. Either she's still signed or the ended on great terms.
    They did put out a single and an EP with four songs. That was what she said we'd get when she launched everything last year anyways. She even had said at the time that an album may not even happen.
  19. That was before the media had created this story they seem fixated on reporting on time and time again that Cheryl and Nadine are sworn enemies. I'm just thinking if she is still signed and the label are waiting for perfect opportunity to launch another single then that would be the way to ensure maximum exposure
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