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Nadine Coyle - Summer Pride Tour

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by matthew., Sep 13, 2014.

  1. I get what you're saying but even in 2010 they weren't seen as best friends or anything. It had become obvious that Nadine wasn't part of their inner circle and something as trivial such as being the only Girls Aloud member not turning up to watch Cheryl perform FFTL or Promise This already had started that. It didn't work at all.

    I remember the fuss this caused with the title 'What Will The Neighbours Say'? It was naughty of the GA PR to tweet with that caption!
  2. I actually think a key thing with Nadine is likeability and relatability. I don't think the nation hates her but apart from having a great voice that made the Girls Aloud songs sound good for years they don't really know her. For Cheryl XF helped the public get to know her and relate to her. I mean if having a great voice was all that mattered....and that was were how it worked Jo O'Meara and her would be huge right? with Cheryl we know all about her. But with Nadine her choosing to stay away from reality tv projects has actually made her seem like that. Her likeability will been damaged from the whole Cheryl v Nadine thing etc and going off to LA and multiple reports by even her bandmates that she was difficult and often distant won't have helped. I honestly think she should do a reality show...i am not saying it's going to give her a music career, it seems it's too late for that now but i think she has a wonderful personality and she's quite funny (not always intentionally) and if she got herself a gig like being a coach on The Voice or even Strictly if she's up for it. It'll people get to know Nadine Coyle rather than just Nadine from Girls Aloud.
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  3. Damn guys, it's just a Twitter interaction.

    BTW today was supposed to be the day I was finally going to meet Queen Coyle, but it won't happen. Even the sky is crying in Italy right now. Sad times.
  4. I 100% agree with this in terms of how much the public know her.. to be honest outside of the band and her obvious iconiqueness as a performer none of us know a great deal about her or her character .. which is fine if that’s how she wants it she’s entitled to that but it definitely doesn’t help when trying to get the people on board. I’d say Nicola is also in this category however she has done a few small projects and gets general media coverage because she actually attends events regularly and is part of the ever publicised Chimola faction.
  5. I wonder if she’d ever consider doing Eurovision? She’d probably opt to represent Ireland but it might be a nice way for the public to be reminded of her fun side and that she can be a great performer.
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  6. After how UK and Ireland fared this year despite having quite strong entries I doubt it. The last thing Nadine needs after the tour cancellation is another negative story! I wouldn't be against it though but I think she'd end up with a sub standard song which has sadly been the story of her solo career so far bar 2-3 songs.
  7. When you think about it, Nadine is one of the true pop survivors.

    After going through the whole reality process to be kicked out of Six, she bounced back by doing it all again and winning another reality show. She then was part of the mould-breaking GA who survived a difficult pop climate to constantly bounce back despite the odds being against them in many ways.

    It all went a bit wrong with Insatiable era but she returned to GA with a fresh enthusiasm then secured a deal with major label despite low media profile.

    I still think she can bounce back from this.
  8. I don't want to start a fire but... in the Cheryl thread you suggest her to comeback with a song like "Fuego" and here you think that going to Eurovision would be a joke?

    Let's go O/T (since we don't have anything to talk about) why do you guys in UK think that going to Eurovision is a bad career move and then you all go mad for it? Here in Italy is the total opposite, we give 0 shit about it, but we don't consider our artist competing for that as a joke.
  9. Because the UK music industry is one of the biggest in the world and artists that work within it don't necessarily want or need the platform of Eurovision in 2018.

    We don't give a shit either because we know we won't win, regardless and the major players in music industry washed its hands of any involvement in it in the early 00's and now its just the BBC picking any poor sod who's willing to put themselves up for the slaughter.

    And generally, when they return they've got that Eurovision stigma and no one wants to work with them. The last person to have any sort of successful music career after Eurovision was... Gina G, 21 years ago...? Even Blue failed to chart again after their attempt.
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  10. I though it was about the size of the music industry but at the same time I found fascinating how you guys like Eurovision as an event but still stigmatize your entry.
  11. I think the stigma is purely down to how well we've done over the last 20 years.

    Its a bit chicken and egg. The industry won't get behind an artist/entry until it does well and generally we won't do well unless the industry is behind the entry.
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  12. Nadine can do Eurovision when she is 60, I couldn't face watching her now doing a big Dangerous Games flop ballad. Samantha Mumba needs to represent Ireland next year however.
  13. She’s posted a video of the dances performing to what seems to be a Nadine solo version of Sound Of The Underground.

  14. TMI


    So she rerecorded the Girls Aloud songs. Unless they're just solo demos from Xenomania's vault.​
  15. She re-recorded a couple because she did it on her Instagram story - “doing safety vocals”. I imagine that’ll just be from tour prep.
  16. With the Cheryl thing ...I simply was saying that 'Fuego' reminded me of Crazy Stupid Love and it is an outstanding song Eurovision or not and if her new single sounded like that I would be pleased with it.

    and...Nadine. I just think it'd be a risky move for her after the tour cancellation. If she didn't do well which is more likely to happen than her doing well then she could possibly be slated for it in the UK press who aren't so forgiving. On the other side, no denying it's decent exposure all around Europe and could really help her grow a fanbase with a decent song. I'm in two minds about it! I just don't also think she'd do it, she seems very highly opinionated about certain TV things and I presume it includes that. If she was gonna go for it I think she would have many years ago...
  17. Oh god, the absolutely last thing Nadine needs to do is Eurovision.
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  18. Nadine should have signed up for the latest series of Masterchef, There's some pretty recognizable faces on it and it isn't as invasive as Big Brother or the jungle. Plus she loves to cook and I need to hear her pronounce flour on TV again.
  19. True, she's the queen of 9 lives.

    Some kind of fun reality show is probably the best move for her. I mean, she's so funny, she could hold her own. I could see her with her own show on Bravo. I don't know if it's a great music career move but it would be fun to see her on TV.
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  20. Simon needs to get her judging on X Factor. Imagine the shit-show that would ensue!
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