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Nadine Coyle - Summer Pride Tour

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by matthew., Sep 13, 2014.

  1. Hahaha yes!

    He’s far too team Cheryl and has had his head filled off Cheryl no doubt.
    He’s never publicly praised Nadine in any way
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  2. HRH


    He probably approached Nadine with a solo deal early on and she said "No."
  3. That's not entirely true. When Pop Idol series 2 was on he was asked about Girls Aloud and wasn't that complimentary in general, but he did say ''the Irish one has a great voice.'' He also said ''the Geordie one is absolute crap, can't sing a note in tune'' which is hilarious considering how far up her arse he ended up.
  4. TMI


  5. Thanks for posting. Anyone know the set list and if she did Kimberley’s famous ‘oh boy...’
  6. Oh my god that is already amazing, she sounds so much better than Cheryl doing that line.

    I need all the Nadine-only studio versions in my itunes pronto.
  7. We have GOT to get these solo versions.
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  8. Setlist for yesterday show was:

    • Go To Work
    • Sound of The Underground
    • Gossip
    • Something Kinda Ooooh
    • Girls On Fire
    • Something New (GTW mash up remix)
    Yes Jack she did that.

    Some videos can be found on the following instagram accounts on their stories: (that's her choreographer, he did a live story)

    You're all welcome.
  9. Had she released better songs, maybe.
  10. She didn't perform "Something In Your Bones"?!
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  11. Gossip on the set list needs to go...... September Song would be better.
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  12. I feel like Girls On Fire works much better when she’s performing it and giving it the sass it needs.
  13. Screaming at how out of sync she is with the dancers dddd
  14. I'm yet to watch any clips but the selist looks perfect for Nadine and us, her gays.
  15. Nadine Coyle wows on a night of stars at Manchester Pride Spring Benefit
    Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle gave a dazzling performance at the annual Manchester Pride Spring Benefit charity ball

    Nadine Coyle put the disappointment of her cancelled solo tour behind her to give a dazzling performance at the annual Manchester Pride Spring Benefit ball.

    Singing star Nadine wowed fans and guests at the glitzy charity ball at Manchester’s Midland Hotel with a string of her own solo hits as well as stomping classics from her days as part of girl band sensation Girls Aloud.
    She performed at the close of the ball, where star guests included Coronation Street stars Daniel Brocklebank and Dolly-Rose Campbell, Hollyoaks star Annie Wallace, X Factor singer Lucy Spraggan and Real Housewives of Cheshire It girls Taylor and Darby Ward.


    Dolly Rose Campbell, Nadine Coyle and Lucy Spraggan with wife Georgina Gordon walk the red carpet at the Spring Benefit ball (Image: Carl Sukonik)

    Guests danced and cheered as she performed Girls Aloud classics Something Kinda Oooh and Sound of the Underground with her two female dancers, all stripping off their black suit jackets to reveal gold embellished crop tops during their set.
    Nadine Coyle at the Pride Spring Benefit (Image: Carl Sukonik)
    It gave fans a taster of what to expect when Nadine performs a full set at Manchester Pride’s Big Weekend on the August Bank Holiday weekend in the city centre.
    Nadine Coyle wows at the Spring Benefit (Image: Carl Sukonik)
    Nadine pulled her planned seven-date UK solo tour, which included a gig at Manchester’s Ritz, earlier this month, much to the disappointment of fans.

    She told the M.E.N about that decision, saying: “Sometimes it can’t happen... you’d rather it be the show you want it to be than rather it be not so good.

    “You want everybody to come along and think wow that was amazing rather than going that was a bunch of **** I wish I’d stayed at home and watch TV to be fair!”

    Nadine Coyle performed at the Manchester Pride Spring Benefit (Image: Carl Sukonik)
    “I had to make that call at the end of the day... I was spoiled coming from Girls Aloud where our standard of shows were so high in arenas, but I’m not quite at that level myself yet. So you have to go and work out what you can do and what’s possible. And at this particular time what we envisaged wasn’t possible.”
    Nadine Coyle wows on a night of stars at Manchester Pride Spring Benefit (Image: Carl Sukonik)
    There was a lot of speculation after the tour was pulled that it may mean a Girls Aloud reunion announcement was on the way - but Nadine said that’s sadly not on the horizon.

    She said: “People were calling me at home and saying: ‘are you getting back with the girls is that why you’re not doing the tour?’ and I was like: ‘NO’
    “Since when? So, no.

    “There’s always talk about doing something with the girls, and maybe at some point.”

    Nadine Coyle performs (Image: Carl Sukonik)
    In 2022 it will be the 20th anniversary of the band forming which many hope will mean a big reunion tour.

    Nadine laughed: “That’s a long way away yet! The fans have all been really supportive of us getting back together, and that’s lovely. We’ll see.”

    And she told the M.E.N. how she can’t wait to return to Manchester for her performance at the Pride Big Weekend, which runs from August 24 to 27.

    Nadine Coyle at the Manchester Pride Spring Benefit (Image: Carl Sukonik)
    She said: “There’s no point of working away from your history. I was in the band for ten years, there were so many songs. I love being able to do the old songs as well as my new songs, and some slightly different versions. It’s all just about doing as much live as possible, it’s always a great thing for my music.”
  16. Good for her. She seems happy just doing this now. She likes performing, singing live, flailing her arms about and flipping her hair.
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  17. TMI


    This article is uplifting. I feel proud again.
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  18. Whats instagram Blackpencreates....

    It seems new, it's not her new team is it. Notice the Black Pen Records reference.
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  19. Alright gays of popjustice who wrote that article?
  20. This makes me so sad the tour didn’t happen.
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