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Nadine Coyle - "What’s happening with Nadine?"

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by matthew., Sep 13, 2014.

  1. The residency ended on the 31st Dec.
    We don't know yet what's next for our Queen.
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  2. World domination.
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  4. I just got my tickets. £5 earlybird is finished. Advanced tickets are £10 (+£1 fee). £15 at the door.
  5. It still says sign up for tickets...
  6. i wonder what her PA fees are given the ticket prices...
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    Ok I'm interested to go. It will be during my holidays.

    By the way, what was her setlist at Bingo Bango ?
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  8. I forget the exact order:

    Go To Work
    Sound Of The Underground
    Call The Shots
    Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
    Something Kinda Ooooh
    Something New/Go To Work Mashup

    (I was rather tipsy at the time)

    I'm still very happy that she recognised me from meeting her in New York earlier in the year. Kneeling down and holding my hand for a verse was very sweet!
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    She didn't perform any of the songs of her EP ? Shame.
  10. #JusticeForInsatiable
  11. I hope footage of the full set leaks. Y'all are so lucky to get to experience Nadine live for mere pennies.
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  12. She’s in a room full of drunk straight people who are there to hear Girls Aloud hits, it’s not the venue to start plugging your own EP.
  13. TMI


    I'd say the straight don't want Girls Aloud hits.
  14. Is she still planning on releasing all the songs she recorded that were mentioned on the tour promotions?
  15. TMI


    What songs haven't we heard that appeared on tour promotions ?

    By the way, I've just bought three tickets for next month. Get my coins girl.
  16. Fool For Love
    You Got
    I Fall

    ‘....low-slung strut of You Got; a Call The Shots-esque semi-ballad called I Fall, and the ludicrous, brain-melting experimentation of songs like Girls On Fire and Fool For Love. “There are some bonkers ones on there,” she confirms. “Some of them are like assaults.‘
  17. Isn’t You Got just a different title for Something In Your Bones?
  18. I assume so but it’s never been confirmed.
    I think Something In Your Bones was talked about a few times before You Got was mentioned though.
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  19. It wasn’t a million gay people who bought The Sound Of Girls Aloud...
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