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Nadine Coyle - "What’s happening with Nadine?"

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by matthew., Sep 13, 2014.

  1. I'm surprised by how slow it's taken to get there....and i know this isn't any huge achievement but Go To Work officially crossed 1.5 million streams on Spotify today....
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  2. I literally think the way some people treat dietcokeaddict on here verges on bullying. If you don't care don't reply back. No need to be rude, simple. Next.
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  3. I get that dietcokeaddicts posts can be a little frustrating at times but that's what the block button is for really. Sometimes it's a little too 'pack mentality' on here which is a shame.
  4. Glad to see the post has been removed.
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  5. YYYYASSSSS in one tweet we have confirmation about new music and the fact that Nadine is still signed to Virgin! Thank You Gay Lord.
  6. It's great news that she is still signed to Virgin and they are planning on releasing new music this year. Hopefully we will get to hear the rest of the tracks she recorded with Xenomania and more.
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  7. What post? I'm confused? What have I done now!?

    Glad Xenomenia tweeted what they did, hopefully a album will come. I'd be very surprised even as a mega fan if she is still signed with VirginEMI despite what Xenomenia are doing. I hope I'm wrong. I just rediscovered Go To Work the other day, what a TOON and gem. She now just seems to be happy doing gigs based on nostalgia and earning £ based on that, just like S Club are doing but I'd love more original music, the EP release last year was such a highlight for me.
  8. Her continuing to have a major label deal is baffling & hilarious. Queen better scam her way into another EP.
  9. AMAZING NEWS!!!! Nadine plz come back and show Cheryl how it's done.
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  10. Please, stop. The comparisons are so tiring. Move on.
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  11. Nadine should give it a proper go, with major backing and see how she fares!
  12. Yeah, I agree, her EP was a huge bonus for 2018. I was definitely pleasantly surprised that we got it so promptly. And it makes me even happier that her chart progress isn't deterring anyone--she's clearly become more of an indie-like pop artist, and she can continue to thrive with little gigs, I think. She will always have a strong, loyal fanbase. This news we have received today is incredible!
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  13. The imaginatively named Nadine EP 2 coming.
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  14. I think Nadine prefers "Nadine EP 2.0".
  15. The only thing I’d like from Nadine is for her to stop throwing Girls Aloud under the bus all the time. It just makes it more difficult for me to warm to her.

    I fee like (despite Cheryl struggling with them at the moment) the general public really liked GA, so Nadine always moaning about the other girls, little digs and quips here and there, kinda turns people off her.
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  16. GCZ


    Let’s be real - it will be “Nadine - album”
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  17. Good luck booking that album u speak of
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  18. Nadine EP: Roman Reloaded
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  19. "Girls On Fire" finally clicked.
    God save NaQueen.
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