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Nadine Coyle - "What’s happening with Nadine?"

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by matthew., Sep 13, 2014.

  1. Queen better slay those 10,000 sales.
  2. It's clear that streaming isn't her best friend so I think with the next release, even if it's just an EP, physical could work well for her fanbase - sign a few CDs etc. Even add in a couple of solo recordings of Girls Aloud songs as physical bonus tracks! I bet a good percentage of people who streamed the EP would be willing/wanting to buy a signed CD so why not make some extra coin in the process?
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  3. I’d love that but I don’t know how adding in solo GA tracks would go down with the other girls.
  4. I agree and I feel like it was this same behaviour which ruined Lisa Scott-Lee’s early solo career. Everyone was on board with “Lately”, but after a few digs on TV spots and interviews about Steps’ miming, and the whole H&Claire debacle, I think people turned. Her next step (pun intended) desperation of Totally Scott-Lee then just making her into a laughing stock.

    For Nadine, I hope she can just say positive comments about the band if/when she needs to, but focus fully on her material and the Xenomania link if necessary. I wonder if there’s another Universal act that could perhaps release a killer Xenomania Duet with her to grab the media’s attention?
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  5. I think the only way she could get success is by being the featured vocalist on a song by Sigala or someone, but they get pretty big names for their collabs.
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  6. TMI



    If only...
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  7. Just for the sake of discussion, I don't think Nadine has been particularly negative towards the band this time around.
    She spoke her truth without really trowing anyone under the bus, the fact that she said that they weren't really friends to begin with is not that shocking or surprising at the end of the day, we knew it and we could tell it.
    She has always said that she wanted to carry on and that if they want to re-group she is up for it. In my eyes it's way better than what another member said lately.

    The problem with Nadine is that she fucked up her real chance at a solo career when she decided to leave her deal with Universal for Tesco (or when she decided that Bruce was a great manager). I'm sure that, no matter which great track she could pull out, she will never break through now.
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    Nadine for the UK entry of the Eurovision with Something New.
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  10. @Jackooh do you know the song playing in background of the latest Nadine's post on IG?
  11. TMI


    I can't find out whether it's her or not.
  12. It's 'Make Me Feel' by Janelle Monáe.
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  13. Her last few posts do lead you to believe that they are working up to something again but I'm not getting too excited just yet
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  14. I listened a few times and don’t think it’s her. If it is, it’s not one that I’ve got.
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  15. This is a big 'If' but if indeed there is plans to release new Nadine music and the rumours of a cameo in Derry Girls turns out to be true then surely when the show returns (which is soon) that would be the perfect time to tie it in with the launch of another single, realistically it's the most exposure she will get at this point
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  16. GCZ


    “Go To Work” is my on my way to work anthem in the mornings
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  17. The ‘get you up in the morning’ part of Go To Work is amazing! If she had of released that song instead of Insatiable and not done the Tesco deal she would have been off to a flying start!
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  18. She’s just done an interview with QX Magazine.
    She said new music is coming VERY soon.

    She also said she recorded Sexy! No No No, Call The Shots and Can’t Speak French in LA in the first three days of recording the Tangled Up album.

    The rest of the interview isn’t worth reading.
  19. Wasn’t Call The Shots recorded for The Sound Of though?
  20. Yep...
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