Nadine Coyle

Yeah if that was the outro to a Jess Glynne song in 2015 this would be a number one. Obviously it's not going to be for Nadine but understandable why they would head in that direction.

I like it.
I can't stop playing the snippet.
So glad my expectations haven't gotten lower because of some members' reviews because this is magical. Can't wait for the music video!
There's something very Saturdays about it too! I liked it, you can still feel classic Nuhdeen's sass under all the production.
Whoever said Jess Glyne and Clean Bandit is spot on.

Which is not what I wanted from Nadine in 2017, but I'm sure there's something for all of us on the eventual album.

Also, can Xenomania go back to songs where each verse was a different melody? Hmmf.