Nadine Coyle

Imagine the Nic, Chez and Kim group whatsapp upon hearing this!
To be honest, I think they'll be like, Okay Nadine, whatever.

It's nothing sensational that people have been saying for years.

Tale as old as time.
To risk looking even more stupid, does it not redirect?
The trick is to make new account on different IP selecting New Zealand location, and then logging onto this account on private card on your browser.

Also more thoughts about single, it doesn't sound like Xenomania touch at all. She could've done the same with someone else.
I really wanted to go see her at Heaven next week, but then remembered I'm going to a house party for a friends 21st. Damn.
I'm not down with all this "IP" business it's too technical for me

Can the song be available already?

I'd love to her live but it clashes with Freshers and no one would come to see me with her!