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Nailed It (Nextflix)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Deleted member 5343, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Just as ludicrous as I was hoping it would be. Six episodes, simply not enough. Need a celebrity contestant episode ASAP. Nicole & Jacques are a great duo.
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  2. I imagine it's cheap to make. It most probably takes a week to film the 6 episodes so hopefully it will return sooner rather than later.
  3. I feel like the second season is already filmed, there was a handsome guy with the money gun during the opening credits that never showed up as a guest judge so I'm thinking they have already filmed some more episodes similar to how Queer Eye have already completed a second season.
  4. A celeb episode would be amazing.
  5. Brilliant series thank you for the recommendation guys .
  6. This show is absolutely amazing. I love all the judges, the contestants, and Nicole is just the absolute best. I'd love to hang out with her and just laugh all day long.

    She's responsible for one of my favorite quotes from Girl Code "Nobody cares about your diet. Just go eat your salad in the corner and cry".

    or something like that. . .
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  7. Sorry, double post, but it has to be (re)noted that I just love that the contestants are every day people from all walks of life, and it's just amazing. Everyone is on even footing and it's just about trying something new and having fun. Please let this show run forever.
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  8. Queen Amanda was ROBBED.
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  9. Nicole is so extra and I live.
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  10. Season 2 is streaming June 29!
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  11. Whoop!!
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  12. June just got so much better knowing that this and Queer Eye are coming back. Give me more than 6 episodes please GAWDS. Even 8 would be a joy!!
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  13. I've honestly lost track of the amount of times I've re-watched these 6 episodes. Gives me a laugh every single time, really can't wait for season 2.

    "She's ugly, her castles ugly but damn it she can have some pretty kinds of flowers" is a classic.
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  14. Episode 1 has my chunky zaddy Jon Gabrus so I loved it, but episode 2 is an instant classic.
  15. pdf


    Oh! So that means GLOW and Nailed It! this weekend? Niiice.
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  16. New episodes are as much a joy as season 1. The woman from Texas in episode 3 is a constant mood.
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  17. Season 2 is a joy to watch. I love it when Nicole speaks French.

    I thought the unicorn rainbow cake would be (relatively) more easy to make, compared to the other cakes we've seen. But I was wrong.

    Also, I like that they mixed it up a little with the snack stadium and the gingerbread house. Most of the cakes must taste the same, no? Spongey basic cake, coloured fondant, coloured frosting and rice crispies for shaping.
  18. BTG


    Leann’s dildo beer bottle. Noooooooo.
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