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Nailed It (Nextflix)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Deleted member 5343, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. The broadway dancer contestant in episode 5 was making me feel things.

    Also I’m sad that we only got 6 new episodes, but the bonus half-episode is everything I was hoping for!!
  2. Too bad Antoni didn't bake. What was the gap between season 2 and the special? Jacques looked different.
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  3. He


    I think they just had one season and cut it in half, like Queer Eye.
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  4. Yeah according to Nicole she's been in production on more new episodes very recently which is probably why the set was a little different and Jaques had lost so much weight for the Queer Eye mini episode.
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  5. Right? You’d think the food expert would be gagging at the chance to show off some skills. Unless, of course, he can’t actually cook!!

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  6. Is it just me or is Nicole channelling Rupaul in certain bits.
  7. jtm


    Is Sylvia back for the new episodes?
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  8. jtm


    Jacques Torres is so amazing. Him and Nicole work so good together.
  9. The Broadway dancer guy was the most insufferable contestant they’ve ever had on the show. Completely lacked the humour and didn’t seem to understand the unpretentious atmosphere of the show at all!
  10. Their partnership is magnetic! Well done, whoever first put the two of them together.

    His array of thirst trap underwear shots littering the internet were immediately saved to my photo roll would seem to support your theory.
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  11. Gave it a shot, felt plenty finished after 3 episodes. Nicole is giving me Eureka ‘O Hara vibes aka. someone who was told all their life they were hilarious, when in fact they’re just tryhard and annoying.
  12. Yeah, I feel like I've seen that unicorn cake in the season 1 edit.
    Can't wait for her to start talking about people's inner saboteurs.
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  13. The content we deserve.

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  14. I imagine this has been renewed and they just can't say anything yet, especially as it seems the kitchen has had a redesign in the Queer Eye episode.
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  15. Nicole also gave an incredible interview for Elle:
    An icon.
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  16. pdf


  17. Renewed for season 3! 7 "holiday" themed episodes coming in December.
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  18. I want a making of episode hosted by a shirtless Wes

  19. With only Sal and Amanda as contestants in every episode.
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