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NAMIE AMURO Discography Rate 「Part One」【...】

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BEST FICTION, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Need to comment on the Concentration 20 (Body Feels) Exits that I've seen so far anyway!

    B w/z You - such an underrated ballad. I love the electronic sound, the verses, the chorus! I voted for it to appear in Ballada but didn't have much success there either!

    Storm - it's all about the "With hanauta tou tou touru tou" line! I hated this song when I first got Concentration 20, in fact there were only a handful of tracks on Concentration 20 I enjoyed for years until I properly got into it! I'm impressed Storm made it this far. It's not one of best songs but it is fun!
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  2. A nun died (not because of Katy Perry) when "lovin' it" was eliminated.
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  3. Thank you for understanding my pain.
  4. I can't believe I forgot to mention Break the Rules. So glad it did as well as it did. I used to love the Break the Rules album and always used to imagine there was a PV for the title track when listening to it. So underrated!

    More C20 tracks falling but glad to read the praise for them. Loving the C20 artwork by the way! Who'd have thunk Me Want Peace was so popular?

    Can't believe Lovin It was out so soon! A well deserved 11 from @evilsin - nice choice!
  5. Listening to Body Feels EXIT atm and getting my life to an early-career masterpiece, could we be expecting a win? I-think-so.gif
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  6. I don’t think any of my 10’s have been eliminated yet.

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  7. Hopefully, but don’t jinx it!
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  8. Same, but then I only gave out 3 of them.
    I think only one 9 of mine has been taken out as well.

    I really liked MI CORAZÓN, it reminded me of listening to the radio in 7th grade with my best friend. Those late 90's Latin grooves, you know?

    I would definitely be interested in participating in part 2 of the Kumi rate, I'm sad I missed the 1st part since a few of my faves of hers were there. I mostly only know Kuu's singles, so it'd be nice to discover some new stuff by her.
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  9. Neat! Me neither (I gave 8 of them + my 11 oop)
  10. You did well my friend.
    My bad.
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  11. @EachSmallStep did you draw the Can't Sleep fanart in your avi? It's great!
  12. I wish! All credit goes to the lovely yuno on pixiv.
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  13. Listening to Concentration 20 swear if ya’ll eliminate How to be A Girl before top 15..

    That PV is probably one of the best Namie has done, 60s70s80s aside. I don’t really buy Amuro’s rockier side (at least later in her career) but here it feels really authentic. Production wise it’s left field for a TK song and really compliments Namie’s distant, aloof demeanor.

    It just bops, basically.
  14. Yes, @mi|kshake, you're always by my side! Hugs and kisses.
    Swish swish bish, another one in the basket.
    Don't forget to go through the Part I and like all my posts.
  15. I'll get right on it
  16. Also I hope none of you did Whisper wrong.

    You didn’t, right?
  17. Whisper's the only other song I really like on that hot mess of an album, I'm hoping it gets some recognition too.
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  18. Me about to use black magic to see LOVE 2000 eliminated to-day
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  19. [​IMG]
    Love me, muscat with your whole heart
    Always tell me, fall in love

    Aishite Muscat (愛してマスカット): 7.36
    Highest Score:
    10 (@RUNAWAY, @eliminathan), 9 (@Cutlery)
    Lowest Score: 6 (@vikeyeol, @yuuurei, @digitalkaiser, @MarkB, @Remorque)

    "Aishite Muscat" was released as the SUPER MONKEY's 4 third single in 1993 and included on DANCE TRACKS VOL. 1 & ORIGINAL TRACKS VOL. 1. The single charted at #67 selling just over 10,000 copies in the 2 weeks it charted. It's B-side was "Wagamama wo Yurushite", the first song Namie sang solo. The song was released as the follow up to "DANCING JUNK" although the song was used in a Lotte Gum commercial prior to that single's release, before the group's leader had left the group. After the single's release they re-did the commercial. Namie re-recorded it for the Finally compilation in 2017.

    The song follows similiar lyrical themes as Namie's other early singles, young love and staying together. Otenkiame might have overdone it, "I totally overplayed this back in the day. It's a nice pop song, but hasn't aged all too well." Jawshxx knows a bop when he hears one, "Nothing remarkable but I’m bopping." Evilsin isn't as enthusiastic, however, "Some really nice moments here and there, but the overall product is a bit lacking to me."
    EachSmallStep prefers Namie's newer vocal range, "A charismatic, groovy number! The use of electric guitar and violin really add to the flair. Her lows do get warbly and the singing gets distant from the music. Prefer it live." Cutlery has nothing but praise, "Amazing, strings-and-electric-guitar-infused love-seeking bop." RUNAWAY appreciates this timeless classic, "finally an iconic bop. It STILL holds up, I really can’t believe it." And send photo is bopping to Finally, "This is probably the best song on the album teebs, I’m sad it’s going before a few others that are left from the album. The remake is one of the highlights on Finally don’t @ me"

  20. don't make me fucking go back to God to cancel this shit out with Jesus.
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