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NAMIE AMURO Discography Rate 「Part Three」【TOP FIVE】

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BEST FICTION, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Next track to drop is another 11 and.... also #11, so it misses the Top 10. Any guesses?
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  2. Finally moves me every time. While I love Hero, she definitely should have performed Finally for the Kohaku Uta Gassen the other year. Also wish it would have landed in the top 10, but 12 is respectable considering what’s left!

    In an ideal world I’m not Yours should be next, but’s i have a sinking feeling it’ll be my 11..
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  3. "Finally" is a perfect closer for her career, although it's not a 10 for me.

    For some reason a thought of someone giving their 11 to "I'm not yours" irks me a little. But then the thought of "I'm not yours" going Top10 irks me even more, dddd.
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  4. A beautiful way to say farewell, and the flowers in the graphic are lovely! Always loved that shoot
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  5. I have a feeling she wouldn't have been able to hold it together if she had performed Finally. She barely managed to keep herself from crying with Hero. Heck, I could barely keep it together myself!
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  6. it's my 11 isn't it
  7. Not NAKED...

    I'm such a stan. My average for Uncontrolled is unbelievably high!
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  8. Finally is one of her best ballads! It's gonna be getting me emosh on 16/09. I was hoping it would go Top 10 but 12 is great too. Heaven can go next!
  9. This part of her career is my least favorite though I do really like a lot of the songs from these years too. I gave a lot of high scores during the second part because it’s my favorite point of Namie’s long career! I also love the beginning of her career too.
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  10. [​IMG]

    Call me on the late night
    Honey, I won't mind at all
    Faster than pizza, I'm a superwoman

    COPY THAT: 8.89
    11 (@Pinky25), 10 (@BEST FICTION, @Coming Century, @Ana Raquel, @otenkiame, @evilsin, @MarkB, @Mikl C)
    7 (@Jawshxx, @Weslicious), 7.5 (@send photo, @lovlands)

    COPY THAT was included on Namie's 9th album, PAST<FUTURE released December 16, 2009. The song was released to radio in October 2009 when it was used to promote a commercial for Vidal Sassoon. It was written by T.Kura & michico who were the duo behind Namie's hits like WILD, Sit! Stay! Wait! Down!, Girl Talk, What A Feeling, Want Me, Want Me & a dozen more. It was released as a ringtone with MY LOVE on November 18th, 2009.

    Evilsin has some light critique, "What an amazing and unexpectedly bonkers track! The only complaint that I had is that I used to dislike how it was winding down by the end, but I grew to appreciate it. Love how this has this retro sound beefed up by futuristic elements. T.Kura and michico are once again on top of the game and deliver exceptionally. Such fun!" Miyawakiwi could do without the outro altogether, "This song would be perfect if it was a minute shorter, besides that." But that just may well be otenkiame's favourite part, "What is this? Some kinda surfer/pop/60's sound? I don't even know, but god damn this track is delicious! It's all kinds of catchy, but what really makes this special is how the track's sound evolves in its 4 min time, eventually going full on urban with a hip-hop beat at the end." And _hazzie_ would agree, "Yes the ending is that good."

    Kneehigh Girl learnt something new with the translation, "fitting as a follow-up to Fast Car. The title, the music and the sirens give me car chase feels. Just as fun as Fast Car, but it was more of a grower for me, hence the lower score. The instrumental in the last minute or so is genius. Also, after reading the English translation, I finally understand in what context she sings pizza. Always wondered how that fit." Cutlery is impressed by the mismash of sounds, "Now this is an infectious, massive bop. The mix of Western action movie soundtrack and the unmistakable Amuro brand of pop/R&B/electronic from these years make for a glorious instrumental. But the joy highkey comes from the chorus too, 'cause what kinda Charli-level of repetitiveness can KNOCK like this? Her vocals at various points in the background also help in setting the mood."

    Pinky25 awarded this song their 11... And it got to #11, so hopefully they're happy with that, "It was between this Fast Car, Dr, and Wild for my 11. I went back and forth before deciding but this is definitely my favorite song in this part of the rate. Copy That has a lot of things I love from Namie. I’ve paid for this song on three separate occasions because it keeps getting deleted from my library. It’s sexy, fun and has those drum sounds I love in Namie songs."

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    Defend Love
    3/12 (-3)


    make it happen feat. AFTERSCHOOL
    1/7 (-1)


    0/13 (-1)


    3/12 (-1)


    0/14 (-1)


    1/13 (-2)


    I'm Not Yours with Jolin Tsai
    2/19 (-1)
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  12. I'm a horrible person, but I don't see how Tsuki made it into the Top10. Is it really that good? What am I missing? Also surprised that Mint is still here. I did not see that coming, but I do like the song. And I'm so happy that Defend Love has made it this far! It's such a great song! Could've been a 11 for me.

    I'm quite happy with how this Top 10 turned out, regardless of how the eliminations continue (but we all know Wild is going to win, right?).
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  13. Tsuki is leagues above Mint for me, which I'm surprised even made Top 20 if we're being honest. Tsuki was my second pick after BRIGHTER DAY for my 11.
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  14. I gave nine songs a 10 (including my 11) and six of them (including my 11) made it to the top 10. The flavour...

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  15. all of my girls what
  16. COPY THAT is great but not top 10 material.

    I really hope Contrail & I'm not yours don't make the top 5.

    TSUKI is her best ballad since I WILL.
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  17. I'm a bit shocked at that Top10 as I really didn't think "make it happen", "Alive" and "I'm not yours" would make it.
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  18. I'm surprised Heaven is here, it's a middle-tier FEEL track at best.
    No surprises here for the Past<Future tracks, make it happen, TSUKI, Alive or Mint. All flawless or near flawless songs!
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  19. Heaven to go next followed by Make it Happen. I do enjoy Make It Happen but it's not Top 10 material.
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  20. I lost my 11 in the Mariah rate today too! I’m fine with 11th place for Copy That. I think it’s signature Namie. It’s so great.
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