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NAMIE AMURO Discography Rate 「Part Three」【TOP FIVE】

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BEST FICTION, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Let me get in before the show's officially over
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  2. Deserved better.
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  3. It really did

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  4. Originally I was going to try and have this wrapped up by today to land on a year since Namie's retirement but... the past few days have been a journey and thinking about my upcoming trip to Japan as well as Namie's retirement has had a less than desirable effect on my mood & motivation.............. In saying that:


    Let's fly away until our wings grow old
    Fly me away

    Heaven: 8.91
    (@eliminathan), 10 (@BEST FICTION, @Jawshxx, @Gintoki, @vague, @Ana Raquel, @lovlands, @otenkiame, @Kneehigh Girl, @Osiris, @Coming Century, @Miyawakiwi)
    5 (@Pinky25), 6 (@Cutlery)

    Heaven was included on Namie's 11th studio album, FEEL, released July 10, 2013. The song was released as a digital single on the same day. It was written by Emyli & produced by Zedd, who has worked with Ariana Grande, Katy Perry & Lady Gaga. Namie's team reached out to Zedd after the success of his single Clarity with Foxes. Zedd traveled to Japan for the recording session and also submit songs for _genic, with none of them making the cut. Heaven received a music video treatment as well as 5 other songs from FEEL. It debut at #53 on the Japan Hot 100 and would peak at #26 the next week. It peaked at #15 on the Japan Hot Radio Songs chart.

    Evilsin points out some similarities, "Enlisting Zedd for yourself, Ariana who? Trendsetter, I'm telling you. This does have quite a distinguished Zedd sound to it, and I like it a lot, although the rappy parts still sound a bit clunky for me. The "Yeah, yeah, yeah, do it, baby / Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah" part after the second chorus also reminds me of Rihanna's "Where Have You Been?" a lot." See you in court, Zedd! Kneehigh Girl has been swayed, "While the song starts of generic, the verses are so badass I can’t help but to give it a 10. Very quickly turns into one of the strongest tracks on the album." Why is send photo running? Why is he running? "Zedd’s best song, and yes I know what songs he’s produced. So euphoric and happy, I love running to this."

    Miyawakiwi is feeling like Trinity The Tuck, "I can’t understand half of what she’s saying, but this is a bop." This song brought lovlands to the rate, "The song that got me into Namie and into J-pop as a whole! That beat is just INSANE especially in the second half of the 2nd/3rd choruses. The engrish here is probably some of Namie's most charming and endearing (not to mention iconic too), this song definitely feels like heaven every single time it comes on." Otenkiame doesn't realise that Namie has actually invented the English language, ""HEABON IS WHERE WE ARE"!!! Despite not being able to pronounce heaven correctly, this track comes hard! It's so generic-sounding, but coming from Namie it sounds so fresh. She's putting on so many different voices for the verses that you actually want to hear the verses instead of going straight to the hooks. It's safe to say that this is another bop." If Namie says it's Heabon, then it's heabon!

    And our solitary 11 giver, eliminathan seems like he has more complaints than praise, "I wish she did the "So let's celebrate this love" part before each chorus because it is SO GOOD and her only tacking it onto the end of one of the pre-choruses is CRIMINAL."

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  5. One of my favorites from FEEL so I'm not mad at it.
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  6. Such a good song, it deserved to go all the way
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  7. I was a little surprised to see "Heaven" go Top10, but then again, it is a bit of a bop in the end.
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  8. I'm also surprised Heaven made it this far. I love it to bits, but didn't expect it to last this long. Then again, I didn't expect Feel to have any songs left for the Top 10, just like I thought _genic would have several songs.

    I know so little...
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  9. In a fair and just world, B Who I Want 2 B would still be here
  10. [​IMG]

    I hope for happiness to always overflow
    into the sky you look up at
    and into the flowing wind

    TSUKI: 8.92
    10 (@BEST FICTION, @send photo, @Osiris, @Coming Century @mi|kshake, @lovlands, @vague, @Gintoki, @junglefish, @eliminathan)
    4 (@Ana Raquel), 7 (@Jawshxx, @Miyawakiwi, @Pinky25)

    Tsuki was released as Namie's 41st single on January 29, 2014 and technically served as a single from Namie's ballad best of, Ballada. It was written by Tiger who we've mentioned countless times in this rate, a legend. It was produced by Zetton who produced for Miliyah, Kana Nishino & Nana Tanimura. Hiro Doi was also involved in production and worked on Still Lovin' You. Tsuki was re-recorded for Namie's final compilation, Finally. The scenery for the music video was shot in Iceland's largest lake, Jökulsárlón. The song was used as the theme for the film Dakishimetai: Shinjitsu no Monogatari.

    The song debut at #3 and sold 42,021 copies in it's first week. It charted for 14 weeks and sold 67,293 copies overall, making it the 90th best selling single of 2014. It debut at #3 on the Japan Hot 100, marking one of Namie's highest debuts on that chart. It was certified Platinum for 250,000 digital sales. It was the #1 single on Recochoku for February 2014 and placed #1 on their digital download charts.

    send photo is onto something, "This is so gorgeous, probably my favourite of her last batch of singles." Lovlands proves you can twerk to almost anything, "The twinkly yet HEAVY instrumentation is so unique and beautiful, only Namie could pull this off honestly. The 'when you're down don't you cry I'll be by your side, I'll be waiting for your smile for a while' is so touching and then the 'BABY SOTTO SOTTO SONO MUNE WO, ZUTTO ZUTTO KOKORO KARA' brings you right back to twerk territory." Otenkiame and I have both been crying, "The first time I saw this live, I cried. Namie brought such raw emotion that she's not really known for, and it hit me hard. I mean, the lyrics themselves are super heartwrenching, and just rendered beautifully by Namie. Then there's the instrumentation, which is just gorgeous and magical with the twinkling sounds and harp."

    Kneehigh Girl realised the brilliance, "This ballad is much better than I remembered it. The verses are nice. It has a strong chorus. And the instrumental parts, with whatever bell-like instrument they’re using, are soothing and magical at the same time." Vague hints at their 11, "i can't figure out what song, but that twinkly/chime-y intro reminds me of some random mid-'00s jpop song i used to be obsessed with and it drives me crazy every time i listen to this ddd. still, this is one of my absolute faves from this era of her career. it's just... so. gorgeous. this would have easily gotten my 11 if PAST<FUTURE had been included in part 2 of the rate." Cutlery throws some daggers at Namie's other single, "The harp melodies are s o f t af. I'm also a big fan of the English bridge as it adds contrast wrapped between the sharp, determined choruses. Lullaby-like realness in all the aspects Ningyo failed to be." And evilsin enjoys the mid-tempo beauty, "I always had a soft spot for this mid-tempos, god, do I love them. This is superb. Love the way the chimes, bleep, bloops, synths, beats and Namie's vocals create this warm atmosphere. Gorgeous melodies all throughout as well."

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  11. "TSUKI" getting to Top10 was a very nice surprise, glad most of you enjoyed it.
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  12. Jungle Dance?
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  13. Weird, I went through all her songs' credits, and ZETTON is nowhere to be found.
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  14. On one side, I'm pleasantly surprised TSUKI made the top 10, but on the other side, inferior songs like Contrail are still in...

    Btw, where is everyone?
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  15. No.

    Heaven did well but it should have gone AFTER I'm Not Yours, which is a bop too, but generic as fuck.
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  16. No I'm Not Yours slander please.
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  17. The messery of it all with all these opinions, dddd.
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  18. My apologies, he didn't produce, but he wrote Gimme Mo.
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  19. Dddd, looks like he arranged it, because Komatsu Kiyohito is listed as a lyricsist.
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  20. [​IMG]

    If you want love, then you have to know pain
    Don't be afraid, don't look away

    Defend Love: 9.12
    (@BEST FICTION, @Coming Century, @Miyawakiwi, @otenkiame, @Kneehigh Girl, @lalaclairi_, @vague, @Cutlery, @MarkB, @Gintoki, @_hazzie_, @Mikl C)
    6.25 (@eliminathan), 7 (@Jawshxx)

    Defend Love was included as the closing track to Namie's 9th album, PAST<FUTURE, released December 16, 2009. It was written & produced by Nao'ymt as a sequel to the single Dr., also created by Nao'ymt. Lemme just copy & paste generasia's analysis of the animated music video because I have no idea what any of this means; The video features Amuro as the animated character that was previously seen in the the music video for "Dr." and a third alter ego of Amuro that is battling with the character Amuro Ray from the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam. The scene is almost entirely a recreation of the battle from The Ghost of Solomon of the Universal Century timeline with Amuro's animated character drawn in place of the original character from the sequence, Lalah Sune and piloting the MAN-08 Elmeth. The character of Amuro in the previous animated music video is apparently connected to this third alter ego and is being manipulated with the psycommu system which is forcing her to control the third alter ego in destructive ways.

    During the battle sequence Amuro, in a purple MAN-08 Elmeth is fighting Amuro Ray in the RX-78 Gundam. In their newtype bond Ray tries to convince her to stop the battle but Amuro doesn't react to his plea and continues the battle which ultimately forces Ray to destroy the gundam she is piloting which causes the connection between Amuro's two characters to be severed. This scene differs from the scene in the anime series as the death of Lalah Sune was accidental. At the end of the video a scene with the words "TO BE CONTINUED ►►►" appears. This is the same phrase that appeared at the end of the music video for "Dr." which "Defend Love" is related to.
    Hope that was informative for y'all since there's literally nothing else to write about this song.

    Miyawakiwi is waiting for the trilogy, "the lyrics are pretty good, the song is amazing and the pv was pretty well animated, a perfect follow up from Dr., i just wish the 3rd part after this would’ve been a song." Lovlands is snatched, "WHEW is all I gotta say..." Otenkiame approves, "As the sequel to Dr., I'd say this does a great job of setting the tone. It's dark and foreboding, full of angst with glimmers of hope, as well. And that bridge is stunning - the piano bit leading up to the crescendo is my favourite part by far. Props to Namie for giving the song that aggressive and fed up tone! What a way to end an album!" Kneehigh Girl also enjoys it as a closer, "Can you end an album with a better bang? This song is so flawless I don’t have anything else to say about it."

    Evilsin might be a bit too late to change his score, "Ah, the sequel to "Dr.". This is so good, that it physically pains me not to give this a full score. Something never fully clicked with this track for me, although I still recognize how good it is. The fast paced chorus is definitely a highlight. Perhaps I should loop this for couple of hours to finally get it? This might work." Cutlery enjoys almost every aspect of this, "The ways in which this is a sequel to Dr. makes it an instant highlight. It opens up with that amazing post-apocalyptic dystopia I crave and fits the visuals so damn well. This then leads to a seasoned electrobop that’s a few nods away from fitting perfectly in a spy film soundtrack. Nao’ymt does a fantastic job as a lyricist, bridging Namie’s character’s tale over from Dr. into a track of introspection and call-for-action vibes. Of course I ADORE every second of the bridge itself, just cuz referencing the predecessor by name for the album’s conclusion is genius." And _hazzie_ stans, "Dr. Part 2 yes!"

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