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NAMIE AMURO Discography Rate 「Part Three」【WINNER】

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BEST FICTION, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Really surprised at I’m Not Yours getting this far, didn’t realise you stabbed that much.

    Not surprised at TSUKI making it this far as that type of Namie track is like cat nip for y’all ( I WILL teas)
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  2. 11 x 1
    10 x 5
    9 x 3
    4 x 1 (I wonder which song it is...)
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  3. Copy Cat! Haha!
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  4. So do we dislike “I’m not yours” and “Make it happen” because they’re not solo Namie songs or? Otherwise I don’t get it because I’m not yours might be the best song in this rate.
  5. I’m not yours isn't a bad song but it's definitely one of those 7/8 songs that somehow slipped into the top 10. Also that wub wub breakdown made it sound dated on arrival
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  6. make it happen is pretty much a solo song, Afterschool where given 20 seconds on it so Namie could put it on checkmate!
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  7. Surprised and happy that Tsuki has made the Top 10. I love I'm Not Yours too so chuffed it's also Top 10.
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  8. Okay, I listened to Tsuki again and I guess I kind of get how it made Top 10 and why people seem to like it so much. The chorus is damn good! But it's no I Will (would most likely have been my 11 if I had participated in the first rate). I guess I just didn't expect Tsuki to be this well-liked.

    Actually, finishing the song, I realize I probably should've rated it higher.
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  9. No.
    Definitely no.
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  10. Make it Happen on the other hand is giving me Max Martin/ Bonnie McKee teas. Immaculate catchier than crack production, if a little bit lyrically empty.
  11. We're gonna get going on the Top 10.... And just a heads up 6 out of the 10 songs remaining have received 11s. That means 14 of the 24 11s that were given out in this rate sit on only 6 of these songs. So you can imagine a lot of these have multiple 11s... And you can imagine that each elimination is going to sting a bit.

    So without further ado, our 10th place is...


    These anxieties and regrets are unbearable
    And this circuit for pleasure's everlasting
    You blow my mind babe
    You just turn me on, on and on

    Mint: 8.90
    11 (@otenkiame, @MarkB), 10 (@Osiris, @Coming Century, @Miyawakiwi, @evilsin, @Gintoki, @_hazzie_, @Mikl C)
    6 (@send photo), 7 (@BEST FICTION, @vague)

    Mint was released as Namie's 44th single on May 18, 2016. It served as the second single from the original track portion of Namie's final compilation, Finally, released in 2017. It was written & produced by Andreas Oberg who also worked on Black Make Up & Photogenic. Maria Marcus also contributed to writing & producing and has done so for Time Has Come, Christmas Wish, Showtime & Stranger. Emyli & Tiger were also involved in the writing process for the track. It was used as the theme song for Kansai Fuji TV drama Boku no Yabai Tsuma, which the producers actually invited Namie to participate on.

    It debut at #4 on the Oricon Weekly Charts, having sold 28,136 copies in that week. It charted for 20 weeks and sold 46,231 copies in that time span. It was the 10th best selling single in May 2016. It spent 2 weeks at #1 on Recochoku's digital chart, leading it to #1 for the month of May on that chart. It peaked at #2 on the Japan Hot 100 and was certified Platinum for downloads over 250,000 units.

    Miyawakiwi is receptive, "this kind of song really suits Namie’s voice." Lovlands is hungry, "This makes me crave chocolate mint ice cream." Send photo might be too honest, "It’s got some interesting bits but overall doesn’t work together, sorry." RUNAWAY is a bit nicer, "not the most exciting single, but it’s Namie, so even her worst singles are still better than your faves." Cutlery asks the same question, "This would've been the perfect choice for a send-off single, but alas Namie decided to release it as the second one for Finally. Everything about the badass guitars, the action-packed production + male adlibs and the endless HE'S MINT MINT HE'S MINT MINT chanting screams pop legend at the top of her game churning out a fresh new sound. Ugh when will my flop Western faves?" Speaking of flop, Evilsin quotes one, "Let me quote one of THE songstresses of our generation Kuraki Meisa for this one: "GI-, GI-, GI-, GI-GI-GI-, GI-, GI-, GI-, GUITAR! " Oh my fucking god, Andreas Oberg is a guitar god. When the pace picks up in the pre-chorus and the guitar starts to tickle my testes that rushing feeling of a massive bop comes down on me. Also those breaks between with that walking choreography... chills! This is hands down the best a-side of the "Finally" era."

    And our 11 giver, Otenkiame gushes, ""HE'S MINT, MINT / HE'S MINT, MINT". I had a few contenders for my 11, but this song just won hands down. There's just so much about this song to talk about that I'd probably end up rambling on and on (as if I haven't already during this rate). Where to start? Guitars? Yes. That surfer-like guitar riff is absolutely AMAZING. I LIVE. And then the whole cold attitude as Namie basically curses herself for loving this man. Can I talk about the guitars again? The way they're played for the pre-chorus is orgasmic. Plus the way Namie sings her lyrics!!! "HITOMI WA STRAIGHT AT ME". YES! AND THE HAND CLAPS! OMG, I just cannot even use words properly to describe my immense love for "Mint". Every freaking second of this song is pure gold. There's not a thing I'd change."

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  12. [​IMG]

    Release Date: 2017.11.08
    Oricon Weekly Charts: #1 (1,113,291)
    Oricon Monthly Charts November 2017: #1 (1,687,820)
    Oricon Monthly Charts December 2017: #1 (245,661)
    Oricon Yearly Charts 2017: #1 (1,777,850)
    Oricon Yearly Charts 2018: #1 (638,989)
    United World Chart: #2 (1,113,291)
    United World Chart Year End 2017: #12 (1,889,000)
    Total Album Sales: 2,454,070
    Total Single Sales: 262,371
    Total Combined Sales: 2,716,441‬


    @Osiris: 9.19
    @RUNAWAY: 9.15
    @Miyawakiwi: 9.00

    @lovlands: 8.38
    @otenkiame: 8.35

    @Gintoki: 6.85
    @Pinky25: 6.85
    @Mikl C: 6.77
    @Cutlery: 6.54

    @Ana Raquel: 6.23

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  13. Phew, we love an almost 3 million selling queen.
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  14. When she released the same week as Taylor Swift so was blocked from #1 on the United World Chart the entire run... I'm still mad.
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  15. Speaking of flops, I am one.

    Great, but unexpected choice for an 11, @otenkiame and @MarkB.
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  16. White mediocrity :( and with THAT album as well..
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  17. I didn't have a lot of time when I did my scores, so rather than agonise over which to give the 11 I just thought which song I've actually been playing most often. Sometimes simple works better.
  18. @MarkB's got taste! I remember not liking Mint on first listen (it was a crappy LQ radio rip) but it grew on me a lot. It's a bop and the video is great.

    Again, highest average on Finally. I'm still mad people hate Do It For Love so much...

    I love to stan, yah, everybody call me stanning queen!
  19. Shocked Mint semi-flopped
    Again, ddd at me being the second lowest scorer for the album, I love at least 5 tracks of it!
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  20. I really like Mint. It’s fun.
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