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  1. Mess. White Light is and always should be a Namie fan’s contender for their 11.
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  2. It’s on my Christmas playlist.
  3. White Light was fine until Christmas Wish murdered it.
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  5. Indy Lady actually grew on me and I ended up giving it an 8 I think? The intro is an iconique MESS though. Why is her daddy an indy lady? questions.. questions..

    Anyway the whispered "heres what you can do for me" is definitely the best part of the song, followed by the "tell meeeee" part
  6. White Light wasn't even a contender for a 5 for me.
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  7. I literally hate all of you new people @vague come hold me we're going back to JPM. Calls for White Light to be dismissed?! ALL FOR YOU?!

    j e s u s.
  8. Not sure if the rating/users for lowest scores on Ups and Downs was a typo. But I gave it a 7 if I remember correctly.
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  9. Sorry, it was a mistake. I just have to seek out the low/high scores manually so sometimes I get mixed up.
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  10. Your PM being at the top of my box means I completely missed em. Lemme go back and add them, sorry.
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  11. This. Calling out for White Light and ALL FOR YOU to go of all the songs, oh my fucking god!
  12. Well... Some of you will be happy about this!
    There was something missing in the future we imagined
    There were no lies in the words we said

    Nobody: 7.00
    Highest Score: 10
    (@evilsin, @vague), 9.5 (@Jawshxx)
    Lowest Score: 4 (@lalaclairi_), 4.5 (@EachSmallStep)

    "Nobody" was originally released in January 2007 as the B-side to Namie's 32nd single, "Baby Don't Cry". The song was originally meant to accompany the single "White Light/Violet Sauce" but was replaced by "Violet Sauce (Anotha Recipe)" on the single released in 2005. The song's melody is similar to "White Light" and is a sequel of sorts, with the lyrics speaking of the couple in "White Light" going their separate ways.

    TABOO thinks the song stands up well on it's own, "Utilising the production of White Light - minus the bells and their Christmas charm - Nobody is still quite a good track all on its own. It has a subtle theme of nostalgia through its retrospection upon a relationship that flourished during the holiday period. Meta." ThisIsRogue feels like the song is a better by association, "I have to admit that this song is elevated somewhat due to 'White Light's halo effect." Eliminathan is wide awake, "Maybe I'm just tired but this sounds like a cute lullaby and not in a "it's putting my ass to sleep" kind of way."

    Vague has made a new discovery, "SCREAM i don't know how i've never heard this until doing this rate?!! like i coulda been boppin to this instead of a gd christmas song all the time?! Jesus... well, that's White Light unchecked on iTunes now ddd. my only complaint - well, it's not even a complaint, really - but i wish there had been more changes to the arrangement to match the more sombre tone of the new lyrics, but i guess this was probably a quick n cheap b-side, so i can understand why it's largely untouched except to remove the xmasy elements. it's an incredible song in either version." SloMover feels like the song is a worse version of a song that isn't White Light, "I like that they put a basic not-as-good version of Baby Don’t Cry as the b-side for said song."

    EachSmallStep finds the song amateur, "An unpolished afterthought. The new direction the verses went is nice, but the rhythm and parts of the chorus don’t flow well when compared to its counterpart." Otenkiame isn't a fan either, "Snore...Seriously, it took what was good from "White Light" and just made it boring as fuck. It's supposed to be the painful side of love or whatever, but I just can't get past how bare and uninteresting the arrangement is in comparison. It has the original's melody, though, so that's something, I guess."

    Evilsin appreciates the mix-up in production, "We were just remembering other 1 melody / 2 songs examples in Ayumi's and Kumi's rates. I like how this strips all of the Christmas-y elements and make it just a nice slice of R'n'B ready to be buttered up. Literally nothing important is taken away from the song, so I can't give this a lesser score than the original." Kneehigh Girl doesn't feel there is enough change, "It still feels a bit like a Christmas song, but it’s just not the same without the Christmas sound effects. Thus, I rather listen to White Light than this." Hey, at least yuuurei prefers it, "Well, I like it better than White Light, anyway."

  13. Mess. At least we got to the 7+ average already.
  14. Wishing on the Same Star, be gone
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  15. Nao'ymt should just stick to singing because those vocals were....rough.
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  16. I could very well be misremembering, but wasn't Nobody supposed to be the "original version", but then Namie had the producers add Christmas sounds and change the lyrics a bit and thus it became White Light. And a while later they released Nobody due to fan-demand or something.
  17. I'm going off the Japanese Wiki:

    • Originally scheduled to include "Nobody" as a sequel to "White Light" as a coupling song , it was changed to a remix of "Violet Sauce" . In addition, "Nobody" was recorded for the first time in 2007 's first single " Baby Do not Cry " coupling.
    • Coupling is the sequel song "Nobody" of "White Light". The song was supposed to be included as a coupling song for "White Light / Violet Sauce", but it was changed to a remix of "Violet Sauce", so it took over a year and it was recorded. The melody is similar to "White Light" (arrangement is somewhat different), and the lyrics are love songs depicting the two people after "White Light".
  18. I did score Nobody 1 point higher than White Light but I wouldn't seek either of them out really. They're fine and all, just really boring to me!
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  19. Yeah, the English Wiki has similar information. Unfortunately, the forum/blog I remember getting this from is long gone. Then again, it could've been a mistranslation on their part as well, or I just remember it wrong :P
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  20. Nobody is to Whitle Light what Yes is to No. Reductive.
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