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  1. I’ll start tonight.

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  2. It’s how I rated part 1. .-.
    I’m not joking when I call myself a Namie stan.
  3. But why deprive yourself of doing a run through the amazing material in this part of her discography?
  4. My Top 20 ended up being more or less tied, with one clear winner (which will be getting my 11 in this rate).
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  6. I just had to listen again to a few Suite Chic songs and a couple of bsides.
  7. When Pop Hits The Fan: 8.5
    Style: 8.7
    Queen of Hip-Pop: 8.4
    Play: 9
    Best Fiction: 9.3
    Checkmate!: 8.8
    Extras: 7.5
  8. Do we know why Namie isn't on Spotify? It's strange because all the other big J-pop divas are.
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  9. I'm over here just reminiscing over how iconic this period of her discography really is.
  10. Scores are in.

    When Pop Hits The Fan 5.27
    Style 7.54
    Queen Of Hip-Pop 8.23
    Play 8.08
    Best Fiction 8.90
    Checkmate 7.58
    Extras 6.86

    I gave 18 10s - and that's after I reduced everything below a 10 by one point so I could make some 10s into 9s and 9.5s. This is going to be crazy.
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Excellent, I will get on this next week!
  13. Can’t believe we have 2 voters already! Took at least a full week or two before I got my first ballot in part one!

    Thank you @Osiris & @MarkB. The Namie avatar girls coming through!
  14. [​IMG]

    "Uh Uh,,,,,," better be on the higher end of that average is all I'm gonna say.
  15. It mainly comes down to this:
    When Pop... had only one 10 so it got hit much harder. That 10 is still a 10 though, I'll leave you to guess what it is.
  16. Sis, your average is 5.27, that's fucking "five point twenty seven". Dont try to tell me all those 9s and 9.5s turned into 5s and 6s.
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  17. No, but the gap between When Pop and the others really swelled, especially Queen and Play. I will just note that only one of my bottom 5 scores is from that album, and even that isn't my lowest score.

    I realise I'll probably be lowest scorer again, but I'll never understand raters who seem afraid to give out more than a handful of scores below a 6. Don't moan if your 11 gets beaten by a random track you think is just okay but gave a 7. (This isn't targeted at you specifically @evilsin)
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  18. I'm in no way trying to come for you, hun, I get that When Pop Hits The Fun was just not up your alley. It's all in good jest to me and I really like this particular album. I mean I really like all of the albums present in this Part.
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  19. Confession: I used to own When Pop Hits the Fan after loving a couple of tracks I heard from it but the album itself didn't do much for me so I got rid of it. Opening to changing my mind this time round though!
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  20. Baby tell me what's on your mind (on your mind)
    If you wanna get down with me (down with me)

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