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    Serious? Curious? Either is luxurious
    Pouring a champagne shower on our wet bodies

    DARLING: 7.38
    Highest Score: 10
    (@evilsin), 9.5 (@otenkiame, @Baco, @EachSmallStep, @vague)
    Lowest Score: 5 (@MarkB, @Gintoki), 5.5 (@_920608, @Remorque)

    "DARLING" was originally released in 2007 as the B-side to "FUNKY TOWN", the final single from PLAY. The song fits the retro aesthetic of the single, carrying a funky beat produced by COLDFEET, who worked with Mika Nakashima, BoA & Koda Kumi. Lyrically the song is extremely.. unique. I gather it's about getting plowed by someone who isn't really that great for you.

    Kneehigh Girl feels it's complements the A-Side, "Works well as a b-side to Funky Town. Not that exciting until we get to the chorus though. Not one of the b-sides I tend to listen to." TABOO didn't listen to it much either, "The chorus smashes. I’m shy to admit that I don’t recall listening to this much at all prior to the rate considering what a bop it is." Eliminathan doesn't mind the song, "The funky instrumental during the chorus doesn't last long enough but I have no other gripes with this song." RUNAWAY has a gripe, "god this song is fucking long. I thought it was over around the 3 minute mark, but then it still had a full 2 minutes left and I was just over it. Bye."

    EachSmallStep lives for the climax, "A chic, fun B-side. All the vocal sections and rhythms melding together at the end is satisfying." SloMover prefers it to FUNKY TOWN, "Lowkey one of my favourites from the PLAY era and I prefer it to the A-side. I just love how understated it is and how everything builds and layers as the track goes along. So slinky and sexy." Vague feels the same, "i used to hate FUNKY TOWN, so i never even bothered to listen to rest of the single before doing this rate, but i'm, like, shqqk at how good it is??!? like, why wasn't this the a-side? it's so much better!! honestly, this has such a cool, laidback vibe to it, and the production is immaculate."

    Evilsin appreciates the lyrics, "Sassy, feisty and ultimately sexy. This is the best Namie and both the music and the lyrics deliver 100% here. I love the lyrics so much, I believe at one point Namie says she wants to break the guy's back. Kinky." Otenkiame sees the appeal, "I adore this funky number with that looped guitar and the heavy drums. This is another of her sensual, seductive tracks, and I find that her vocals work super well with this sort of song. It's somewhat repetitive, but then the "badabadaba" bits get added to the final choruses to really amp up the track's appeal. Loved the live performance, too!"

    PC Music & Hyuna are shaking.​
  2. Good to have you back! But remember to go easy on yourself!
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  4. The best song on the album and y'all couldn't give it the placement it deserves.
    I don't really remember Darling, but I gave it an 8 so I must have liked it. Why did I just lose two 8s in a row ...

    Glad you're back @BEST FICTION !
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    If you're envious...
    of me right now then I'll gladly...
    change places with you right now...
    if that's the happiness that you desire...

    WHAT IF feat. VERBAL (m-flo): 7.40
    Highest Score:
    10 (@otenkiame), 9.5 (@vikeyeol)
    Lowest Score: 4 (@yuuurei), 5 (@Coming Century)

    "WHAT IF" was originally released in 2003 on WHEN POP HITS THE FAN and features frequent collaborator VERBAL. Lyrically it's all about escapism and being there for each other... Once again that's just my interpretation because it's very poetic and abstract.

    SloMover is living for that VERBAL production, "I love the production of this track, it’s so hot." As is Eliminathan, "The music kind of goes OFF." Digitalkaiser hears Kumi's early inspiration, "Love the drums/beat in this, I like how everything on this album is at a really smooth and funky pace. Verbal(m-flo) is a good addition for the feel. This one sounds a wee bit Kumi to these ears, but that’s not a bad thing!" Speaking of Kumi, evilsin adds, "The arrangements is so freaking immaculate here, wow. VERBAL is once again welcome and his verses are like a machine gun in this one. Kii at him saying to stick it where the sun don't shine though."

    TABOO has compliments for the rapping, "The introduction to this really had me feeling some type of way, and VERBAL’s flow and speed is incredible here." Maybe vague knows why the intro has TABOO feeling some type of way? "i don't know why, but the opening of this song reminds me of, like, xena warrior princess or something dd." Otenkiame has no complaints except the future, "Throw in some Eastern Asian sounds with R&B beats to make a fabulous track. Everything is on point. VERBAL will start to annoy me later in his career, but his raps are brilliant here, and Namie's vocals shine as usual. And can I get a yaaaaaaasssssss for that xylophone-like synth that pops up every other line in the chorus?"

    Cutlery appreciates the soundscape, "The flute and other traditional Eastern influences surely give some edge to this track, while sonically remaining understated and more on the quiet side." Odyism could tack the song onto a later 2003 release, "M-flo are one of my favorite acts, so I always welcome a collaboration from them or Verbal. Their contributions to Suite Chic were definitely better than, Lovin It, but they definitely weren't living up to their musical potential until later. What If, is pretty middle of the road. There are certain ticks to the beat, arrangement choices, and polyrhythms that make it stand out from the rest of the album. It could easily fit into Style right around As Good As and Come tbh."

    VERBAL anti, yuuurei, wants him to stick it where the sun don't shine, "As usual this would be much better if Verbal wasn't on it. I didn't mind it too much though until "stick it where the sun don't shine", I can't take it seriously after that." And this time they have some back up with Kneehigh Girl, "Probably the first “weak” song on the album. Still good, but a bit too on the slow side for my taste. Verbal’s rap doesn’t fit in and lowers the score some."

  6. THE TOP 50


    What’s on your mind feat. XBS
    We got time
    Uh Uh feat AI
    Just Say So feat. VERBAL


    Namie’s Style
    Put ‘Em Up
    Four Seasons
    Fish feat. VERBAL & Arkitec
    As Good As
    Shine more
    Wishing On The Same Star


    Queen of Hip-Pop
    I Wanna Show My Love
    I Love You


    Hide & Seek
    Full Moon
    It’s all about you
    Step With It
    Should I Love Him?
    Top Secret
    Violet Sauce (Spicy)
    Baby Don’t Cry
    Pink Key


    Do Me More
    Rock Steady
    Sexy Girl


    Do Or Die feat. JHETT
    Luvotomy feat. m-flo


    Did U
    The Speed Star
    White Light

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  9. Kii at both PLAY and BEST FICTION remaining unscathed.

    Low key raging at DARLING and WHAT IF being out already.
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    Just feel the real
    If this is reality, bye-bye
    Generation-like hi-fi!?
    Just feel the real

    DAMN FIGHT: 7.47
    Highest Score: 10
    (@Kneehigh Girl, @vikeyeol, @Remorque, @Gintoki, @Baco)
    Lowest Score: 5 (@MarkB, @yuuurei, @Coming Century), 6 (@ThisIsRogue, @Pinky25, @send photo, @_hazzie_)

    "DAMN FIGHT" was released in early 2003 from SUITE CHIC's album WHEN POP HITS THE FAN. The song is all about doing what you can to get the most out of life, cause life is a damn fight. In a similar vein to the album, the production is quite understated R&B with horns throughout.

    Eliminathan takes the song to heart, ""Life's a damn fight." Ain't that the tea sis..." Cutlery can see past it's flaws, "Reference your 90s hits a bit icon. The melody is kind of lackluster and there's not too much going on for the track besides Namie's presence, though I still kinda like it." Digitalkaiser found a lot to love, "Living for the title of this, heh. I live slinky and chunky r&b grooves and this one provides interest and excitement. The chorus is deceptively catchy, and I love that middle 8." TABOO needed more from the chorus, "I enjoy the verses. The chorus could certainly go off a little more because it’s a little bit of a non-event. The bridge with its guitars, comes a little left-field too."

    It's not Otenkiame's favourite, "Of course AKIRA wrote this track. He always seems to compose these off-kilter sounding tracks. Overall, it seems rather bare with just a beat and some synths, but works well enough. Can't really say it's all that special, but it definitely sticks out." EachSmallStep is quietly bopping, "Gets me swaying every time. Like how the guy sings a little higher for the bridge." It took it's time for evilsin, "This one probably took me the longest to warm up to, but I love it now. The trumpets bring a lot to this fight. I also adore the middle 8 that punches you right in the throat with that guitar."

    Vague likes one particular part of the song, "i wish the whole track was more like the bit at 2:15 or so production-wise 'cause those horns or w/e (idek what tf it is im a dumbass) get kind of grating after a while." Odyism feels the song hasn't aged well, "My other favorite song from this album. The horn and synths alone make it a memorable album track bop. Over the years it's lost some of its edge and feel a bit too FruityLoops." Kneehigh Girl gave the song a perfect score, "Love the beat! I was going back and forth between 9 and 10, but decided on a 10 in the end, because this track is just fabulous!"

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  12. Someone better help me if "Uh Uh,,,,,," gets kicked out anytime soon.
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  13. Noooooo, not Damn Fight! Well, at least it made it to 50th.
  14. Oy, Suite Chic & the extras are barely clinging on. Pretty much what's left of the two are my favorites (The Speed Star!) so I want them to last, but there are too many tracks I want to dominate.
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  15. How dare you do my 11 contender so dirty?
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  16. Am I that easy to read?

  17. But when is Ugh Ugh going to leave, though?
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  18. Hopefully next.
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