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  1. [​IMG]
    Suck it, shake it, I'm drowning
    Cross it, toss it; come inside me if you wanna

    STROBE: 7.79
    Highest Score: 10
    (@send photo, @vague, @junglefish, @Pinky25, @Baco)
    Lowest Score: 5 (@SloMover, @yuuurei), 5.5 (@MarkB)

    "STROBE" was originally released in early 2004 as the B-side to the Queen Of Hip-Pop lead single, "ALARM". Allegedly it was originally planned to be the A-side, but I haven't found any other proof of this. Would it have been a Top 10 as the A-Side? Who knows! The song was written by JUSME & produced by MONK, the same team behind the "ALARM". Namie performed the song at LIVE STYLE 2006. The song is kinda all about getting dicked down and we love that about Namie.

    Otenkiame learns all about how Haruto was conceived, "As a b-side to ALARM, it sure does go nearly as hard. This darker dance track is oozing with all kinds of sex. I mean, the lyrics get raunchy, especially during the bridge where she straight up tells the boy, "come inside me, if you wanna". Whoa, girl. I hope you're making him wear a rubber! But, yeah, super nostalgic track, though even I'll admit my love for it has faded a bit." Cutlery feels like the song is different for Namie, "Feels like a fresh new take on the poppier moments of Queen of Hip-Pop, in which Namie sings confidently and teasingly to poetic effect,"

    finds the song underrated, "Namie, you naughty girl! "Come inside me, if you wanna" I'm sorry what? Is it me or is it getting hot in here? A little overlooked gem, in all honesty. I remember I read that it was supposed to be the a-side instead of ALARM, but something came up and they changed it to ALARM. I tend to forget about this myself, but I'm surely gonna revisit this more often after the rate." TABOO shares almost the exact same sentiments, "STROBE is certainly a little risqué in its lyrical content, and that adds to its charm. Admittedly, I don’t often seek this track out, but it’s exactly what hits the spot when you wanna hear it."

    Baby vague learnt about the birds & the bees from Namie, "i was such a sheltered kid that i remember being so ~scandalized~ by the rather risque english lyrics when i was younger ddd. i know the production sounds pretty dated now, but i live for that early 2000s sound; i think this might actually be my favorite b-side from her." Kneehigh Girl would be promote this to album track, "This is also one of many b-sides from this era that completely passed me by. Again, the Live Style 2006 performance made me notice this, but I still hardly listen to it, for unknown reasons. It’s a well-made b-side. This could very well be an album track."

    Eliminathan is a bit confused, "Kind of ended on a weird note but it's a cute little bop." SloMover is not impressed, "This is messy and cheap sounding." EachSmallStep wonders what the future would look like with a STROBE single, "Reminds me of background tunes on Persona 3 & 4! I like its sultriness. Wonder if anything would’ve changed if it had ended up as the single A-side."

    Here is a scary "remix" of the song which includes a little background story on the creator's childhood mid-way through:

  2. Last result of the day as we officially CROSS OVER(TK original mix) the halfway point!

    I'll learn that important pride for me to be myself
    Sometimes I'll show weakness too, only to you, only to you

    Free: 7.93
    Highest Score: 10 (@Kneehigh Girl, @digitalkaiser, @vague, @Baco), 9.5 (@MarkB, @EachSmallStep, @SloMover)
    Lowest Score: 4 (@Pinky25, @Cutlery), 6 (@yuuurei, @lalaclairi_, @Jawshxx)

    "Free" was released through Namie's 2005 album Queen of Hip-Pop. The song has a mish mash of music styles, borrowing from Hip Hop, Pop and R&B. Lyrically it's about convincing yourself to live your life the way you want to and being... free. Inspirational, I know. The song is written by Namie, and produced by Nao'ymt, a frequent collaborator for years to come.

    SloMover enjoys the mystery, "I love how dark and ominous Free sounds." Evilsin is also the spooky vibes, "This is such an odd and cold track, which gets even odder when you realize that Namie wrote the lyrics herself. Anyway, I like this a lot, the instrumental is great." TABOO is impressed, "Amazing; I love the beat and the tone of her voice throughout this track. Very much a standout on the album." Eliminathan feels like the song doesn't go anywhere, "Another song where not much happens but it sounds good so there's that."

    It's up there on EachSmallStep's self penned list, "There’s some attitude in the delivery, yet it has a relaxed vibe. Honestly, it’s one of my top songs where she has a direct credit. Love how everything swells together after the bridge. The light vocals are harmonized so angelically at times." Kneehigh Girl will be singing this all day now, "Love the synth (I guess? My knowledge regarding musical instruments suck!). Also the chorus is too catchy for its own good! One of few album tracks that randomly get stuck in my head for no reason whatsoever. Shame she never performed it live!"

    Digitalkaiser is vibing, "What even is this? MOODy banger. Some fucking gems on this album, damn. That BEAT. This is a legitimately cool and fresh as hell Hip-Pop banger." Vague has a lot of love for it, "I have a special appreciation for this since Namie wrote the lyrics herself, and the sentiment of the song really speaks to me on a personal level. but even beyond that, there's a dark, almost brooding element to king Nao'ymt's production so that the lyrics almost come across as more of a warning not to question her freedom than a celebration of said freedom, like "yes, i'm doing what i want to now, and what of it?" i adore this."

    Otenkiame doesn't hate the song, "Any kind of time I'm free, you know because I'm free". M'kay, werk those lyrics you penned yourself. This is one of her heavier hip-pop songs with slick synths and a darker atmosphere. It stays pretty low-key for the most part, but I totally dig how hard the beat goes. It's not my favorite, but I can still bop to it." But Cutlery does, "Feels pretty reductive and derivative from other superior tracks in the album. Even so, the worst thing comes in the form of those ugly chorus vocals, delete!" And Pinky25 has some last words to add, "I don’t really like it."

  3. My 9.5 songs are leaving the rate too early!

    'Do or Die' really gets me in the mood.

    I wonder why she never perfomed 'Free' live... Maybe because it's about Sam like Did U...
  4. I feel like STROBE and Just Say So left a little too early, poor the latter being my first 10 out

    Happy with Free + Do or Die's exits

    Also White Light will truly be an Ayumi Days tea where I'm revealed as its biggest hater huh
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  5. This is a couple of song I knew wouldn't go too far, still impressed with them making it Top40.
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  6. Sis I've hated Christmas since I was like 10, nothing new here!
    I'd say I'm neutral towards love bc I've hated a lot of songs with love in the title but also stanned others in J-pop rates seaux...
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  7. As much as I love it, I'm surprised Free it lasted this long!

    I'm fine with most of the tracks still in this rate, but there is one song that just... won't… leave!!
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. On my version I believe it was the great Dian Eve Warren. Wishing on the Same Star is the type of ballad I would usually HATE! But for some reason I really enjoy this!

    Hell yes, gotta agree with you there!
  10. Scream
    Same. I was that kid pretending to be all sexed up and getting down and nasty with these songs. The reality being that I was a perfect celebrate catholic angel all through high school.
  12. Do or Die and Strobe! I knew I’d lose some of my higher rated songs soon.
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  13. This whole section was just an indifferent shrug.
  14. The last Suite Chic song remaining is the worst one? gross.
  15. @BEST FICTION you better talk to her before I do, cuz I'mma hurt her feelings.
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  16. AI's voice is one of *the* most irritating I've heard, sorry bout it!
  17. Are you insane? Guess you don't even know she sings as well as raps. Her singing voice is amazing and you will deal.
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. Say what you want about her tone and timbre, but in terms of technique AI has a lovely voice. Easily one of the better vocalists in Japan, more proficient than Namie.
    But Uh Uh, and her early rap focused days were a bit irritating. Uh Uh was actually how I first discovered her, and I would have never guessed based on that song that she can really sing.
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  20. Results will begin soon. The next 5 include a single, an 11, a song with a music video, one highly discussed song and one of my all time favourite Namie songs. Take a stab at guessing!
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