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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BEST FICTION, May 1, 2018.

  1. Just went through my first listen of WHEN and whew it's so solid
  2. What's that? When Hate Evaporates Naysayers? I don't know.
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  4. We're one week into voting now. I don't mind last minute voters, but I really don't want another extension, so please accelerate!
  5. The cross promo on this forrem is so next level.
  6. I'm working on comparing some songs, with similar scores, to each other to determine if they are equally good or if one should have a higher/lower score. Hopefully, I'll be done this week.

    I can't work fast, because life.
  7. I'm definitely doing this!
  8. Damn, shame I wasn't a member during the TK part as I wasn't a member aha.

    I'll try and get around to this, If I don't remind me!

    This is probably my least favourite era though...
  9. ^ I gave you a like for joining us, but
  10. It's just never done anything for me, lol.

    It took me *the* longest time to get into Play (although I'm glad that's happened) but Suite Chic-Queen of Hip Pop does nothing for me except for like 5 or so songs I really love. I lowkey find this era extremely overrated and one of my album scores will reflect that hihi.

    That being said, the 5 Best Fiction songs listed make for an EP that's easily the peak of her career.
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  11. [​IMG]
  12. I'm unemployed lemme make a fun lil day out of this now!
  13. I've been meaning to get to do this but I'm still @ WPHTF
  14. Hi hello I'm here! I will be doing this for sure! (Concurrently with the Spice Girls rate.) Thanks very much for the dropbox links again, otherwise I'd be screwed. I'm going to try to submit a bit closer to the deadline than I usually do though so I don't have to change my damn scores since I apparently have a problem with that.

    Looking at the tracklist, WPHTF is probably going to be my lowest average by far so you can all start readying the arrows now. I haven't heard the songs on Checkmate aside from Luvotomy (which I really like surprisingly) though so who knows! I can't wait to listen to PLAY again though, there were a few months back then when I literally didn't listen to anything but that album.
  15. I'm hoping I'll be done by the end of next week, at the latest.
  16. Yeah, controversially, Queen of Hip Pop is not one of my favourites and whilst I do enjoy enough the songs on Play, I found I've never loved the album as much as everyone else.
  17. @BEST FICTION, the links for 'Drive' and 'exist for you' are the same - not a big deal, just letting you know
  18. I’ll have to fix that when I’m at home, sorry for that!
  19. Fixed the link! Only a bit over 2 weeks left. I'll start tagging people soon if they haven't posted here yet.
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