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  1. Oh Rock Steady deserves better.

    I wanted another 60 70 80s concept before she retired but alas.....RIP that idea
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  2. I thought Rock Steady would go much sooner, as in before New Look. Happy it made it this far!
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  3. [​IMG]
    Love and romance and stuff, oh no, I purposely avoided them
    Getting manipulated, getting carried away, and then just repeating it

    SO CRAZY: 8.85
    Highest Score: 10
    (@Kneehigh Girl, @RUNAWAY, @TABOO, @otenkiame, @evilsin, @vague, @junglefish, @Remorque, @Weslicious, @aaronhansome, @Cutlery, @Gintoki, @Jawshxx, @Baco)
    Lowest Score: 6 (@odyism, @Pinky25), 7 (@yuuurei, @Coming Century, @Love Deluxe)

    "SO CRAZY" was released as the fourth & final single from the 2003 album STYLE. It was released as a double A-side single with "Come". Originally the single was intended as a triple A-side release of SO CRAZY, Come & Four Seasons but it was changed for unknown reasons. The song was written by Full Force & Jennifer "JJ" Johnson, and there is actually the original demo from Jennifer somewhere. Lyrically the song is about falling in love after purposely avoiding love. This is the exact opposite of the original demo, which is called "Behind My Back" and features the lyrics "behind my back, boy you were cheating."

    The single debut at #8 on the Oricon Weekly Charts & sold 48,969 in it's 12 week run. It managed to outsell the previous single "Put Em Up" despite peaking lower on the Weekly Charts. Snippets of the music video premiered on morning shows on October 3, 2003, with the full video following on the 5th. The song was used to promote mandom LUCIDO-L HAIR COLOR. It was included on BEST FICTION and later re-recorded on Finally.

    Otenkiame loves this run of singles, "Some disco-inspired dance R&B from the Queen. She was really on a role with her singles back in 2003 - This track is just flat out fire with its delivery and dance sound. It gets romantic, and then straight up nasty when Namie gives that amazing rap verse. I honestly couldn't believe it was her at first. Instant classic." RUNAWAY has their own playlist, "love love love this one. I use this one with Kumi’s Without your love right after it, and I love how they sound together. One of my favorite singles of hers from this period in her career."

    It was love at second sight for Kneehigh Girl, "This was the second of Namie’s songs that I listened to. I decided to give her one more try after Wishing on the Same Star (I was definitely not a ballad-person in 2003) and I’m glad I did! Love this song so much! Also the Mad Bear Mix is mad!" Vague calls it perfection, "i think i mentioned in the first part of the rate that LOVE 2000 was the first Namie song i ever heard. well, this was the song that really kicked my stanning into high gear. i have such vivid memories of sitting at my family's desktop computer in the kitchen listening to this over and over while on, trying my best to do that lil rap bit, and being so proud of myself when i FINALLY got it right dddd. i don't think i'll ever get sick of listening to this; it's perfect."

    Evilsin is rapping along, "I remember people used to compare Namie to JLo all the time and this is probably the closest it got music wise. I can totally hear Jennifer over this slice of perfect beats, blips and synths. I... have a cover version of this recorded, because I love the song that have a lot of words sang very quickly and this one here has just that. The middle 8 and the rap afterwards are the career highlights. The lyrics in the rap are something else as well." Digitalkaiser might be inspired too, "I love her speak singing in this so much, queen of fast paced rolling r&b beats." Eliminathan is dancing with himself, "The "crazy for your love" backing vocal part slays me every time. Iconic video where she parties with herself it's so relatable." Lalaclairi_ is also a fan of the video, "One of my favorite Namie videos! And you've gotta appreciate her rapping."

    Cutlery basically implies she's the queen of rap, "I love this song slightly more than its predecessor, because sonically it explores a lot more of what there is to R&B, and homegirl nails it like the chameleon, genre-hopping legend she is! Obviously the best bit is when she awkwardly yet seductively adlibs “ooOoOoh me so horny” during THAT rap bridge. She snapped, Onika found dead, etc" SloMover can't deny this bop, "Another one of Namie’s earlier RnB attempts that sound a little dated these days but this is still the bop. Namie’s rap verse is ICONIC."

    Pinky25 isn't feeling it, "I’ve never liked this one that much." Odyism has some problems with the song, "Style is a strange album because its a still a transitional era, so Namie is still rediscovering her voice. At the worst end you have...the opening adlibs of So Crazy. I dogged Namie about the intro back in 2003, and I still stand by it. The keys are fun...but what was so crazy to me was how this of the major promotional singles of the era. Like it's a memorable bop, but still.....not great."

    EachSmallStep is challenging you to a dance off, "To say I was OBSESSED with this when I first discovered her is an understatement. I’d dance battle with it if I wasn’t so stiff. The rap and some adlibbing on the Finally version is smoother, but I still appreciate the original." TABOO is happy it was included on Finally too, "One of my all-time Namie favourites, and what a banger it is! The rhythm blends perfectly from one section into the next, with the song continuing to grow right up until its climax. My personal highlight is definitely the rap during the bridge. As an aside, I am so thankful that she gave this track its well-deserved place on Finally."

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  4. The pain... it hurts so much. Ugh. The only cure at this point is my 11 winning. Speaking of, when I decided to give this particular song my 11, I was sure it would be a winner, still looking at some of your lashing out even at Namie's very best songs... I'm freaking scared now, man.
  5. The final song to miss out on the Top 10....

    It got so close...

    It's the sharpest thing in the world
    You can't deceive a woman's intuition

    Put 'Em Up: 8.99
    Highest Score: 10
    (@Osiris, @MarkB, @Kneehigh Girl, @TABOO, @otenkiame, @evilsin, @vague, @junglefish, @Remorque, @Weslicious, @EachSmallStep, @aaronhansome, @Cutlery, @Gintoki, @Jawshxx, @Baco)
    Lowest Score: 6 (@odyism), 7 (@Coming Century, @vikeyeol, @ThisIsRogue)

    "Put 'Em Up" was released as the 3rd single from Namie's sixth album, STYLE, in 2003. The single was originally announced to be released in 2000, presumably as a single from the break the rules album, but was cancelled with little to no information why. It was later mentioned again in the lead up to Namie's second greatest hits, LOVE ENHANCED ♥ single collection, where it was announced as part of the tracklisting with "say the word" & "I WILL". This version also had a featuring credit for TLC member Chilli, who was ultimately removed on the final release.

    After it's official release in 2003, Namie explained that the reason for it's delay was because of the "harsh" lyrics and style, which she felt clashed with her image as a pop star in the early 2000s. It was only through her SUITE CHIC project that she was able to cultivate the audience & image she felt matched the song. She also added that she was unhappy with the original lyrics and ask Michico to rewrite them, which helped her when deciding if she'd want to release it or not.

    The single's release proved risky as it debut at #7 on the Oricon Weekly Charts, only selling 41,149 copies in it's 6 week chart run. It would remain her worst selling single until a decade later with the release of "Big Boys Cry/Beautiful". The video was nominated for "Best Your Choice" and "Best R&B Video" award at the Space Shower Music Video Awards, but lost both categories. It was also nominated for "Best R&B Video" and "Best buzzASIA from Japan" at the MTV Japan Video Music Awards, which Namie won both of.

    Osiris is hoping for a miracle, "Rnb Namie at her best. She sounds so badass. I'd love to hear the version with Chilli." Evilsin has the wrong TLC member though, "OBSESSION! Total corporal possession! You just can't listen to this once, it's like a black hole that sucks you in and doesn't let go. The first time I heard this I just new that I need to learn the lyrics and master the fast delivery. I think I've managed to do so to some extend, still fall short in some places from time to time though. A perfection of an urban Namie. Just the thought of her sitting on this for years until it's perfect sends chills down my spine. God bless michico for finally coming up with the perfect flow for the lyrics. Sad that we never got to hear the version with TLC's Lisa Lopez verse." As does Vague, "one of her best; an absolute top-tier banger. i'm still pressed we never got the version with T-Boz... i imagine that would've been an iconic mess." dddddd y'all

    Pinky25 hears the SUITE CHIC in this, "It’s like Uh uh so it’s good!" TABOO might've got the song into the Top 10, "Oh wow… She did this! The song is absolutely relentless, pulling no punches right from the get-go. The verses are an actual assault in their speed, and Namie sounds so damn good delivering them. Our bilingual queen trades Japanese and English during the onslaught of that fantastic pre-chorus. I don’t even need to go into detail about how fantastic that chorus is; ya’ll already know. This was a strong contender for my 11." EachSmallStep loves a call out anthem, "Addicting flow and perfect lower tone. You call that boy out! Shamelessly some of my favorite lyrics of the album." Eliminathan is bopping, "The fast tempo chorus is kind of a bop."

    Cutlery is going to need practice some kegels, "Bussy-destroying BOP. The independent attitude and oozing confidence Namie began showing in the opener just won't let up in this excellent single, as she decides to get revenge on the man that's played her for a long time. The best thing is she captures those independent, confident feelings in one super catchy hook." Otenkiame is feeling pumped, "Namie aggressively calling out her man for cheating? OMG, yes. Another of her early hip-hop tracks that absolutely entranced me and made me a full on stan. It's so in-your-face and completely opposite of what'd you expect from a Japanese diva. The way she rapidly spits out her lyrics with an ice cold attitude. That heavy beat and all the electronics! An absolute beast of a song!"

    Kneehigh Girl is gonna get practicing, "This was instant love back in the day. There’s not much else to say, other than that I adore the choreography (primarily the one from So Crazy tour) and I should really get around to re-learning it." Digitalkaiser is getting a history lesson, "I’ve liked this since I heard it on Best Fiction, that intro always gets me all sorts of pumped! (dddd) Style is before the technical time I checked in with Namie, I didn’t really start getting into her until Play and Best Fiction and have had to work my way back a bitsy through the years."

    RUNAWAY has heard better, "I can see why this was her first “flop” single. I really liked it, but it’s definitely not one of my favorites of hers." Yuuurei enjoys the song despite it's flaws, "This is really great for the first 3 minutes-ish but then it gets really repetitive. I wish there'd been one more verse or a variant chorus or something to break up the last minute of the song. Still, I've always really liked it." Odyism is harsher, "This was another one of the first Namie songs I ever heard. So sometimes I get sad that it gets the SHAFT in her final era. But relistening it's nothing to write home about. It's typical Dallas Austin, and it has that faux-gangster-devoid of cultural roots-vibe that just makes me roll my eyes."

    And SloMover has a message for all the other J-Pop girls,


    And for some strange reason, this is the only STYLE video that isn't on her channel...

    [Facebook PV link]
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  6. THE TOP 10

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  7. Hm, let me see what I have left:

    10 x4
    7 x2

  8. I'm actually surprised Come, Full Moon, Top Secret and Do Me More made it into the top 10. All good songs, but I never thought of them as Top 10 material (except for maybe Do Me More).
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  9. My 11 might win!
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  10. This is a fucking travesty! Put 'Em Up not only should be Top10, it should be Top5! Of course I love the remaining songs, but Full Moon and Top Secret, even though there are 10s of mine, shouldn't be in Top10.

    Kii at us getting the wrong members of TLC. I swear I remember people saying it was supposed to be Lisa, so I didn't even bother to double check.
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  11. You're a damn mess!
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  12. Me too. I thought for sure it was Lisa and that the duet didn't happen because of her death.
  13. I honestly consider that 1 an absolute career lowlight, so.

    Glad most of my high scores made it though!
  14. I'm actually surprised these are among the more beloved tracks too, I don't see the appeal over other songs like Step With It or CAN'T SLEEP, sad

    11(x1), 10(x6), 9(x1), 8(x2)
  15. Seeing a few of you calling for Full Moon makes me even happier it's come this far. It would be a really amazing top 10 if not for the wrong Queen of Hip-Pop songs making it. Still really good though.

    I've got my 11, three 10's, three 9's, an 8, a 6 and a 5 left.
  16. What I have left:

    10 x 8

    Kii. Hope that 8,5 doesn't win even though it is a great song.
  17. That Top 10 is fucking iconic.
  18. Coming out of hibernation to find I have:

    11 x 1
    10 x 8
    9.5 x 1

    So simultaneously "Yay!" and "Oh god, this is going to be painful."

    Though despite this, my second choice for 11 only just scraped top 20.
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  19. Put em Up! Noo how could you..

    Full Moon and Top Secret really should go now. With Alarm following in 8th place

    My Top 5 would be (in no particular order)

    Baby Don’t Cry
    Hide and Seek
    Do Me More
    What a Feeling
  20. 11 x1
    10 x6
    9.5 x2
    9x 1

    The taste definitely jumped out! I’ve only participated in a few rates so far, but this one has me on the edge of my seat.

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