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  1. Replace Baby Don't Cry with Full Moon and it would be perfect.
  2. So to welcome us to the Top 10, we will do 4 eliminations today, 3 tomorrow and the Top 3 on the last day.....

    Are we ready?

    I can get everything I need myself
    It's all in my hand, top of the world

    Top Secret: 9.01
    Highest Score: 10
    (@Osiris, @MarkB, @Kneehigh Girl, @TABOO, @otenkiame, @evilsin, @junglefish, @vikeyeol, @ThisIsRogue, @aaronhansome, @SloMover, @Baco)
    Lowest Score: 7.5 (@Coming Century, @digitalkaiser, @Remorque, @Jawshxx)

    "Top Secret" was originally released on Namie's eighth album, PLAY, in 2007. The song premiered a month before the album's release as the theme song for the second season of Prison Break in Japan. It was produced & written by Nao'ymt, as was half of the PLAY album. Lyrically the song is all about knowing all the tricks of the man trying woo you and letting him know what he's gotta do to get in your pants.

    Kneehigh Girl can predict the oncoming slayage, "After the first 5 seconds, you know this song is going to be great!" Namie's sexiness has Otenkiame in a daze, "So all that whispering Nao'ymt had Namie do in her songs? Talk about sexy. Namie is in complete charge in this song: She calls out this dude for trying to be different from other guys, but failing at it. And boy does she sound sexy. The track is just so hip-hop, hot, sexy, sensual, whatever you wanna call it. The whispering and rapid-fire delivery, though!" Nao'ymt stan, vague, has praises to sing, "Nao'ymt is such a gotdamn genius!!! the backing track is so fuckin' great. i love those little vocodered bits, and the whispered bits, the ad-libs... god, the whole thing is really, really good."

    This is a natural evolution according to Cutlery, "The slight Middle Eastern vibes from the instrumental make this a spiritual successor of sorts to WANT ME." Osiris is singing along, "Epic album track. The long scream at the beginning of the chorus always gets me: aaaaaaaaah top secret top secret..." TABOO calls it a standout, "Incredible! Given the theme of secrets, Namie showcases some whispers - just as she does in Hide & Seek - and goddamn, does she kill it. This entire track is quintessential PLAY in its raw energy, bombastic chorus, and stimulating verses. Definitely a standout!"

    Evilsin will take Namie up on her offer, "Namie can taste me anytime she wants, not just tonight. This was praised to heaven and back at the time of the release, but with me it had to sit for awhile until I finally arrived at the understanding of the track that culminated in a perfect score. I have to give dues where they due - I do want to hear this in some Bondiana inspired flick. Oh wait, it was used for the Japanese release of Prison Break, of course. The thumping beat and the eerie bridge are so atmospheric here, once again the genius of Nao'ymt is showing. The long ass chorus is a kii." Eliminathan believes it's long too, "It gets a bit repetitive and tedious at points but the song itself is still good."

    EachSmallStep feels that it pops off live, "A nice darker tone to the rest of the album. Absolutely comes to life live. The whispering gives chills and there’s great use of her signature quick singing." SloMover agrees, "This goes so hard. The BEST FICTION tour performance with the horizontal beam/pole thing and Namie and her dancers dipping and ducking around the pole got me so shook and wigless when I first saw it.

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  3. Full Moon beating Top Secret is kind of surprising, but then again, this entire rate has been full of surprises.
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  4. [​IMG]
    Let me see ya, entwined with our bodies twenty-four hours a day in bed
    The lovely bonds carved into my skin keep me strong again

    ALARM: 9.03
    Highest Score: 11 (@Osiris)
    , 10 (@BEST FICTION, @MarkB, @Kneehigh Girl, @lalaclairi_, @otenkiame, @evilsin, @vague, @_920608, @junglefish, @Remorque, @ThisIsRogue, @aaronhansome, @EachSmallStep, @Cutlery, @Baco)
    Lowest Score: 6 (@yuuurei, @Coming Century), 7.5 (@odyism, @digitalkaiser)

    "ALARM" was released in 2004 as the first single from Namie's seventh album, Queen of Hip-Pop. The B-side, "STROBE", was originally considered to be released as the A-side of the single. Allegedly the song was originally titled "CLOCK" when it was offered to Namie. The song was used to promote Lucido Prism Hair Magic Color.

    "ALARM" debut and peaked at #11 on the Oricon Weekly Charts, with sales of 21,049. This was Namie's first single since 1994's "PARADISE TRAIN" to miss the Top 10 of the Oricon Weekly Charts. The song actually sold more than her previous single "SO CRAZY/Come", but was released in a busier week. After the news of Namie's retirement was announced, the song re-entered the Top 200 on the Oricon Weekly Charts for 3 weeks. The response prompted a campaign to get the song to re-peak in the Top 10, and the single was re-released. Sadly it only managed to reach #14 on the Weekly Charts with 6,808 copies sold. It would sell 57,998 in it's entire 15 week chart run.

    Kneehigh Girl is still in disbelief, "There’s nothing less to give this song. Flawless and catchy. Hard to believe this never made it to Oricon’s weekly top 10!" Lalaclairi_ need not be surprised, "I'd be surprised if Alarm didn't place high. One of Namie's greatest!" Evilsin has goosebumps, "Another bop that fell victim to my singing. It's amazing that the same people that gave us Four Seasons made this. Such a rush from start to finish! The electric current that follows the song is... electrifying and gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to this." Otenkiame can't get ALARM out of their head, "That synthesized bass opening? Yeah, I hum that to myself to this day randomly at least once a week if not more. Like most of her edgier dance tracks during this era, I LIVED for this. Seriously, this was on loop for months after its release. I love everything about the cool and indifferent attitude Namie brings, as well as those nonsensical lyrics. "KICK ME HARDER, KICK MY BOOTY"!!!"

    SloMover snapped, "What caused Namie to snap so hard for this album? Alarm pops off hard." Vague has some big compliments for this song, "oh, man, this song is so relentlessly amazing, just hook after hook from start to finish. one of her best singles, for sure." TABOO oughta restart the campaign to get ALARM in the Top 10, "This is such an underrated gem; it’s disappointing that it remains her only single that never managed to reach the Top 10 on the Oricon Charts. The hooks are not only fun but also incredibly catchy, the production is stellar, and she sounds great throughout." Cutlery enjoys a bit of rough play, "Oooh yes, give me those intriguing synths and jamming guitar a bit queen. Obviously the chorus is iconic af and we stan a BDSM legend enjoying getting her ass kicked." EachSmallStep is happy that Namie whips this out on tour, "Definitely deserved the A-side title. Oozes a brazen attitude that compliments the hard-hitting beats well. I’m glad she’s performed this often as the dance takes it up a notch!"

    Digitalkaiser isn't completely sold, "On the other side of the spectrum, we have a sound that Namie has done better elsewhere, but still bops in context here. I’ve never been a super fan of this, for whatever reason?" Yuuurei isn't into foot play, "Another one I used to love but tbh she has better bops with this sort of sound and "kick me harder, kick my booty" are unsettling lyrics to hear repeatedly lmao. I do like the "lai-la-lai-lai"s though." Maybe it was too ahead of it's time for eliminathan, "That second last line in the chorus....girl, are you alright sis?"

    Osiris demanded justice, and ALARM managed a Top 10 somewhere, "My 11, like its chart position. Such a pop injustice. This song should have been #1 for weeks and should be the national anthem of Japan. I've been obsessed with this song for so long. Badass track like Put'em Up."

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  5. A BOP
    Hopefully Come outlasts WANT ME but that's just bc I want STYLE to prevail (both are incredible singles even so)
  6. Nice one, @Osiris! So sad that the campaign fell through, oh well, at least I'm one of those 6,808 people who took part in it.
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  7. Also all 10 songs in Top10 being 9+ average is fitting.
  8. [​IMG]
    If you want to get trapped
    in a warm, sweet trap
    burn it up, turn it up, whisper in my ear

    Violet Sauce (Spicy): 9.19
    Highest Score: 10
    (@MarkB, @send photo, @Kneehigh Girl, @RUNAWAY, @yuuurei, @lalaclairi_, @TABOO, @otenkiame, @Love Deluxe, @evilsin, @vague, @vikeyeol, @ThisIsRogue, @Weslicious, @Pinky25, @aaronhansome, @EachSmallStep, @Cutlery, @Gintoki)
    Lowest Score: 6.5 (@Remorque), 7 (@Coming Century, @soratami)

    "Violet Sauce" was released in 2005 as the lead single from Namie's eighth album, PLAY. It was bundled with "White Light" as a double A-Side single, but was the only one of the two to be put on the album. The song was changed for the 2007 album release, adding guitars and turning it into a more rock song named "Violet Sauce (Spicy)". The original is more R&B/hip-hop focused and features Sin City director, Robert Rodriguez, saying "Welcome to Sin City" before the final part of the song. This was due to the song being used as the theme song for the Japanese release of Sin City. A remix titled "Violet Sauce [Anotha Recipe]" is also featured on the single release and takes the song into a more hip-hop direction, with Namie whispering the verses over singing.

    No music video was made for the song, but a live performance from BEST tour "Live Style 2006" was used on music channels to promote the DVD release. The song debut at #7 on the Oricon Weekly Charts, selling 31,325 copies in it's first week of release. It would sell 72,652 copies in it's 9 week chart run, a figure which broke her 3 single streak of 100,000 sales with the Queen of Hip-Pop singles run.

    EachSmallStep loves the Spicy mix, "The update did wonders for this song! Really pops now with the guitar riffs and new low/whisper harmonies. There’s a lot of beats packed here that play well off each other." TABOO agrees, "What a damn showstopper this is! Out of all the variations of this song, Spicy is the one ya’ll." SloMover also has a clear preference, "I prefer the Spicy version because it goes harder than the single version. A great track." Cutlery would also prefers a lil more spice in their cooking, "I've always thought the single version was pretty good, but the album take is even better! It extracts the fabulous dramatic rock essence from the original and maximizes its sound to leave me stanning the hell out of it."

    Vague loves both versions but still needs some spice, "i love the original mix of this track, but it honestly sounds so dull and lifeless in comparison to the Spicy mix. this is by far the best version of an already flawless track; it just sounds dangerous and effortlessly fucking cool. a classic." Otenkiame is in love with the vocal production, "This was one hot and sensual track at release, but then the rockier edge given to it actually made it even hotter. And how genius was it to have her whisper underneath her singing? Layering for days. Amazing, amazing, amazing. And it doesn't even end there: The layering of the choruses is genius, as well. I am dripping in her spicy sauce." RUNAWAY can't argue with a bop, "this is a stone cold bop, even after all these years. SO GOOD."

    Kneehigh Girl's sauce might be a tad bitter, "Now, I prefer the single version to the album version, but giving this less than a 10, regardless of version, would be a crime! So happy it got put on an album, unlike certain other fantastic songs… <.<" Yuuurei chose the superior version, "Wow, I need a minute. Okay, so, I've only ever heard this rock-ish album version, not the single version, so I can only comment on that. Anyway, this is obviously very hot and spicy. I really like the opening guitar notes, and the effect on her voice during the verses, and everything tbh." Digitalkaiser has some qualms with the song, "I like the rock direction of this, however it sticks out just a tad next to everything else. It’s always been a bit of a take it or leave it situation for me. That being said, I’m always a sucker for guitars and that last 2 minutes or so is really channelling Ayumi and it’s ticking my boxes."

    Eliminathan needs to try some violet sauce, "This sauce that she's trying to sell sounds a bit horrendous sorry sis but that is not the correct colour for a condiment. Oh at all." Evilsin has love for every version, "This, along with White Light and Body Feels EXIT were officially the first 3 songs I purposefully sought out and thus my journey through the amazing world of Namie began. You wanna hear something truly bizzare? Listen to the Another Recipe version of this and feel the astonishment come over you. Leaving only the whispering backing vocals for the verses and reducing the instrumental to a couple of Timbaland clanks and beats is downright bonkers, but it fucking works! Nao'ymt, good sir, my hat's off to you. The thing with this particular song is that all 3 version are fucking spectacular. I can't get enough of every single syllable uttered here, because somehow Nao and Namie managed to make every single one so freaking memorable! Of course a horrible cover version by me exists."

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  9. I'm in shock that Full Moon is still in! Would be truly bizarre if it wins.
  10. Our last result for today, before we see the last songs to miss out on the Top 3 tomorrow.

    Somehow I'm uneasy at 1am
    It's awfully quiet and my mind freezes
    I can't solve the seven wonders by turning the pages
    The second hand goes tick-tack, tick-tack; I can't sleep

    Full Moon: 9.21
    Highest Score: 10
    (@Osiris, @send photo, @yuuurei, @Coming Century, @otenkiame, @evilsin, @junglefish, @vikeyeol, @ThisIsRogue, @Pinky25, @aaronhansome, @EachSmallStep, @_hazzie_, @soratami, @Baco)
    Lowest Score: 7.5 (@eliminathan, @Remorque, @_920608, @mi|kshake)

    "Full Moon" was released in 2007 on Namie's eighth album, PLAY. As you'd expect, the song was written & produced by Nao'ymt. Lyrically the song is following a fairytale of some sort of full moon party that Namie wishes to attend to take over your heart? It might be a lot of metaphors and riddles, but I think that's the jist of it. Production-wise there are a lot of video game-esque blips and synths, which pop off in dance break. There are kick snares and hi-hats aplenty in the post-chorus, which completely transforms the song.

    Cutlery feels it's all very well done, "The use of quieter moments between chorus/verse fit the track just fine, and the whole theme of Namie as a werewolf is nailed alright without having to resort to tackiness at all." SloMover believes it was aptly named, "This bops so hard. The track really lives up to name in that it sounds dark, broody and mysterious all thing synonymous with a full moon." EachSmallStep gets down on sight, "Ethereal, sensual excellence. Love when her airy, mysterious vocals come out. Can get down to it anytime."

    Digitalkaiser notes it's special structure, "Spooky ooky, a dark romp in the dead of night. This song has a unique progression! It’s not my favorite on PLAY, but I still bop." Osiris howls praises, "Probably her best album track. Mysterious, sexy and edgy. The 'somebody' part always make me want to dance." Otenkiame is eargasming, "Then there's this dark and trippy track. Those eerie synths make this song what it is, while the slower beat adds to the mysterious flavour. The chorus is pure eargasm with the ending section really pumping up the energy. It also makes for one hell of a live performance, especially that instrumental break!"

    Evilsin is freaked out, in a good way, "That's not just the weirdest one on the album that's one of the weirdest in her whole discography. I don't know what Nao'ymt was smoking while creating this, but I'm so glad that he did. The sinister horror movie vibe is superb and chilling, the stone cold delivery is ace and the way the beat picks up during the chorus make me wanna dip it low right here and right now. I wish this had some more imaginative middle 8 apart from those sighs though." Vague is too, "the male moaning in the background is kind of creepy... actually, the whole thing has a very creepy/sinister vibe, which i dig."

    TABOO has no complaints, "What a banger this is! Full Moon doesn’t have a single moment where it falters. Clocking in at four minutes, this track is unrelenting. The post-chorus is my personal highlight." Eliminathan can't wrap their head around it, "Conflicted because this song sounds alright but half of it is so bizarre." Maybe it will grow on them like it did on Kneehigh Girl, "I have to admit that this was a grower. Loving the hell out of it now, especially the chorus! Party, party, party, party!" Yuuurei is feeling the imagery, Namie took them there, "I love this sooo much. It's quirky, catchy and slightly otherworldly, with the imagery of a crazy midnight party under the full moon. (Wait, is this Momusu's Moonlight night?)"

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  11. YOUR TOP 6


    Each one of these songs have multiple 11s.
    In fact, these songs combined have a total of TWENTY-EIGHT 11s, meaning 82% of 11s handed out in this rate were awarded to these 6 songs alone.​
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  12. Full Moon bulldozing its way into Top7 is honestly iconic.
    Say what now? We, my doods, got taste.
  13. Amazing Top 6! Almost every track left would make a satisfying winner for me
  14. I want to say I can't believe interesting and amazing songs like Full Moon and Violet Sauce are out before the rather corny and unsubtle Want Me, Want Me, but really, of course it's like this. Y'all are nothing if not predictable. Other than that I'm pretty fine with this top 6 though.
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  15. You meant ground-breaking and suave, of course, right?
  16. The top 6 is really good bar one song.
  17. Why do I think that 1 of yours is for WANT ME, WANT ME and you're just being prudish over it?
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  18. Hm, wait and see..

    Whatever it is, it's tied with something else from part 3 as my least favourite song of hers of all time.
  19. I'm sad Put'Em Up didn't make the top 10... At least ALARM finally made it! I knew it wouldn't win but I was still hoping for the top 5.

    What A Feeling for the win!
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  20. I love the track but COME does not deserve to outlast what’s left.
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