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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BEST FICTION, May 1, 2018.

  1. I go away for a few days and miss so much! Thoughts:

    I'm still pissed that Speed Star wasn't included on Queen of Hip Pop

    No going out is a shocker!

    Four Seasons is one of THE Namie songs and it should have been Top 5.

    What A Feeling or Come for the win!
  2. I hope we see a What a Feeling v. Come v. Bqby Don't Cry finale, now that'd be iconic
  3. Come is totally going to be top 3, which is amazing but could only happen with foreign fans. Japanese fans probably don’t even know what that song is unfortunately.
  4. I'm kinda shook that PLAY took such a hit with these 4 eliminations. I'd probably prefer any of these 4 songs to still be in over a couple of the songs left in the top 6, namely Come and Do Me More.
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  5. Come is an amazing song, wtf you guys.
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  6. No denying that, still comparing to others in Top6, it has little chance of winning, but I'm ready to be surprised again by this rate.
  7. Hey girls, today has been a longggggggggg day. I just got home not long ago and it's 11pm. Normally I'd stay up late to get the results out, but I've gotta sleep a bit earlier today. BUT I didn't wanna leave y'all out in the cold with nothing so we're eliminating #6 today.

    The last song to miss the Top 5...

    Our first elimination with multiple 11s...



    You've been eyeing it since a while ago
    You wanna know what's in the box?

    Do Me More: 9.41
    Highest Score: 11 (@MarkB, @Coming Century, @Weslicious)
    , 10 (@BEST FICTION, @send photo, @Kneehigh Girl, @lalaclairi_, @TABOO, @vague, @junglefish, @Remorque, @Pinky25, @EachSmallStep, @SloMover, @Jawshxx, @Baco)
    Lowest Score: 7 (@odyism), 8 (@mi|kshake, @_hazzie_)

    "Do More More" was released as a digital download on July 12, 2007, 3 weeks before the release of BEST FICTION. The song served as a promo single for the greatest hits collection, receiving a music video and a tie-in commercial for Vidal Sassoon. The commercial features Namie in a lavish nightclub playing a showgirl. The music video is inspired by Alice In Wonderland, a theme which continued to the BEST FICTION TOUR 2008-2009. Lyrically the song is filled with flirtatious innuendo & suggestive offers, it's pretty much another song about getting pipe. Musically the song has pop elements married with dance synths, with the style changing during the verses to the chorus. The mood peaks at the bridge when the song simmers down to a moody, intense rap moment.

    It's been a decade of hits for SloMover, "Oh gosh I remember when this dropped and how absolutely blown away I was by this. Ten (TEN?!?!?!!) years later and this still has me shook." Vague is also feeling the time fly by, "that demented intro always fucks me up, i'm like "what the fuck is this??" until the song properly gets going ddd. that aside, this song is incredible; it still sounds as fresh to me today as it did when it first came out 10+ years ago... christ, i feel old all of a sudden dd." The intro got Cutlery shook too, "Cartoonish intro leads to a sharp electropop number with hints of EDM, Hip-Hop and a couple other genres. It is fierce, attractive and full of attitude." Lalaclairi_ also loves the creepy intro, "The creepiness of the intro sets the tone for this masterpiece perfectly."

    Kneehigh Girl feels that the studio version has yet to be outdone live, "I can’t give this anything else. I love this song so much! It’s perfection from beginning to end. Shame none of the live performances matched the song itself." Yuuurei is still bopping, "A decade later this still, as the kids say, slaps. I hope I'm using that right. Anyway, a phenomenal track." Digitalkaiser fires shot, "Very ooky and kooky. I think I loved this song much more when it came out but Hilary Duff’s ‘Reach out’ and Gwen Stefani’s “What you waiting for?” videos are shook. When will Alice?" Evilsin feels that too much is going on, "This is good, but I'm not gonna lie, I have always found it a bit bloated. Still it might be regarded as a pro, considering it's basically a title track for the best. I do like how whimsical it sounds though and the middle 8 is a clear highlight."

    Where has Pinky25 been, "I’ve never heard this before! It’s very Redone09. If I had more time with it it could’ve been an 11." EachSmallStep is ready for the BEST FICTION ride, "I remember being stunned at the visual choices of this MV. Killer track that beckons you onto the ride that is BEST FICTION." Otenkiame hasn't stopped thinking about that commercial, "Fantasy or sex? I feel like she's mixing both, and I love it. As a title track, it definitely serves the whole fiction asthetic, giving some carnival/circus realness right from the get-go. Honestly, circuses terrify me, but this is Namie serving us showgirl as she werks that chair. Yeah, that CM was life defining. Talk about a complete legend. Stellar middle-eight, by the way."

    TABOO almost gave this song their 11, "This was the runner-up to my 11. There is something so unique about Do Me More in that it is quintessential Namie; no one else could replicate or reproduce something quite like this in the same way that she does. Her command on the song is completed with such a sense of regality, shown not only through her delivery, but front and centre in the song’s corresponding PV. Do Me More is such a crowning moment, not only on BEST FICTION, but within her entire career. And to pull it off so spectacularly? Only Namie could." Eliminathan keeps it short and sweet, "A thot bop!"

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  8. YAY! Now only my 10s and an 11 remain. I'm... utterly bewildered by the coming results.

    And dddd at those dancing unicorns in the PV.
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  9. Oh, unfortunate.

    Come for the win now I guess.
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  10. The vaporwaveish bit around the 2 min mark tho, she was really out there doing that before that even existed

    Now the top 5 is perfect for me!
  11. I'm sorry but 'Do Me More' doesn't deserve to be in the top 5.

    'Come' needs to go next. It's a good song but not the best.
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  12. Want Me Want Me, What a Feeling, and Baby Don't Cry all had my 11 at one point. So I'm all for this top 5.
    Hide & Seek is a great Namie track too.
    Come is one of my favorites from Style, but I expected it to be closer to 25 to 10 ranking.
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  13. I had never heard Do More or Luvotomy until this rate. They are both incredible.
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  14. Shit, how did I forget Baby Don't Cry was in there too? Stan card revoked!

    Right decision with Do Me More, it doesn't deserve to be in the Top 10, let alone Top 5. I do enjoy it but Top 5!?!?
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  15. /eyes roll right out of my head
    You guys are embarrassing!
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  16. We're just reciprocating, hun *giggles*
  17. While I feel like "Come" will win because of nostalgia for most of us, I am hoping for it to be down to either "WANT ME, WANT ME" or "WHAT A FEELING".
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  18. Any song in Top5 can win because of this though, they were all released 10+ years ago after all.
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  19. So true. I'm just under the impression that most Namie fans learned of her from "Come", so the song would hold more nostalgic value than others.
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