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  1. "My Darling" is amazing. I don't care if it has those Lil Jon imitator.

    "Motto boom boom volume up
    Zoom zoom speed up
    Ai yi yi yiyi"
  2. My Darling is a good/great song
    I Love You, on the other hand...
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. Hello friends I'm here to save the day (maybe)!

    ~Album Stats~

    BEST FICTION - 9.4
    Queen of Hip-Pop - 8.76
    PLAY - 8.7
    Style - 8.5
    Checkmate! - 7.91
    Extras - 7.77
    When Pop Hits the Fan - 7.65
  5. I can't even defend My Darling because as y'all saw from my list in Part 1, apparently I never even had it on my iTunes for the 10 years I've had Queen of Hip-Pop so it's like a brand new song to me.

    I Love You on the other hand is an 11 and I will be deleting any scores that give it less than a 10.
  6. ...There are actual humans who would give I Love You less then a 10?

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  7. I feel that you are the anti-me in these rates and I respect that. There's a sense of balance there.
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  8. Facking yin/yang.
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  9. *has flashbacks of CAN YOU CELEBRATE?'s elimination*
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  10. My scores are in!

    STYLE: 8.62
    Queen of Hip-Pop: 8.23
    PLAY: 9.29
    BEST FICTION: 9.70
    Checkmate!: 6.66
    Extras: 7.27
  11. Thank you for the all the entries so far. There is less than a week to go now, so please do your best to send your scores in!
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  12. I'll send mine in within the next 24 hours!

    Can't wait to exhaust everyone with my inability to express my feelings on music properly. <3 <3 <3

    Rates sent in! Here are the averages.

    STYLE: 8.34
    Queen of Hip-Pop: 8.81
    PLAY: 9.29
    BEST FICTION: 9.30
    Checkmate!: 8.08
    Extras: 7.77

    Yup. I stanned hard.
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  13. 'I Love You' is one of the very few Namie songs I don't really like.

    Sorry, not sorry!
  14. I guess that makes two of us!
  15. The way there are no songs in PLAY below «great», whew!
  16. When you all are rating these songs are you rating them in the context and relativity of Namie's discography? Or just knowledge and enjoyment of music in general.

    For instance I find myself rating some songs as 6 or 7, in the context of Namie's discography. But if I compare it to general musical enjoyment, then it can easily delve into 4 or 5 territory. It makes rating my non-top tier songs difficult.
  17. I rate based purely on my personal enjoyment of the song, including the music, vocals and lyrical content. I don't usually compare each song to the rest of the discography or other music unless there's some similarity that I find notable. I also really don't care about the technical aspects.
  18. When Pop Hits the Fan: 7.73
    STYLE: 8.08
    Queen of Hip-Pop: 8.15
    PLAY: 8.88
    Checkmate: 7.33
    Extras: 7.41

    Never listened to When Pop Hits the Fan before scoring, what a pleasant discovery. PLAY really is that album, isn't it.
  19. When Pop Hits the Fan 8,769 (10x3, 8x6)
    STYLE 9,192 (10x6, 8x3)
    Queen of Hip-Pop 9,230 (10x8, 7x1)
    PLAY 10 (10x12, kii)
    BEST FICTION 9,300 (10x2, 8x1)
    Checkmate 8,333 (10x2, 6x2)
    Extras 8,863 (10x4, 6x1)
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  20. OMG you really did that! Legendary.
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