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Namie Amuro - Finally

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. Snatching wigs since 1995
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  2. 1st day sales: 459,094
    2nd day sales: 222,295
    3rd day sales: 126,753
    4th day sales: 91,700

    Total: 899,842
  3. She doesn't age. Can I have her genes please?
  4. Yes, she should pass the million mark by the end of the weekend!

    Finally is her fastest selling album after 1996's Sweet 19 Blues.
  5. The re-recordings are a-mazing! Those older song feel really brought to life.
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  6. Only one day left.

    1st day sales: 459,094
    2nd day sales: 222,295
    3rd day sales: 126,753
    4th day sales: 91,700
    5th day sales: 71,876 (I was expecting slightly more than this considering it's the weekend. Maybe they're having stocking issues.)

    Total: 971,718
  7. Where can I stream it, does anyone know?
  8. It’ll definitely do more than 30k in the last day. I hope it does, at least!
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  9. It's not streamable at the moment as far as I know.
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  10. And this is why I hate that I love J-pop.
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  11. Didn't the news reports say that her label shipped 1 million copies to shops? They better be reprinting new copies fast!

    Usually Saturday & Sunday sales are pretty even so the million is guaranted.
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  12. I wish I was in Japan right now!
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  13. Kind of triggered that 181920 is in both the best albums and studio album section.
  14. Yes, get those million sales Namie!
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  15. Her first post-music project: N*DNA Skincare.

    The sales and level of promo going on in Japan right now are so heart warming. I mean, it's kind of bittersweet, but more on the sweet side.
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  16. The fact it's not even in the album section chronologically is actually bugging me more than it being there at all.
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  18. Ugh, if booking tickets from the other side of the world was not a mess I'd go in a heartbeat...
  19. Can anyone explain to me why does she retire?
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