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Namie Amuro - Finally

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. After 25 years she wants to enjoy her life. She’s toured for the past 17 years and she probably wants to go into 40s and just have fun and live comfortably.
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  2. After a whole week of listening Namie's discography....I came to conclusion that she should have done more songs with Shinichi Osawa...her voice and style plus his production is always a win.
  3. Last day of the week and.... it's officially a million!

    1st day sales: 459,094
    2nd day sales: 222,295
    3rd day sales: 126,753
    4th day sales: 91,700
    5th day sales: 71,876
    6th day sales: 95,753

    Total: 1,067,471
  4. Everybody should work with him though, he's amazing when he tones down his electronic sound to a bit more poppier one.

    YAY for 1 million!
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  5. [​IMG]
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  7. Do we know if those rumors of her planning a break into America (a year or so back maybe?) had any merit? I know it's obviously not going to happen now and I understand how it's simply not worth the effort but she definitely has the fan base (ok actually I have no idea but she must right?) here to support a few shows in major cities.
  8. I don't know about that but the rumour has it that her son is studying in the US...
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  9. I can't believe she has a college aged son, I wonder if his classmates know they're studying amongst a legend's biological heir.
  10. According to Oricon, 'Finally' sold 1,113 million copies in its first week:

    - Namie becomes the first artist to break the million mark in her 10s (Dance Tracks Vol. 1, Sweet 19 Blues & Concentration 20), 20s (181920), 30s (Best Fiction) and 40s (Finally).
    - 'Finally' is her 6th million selling album.
    - The last time an album broke the million mark in its first week was in 2004 with Utada Hikaru's Single Collection Vol. 1.
    - 'Finally' is now the best selling album of 2017.

    If Namie is not worth stanning for, then who is?!
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  12. 'Alarm' deserves to break the top 10 too! (hoping for a top 5 position)

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  13. Only #18 for ALARM on the first day of the week. Hopefully it'll rise tomorrow.
    Finally sold 45,657 copies.
  14. Just listened to 'Finally' - the Super Monkey songs and all of her 90s singles sounded so good with the new vocals & production!
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  15. Surely it will rise
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  16. GO, ALARM, GO! You can do it, baby! I got charged today for my pre-order, so it's gonna come here like in December.
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  17. Monday is usually a slow day when it comes to sales. Hoping 'Alarm' will rise in the rankings tomorrow!

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  18. The Docomo CM is out:

    The fountain of youth has been found. It's in Japan!
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  19. I'll miss her so damn much.
  20. ALARM finally rises at #8! (Chart trajectory so far this week: 18-18-8)

    1st day sales: 45,657
    2nd day sales: 48,273
    3rd day sales: 52,319

    TOT: 146,249 (1,213,720)
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