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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. 安室奈美恵 (Amuro Namie)


    1995/10/16 - DANCE TRACKS VOL.1
    1996/07/22 - SWEET 19 BLUES
    1997/07/24 - Concentration 20
    2000/01/26 - GENIUS 2000
    2000/12/20 - break the rules
    2003/12/10 - STYLE
    2005/07/13 - Queen of Hip-Pop
    2007/06/27 - PLAY
    2009/12/16 - PAST < FUTURE
    2012/06/27 - Uncontrolled
    2013/07/10 - FEEL
    2015/06/10 - _genic


    1996/09/30 - ORIGINAL TRACKS VOL.1
    1998/01/28 - 181920
    2002/03/13 - LOVE ENHANCED single collection
    2008/07/30 - BEST FICTION
    2014/06/04 - Ballada
    2017/11/08 - Finally


    2003/02/26 - When Pop Hits The Fan (SUITE CHIC)
    2011/04/27 - Checkmate!


    1992/09/16 - 恋のキュート・ビート / ミスターU.S.A. (SUPER MONKEY'S)
    1993/05/26 - DANCING JUNK (SUPER MONKEY'S 4)
    1993/11/05 - 愛してマスカット (SUPER MONKEY'S 4)
    1994/07/20 - PARADISE TRAIN (安室奈美恵 with SUPER MONKEY'S)
    1995/01/25 - TRY ME 〜私を信じて〜 (安室奈美恵 with SUPER MONKEY'S)
    1995/04/26 - 太陽のSEASON
    1995/07/24 - Stop the music
    1995/10/25 - Body Feels EXIT
    1995/12/04 - Chase the Chance
    1996/03/13 - Don't wanna cry
    1996/06/05 - You're my sunshine
    1996/08/21 - SWEET 19 BLUES
    1996/11/27 - a walk in the park
    1997/02/19 - CAN YOU CELEBRATE?
    1997/05/21 - How to be a Girl
    1997/11/27 - Dreaming I was dreaming
    1997/12/25 - CAN YOU CELEBRATE? (Maxi Single)
    1998/12/23 - I HAVE NEVER SEEN
    1999/03/17 - RESPECT the POWER OF LOVE
    1999/07/07 - toi et moi
    1999/09/01 - SOMETHING 'BOUT THE KISS
    2000/01/01 - LOVE 2000
    2000/07/12 - NEVER END
    2000/10/04 - PLEASE SMILE AGAIN
    2001/01/24 - think of me / no more tears
    2001/08/08 - Say the word
    2001/12/27 - lovin' it
    2002/02/14 - I WILL
    2002/09/11 - Wishing On The Same Star
    2002/12/18 - Good Life feat. Firstklas / Just Say So feat. Verbal (SUITE CHIC)
    2003/02/05 - Uh Uh,,,,,, feat. AI / Baby Be Mine (SUITE CHIC)
    2003/03/05 - shine more
    2003/07/16 - Put 'Em Up
    2003/10/16 - SO CRAZY / Come
    2004/03/17 - ALARM
    2004/07/22 - ALL FOR YOU
    2004/10/14 - GIRL TALK / the SPEED STAR
    2005/04/06 - WANT ME, WANT ME
    2005/11/16 - White Light / Violet Sauce
    2006/05/17 - CAN'T SLEEP, CAN'T EAT, I'M SICK / 人魚
    2007/01/24 - Baby Don't Cry
    2007/04/04 - FUNKY TOWN
    2008/03/12 - 60s 70s 80s
    2009/03/18 - WILD / Dr.
    2010/07/28 - Break It / Get Myself Back
    2011/07/27 - NAKED / Fight Together / Tempest
    2011/12/07 - Sit! Stay! Wait! Down! / Love Story
    2012/03/21 - Go Round / YEAH-OH
    2013/03/06 - Big Boys Cry / Beautiful
    2014/01/29 - TSUKI
    2014/11/12 - BRIGHTER DAY
    2015/12/02 - Red Carpet
    2016/05/18 - Mint
    2016/07/27 - Hero
    2016/10/26 - Dear Diary / Fighter
    2017/05/31 - Just You and I
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  2. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    The description of the two songs sounds like a fantastic clusterfuck of genres, but I'm not too keen on the preview as heard in the commercial. But I suppose I have faith since her last single was easily one of J-pop's best last year. Then again, the 2 new tracks on her Best album were pretty mediocre sooooo I don't know, we shall see!
  3. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    Namie Amuro will be releasing her new single WILD/Dr. on March 18th.

    Here's a description of the songs: "WILD is a mix of electro, euro, house and RnB. The track is an exciting, cool and powerful dance number with wild and sexy vocals. Dr. samples the ballet theme "Bolero" and is a mix of electro, opera, techno and RnB. It displays a dramatic developpement and this is the ultimate love song that transcends space-time."

    This is her first single since march 2008's 60s70s80s, which became her 10th #1 single in Japan and ranked in the Top 20 best selling singles of 2008 with 300k sold. Following the success of the previous two Vidal Sassoon campaigns, "60s70s80s" (New Look/Rock Steady/What A Feeling) and "Show Girl" (Do Me More), "Dr." is the theme song of the new "Bourgeois Gorgeous" themed VS campaign. Hairdresser Orlando Pita and famous fashion designer Patricia Field are back as well (both pictured above with Namie). 30 high-speed cameras were used for the shoot.

    You can watch the 45 sec version of the commercial here:

    I just noticed the heartbeat at the beginning and before the Bolero part!

    Heartbeats + classic + electro + opera = BRILLIANT!
  4. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    I don't hear Bolero at all? If we are talking about Ravel at least...
  5. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    This part is a sample/rework of Bolero:

    It's not really obvious, though. Just like What A Feeling's sample wasn't obvious compared to New Look/Baby Love and Rock Steady.
  6. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    You gotta hand it to Namie - she's certainly become very artsy and experimentive with her music. And the video looks amazing, as per usual.
  7. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    Agree, the pv looks gorgeous. I think its difficult to judge the song just from the cm though.
  8. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    WILD isn't suposed to sample anything from what I know and it might be the collaboration song with DJ Taku from m-flo (Luvotomy) and Shinichi Osawa (What A Feeling) for their new project "Ravex".

    And don't get your hopes to high for the video because, as for Do Me More, the final video might not be an extansion of the CM at all. Unfortunately.
  9. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    Can't wait to hear the full songs. 'What a Feeling' was my second-favourite song of 2008 and 'Do Me More'/'Sexy Girl' whilst not quite fantastic were pretty good.

    I don't understand why no English/American/European artists work with J-pop producers... they are SO much more experimental and 'now' than 90% of the popular Western producers.
  10. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    Probably because most of the western artists/producers looks down on the japanese music scene and thinks it consists only of euro-beat songs and high pitched singers.

    Maybe we should ask the question to Mr. PJ. Why does he ignore j-pop? I think the only time he commented on something japanese related was Utada's You Make Me Want To Be A Man. And I'm not sure it was positive.
  11. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    Well, she's definitely doing a collaboration song for the Ravex project but I don't now whether it's WILD or a total different song.
  12. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    I love the advert.
  13. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    Looks like both song will have major tie-ins!

    WILD will be the song of the new Coca Cola Zero campaign "WILD HEALTH". The TV ad will premiere on February 9th, which means we will hear the first bits of the songs next week!
  14. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    My word, she is so beautiful. i love her usual slightly pissed off expression while performing.
    i was watching her live dvd the other day and my friend said 'she really doesn;t look like she wants to be there' but i love that about her. she's doing these really complex moves while looking a bit bored!
  15. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    Emotionless Amuro. That's what we love about her!
  16. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    Yeah that's what I find so cute about watching her perform. That said my favourite Namie video is the one where she looks really happy and lost in thought. Good old Baby Don't Cry.
  17. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    First Coca Cola Zero "WILD HEALTH" campaign promo pic:

  18. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    The 'bored' look really works for her, but the strange thing is you can still tell (most of the time) she's enjoying herself.

    I love it though. It's like she's always thinking "Ugh, I am so over this." And yet she can be emotional when she wants. Wishing On The Same Star showcases this.
  19. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    She reminds me of Kimberley Walsh in the first picture. It's like her stepsister her mother had with an Asian traveller.

    I'm eager to hear this - What A Feeling is one of the few tracks that have never been in danger of being deleted from my mp3 player (no I don't use iPod which could include five billion songs. I have room for 200).
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