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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. I can get enjoying them but saying the differences is negligible is a blatant lie. They’re noticeably completely different vocals on everything (bar “TSUKI”, I’ll give you that one) with her range, ability, and phrasing being different to the original versions (ex: “Try Me”, “BODY FEELS EXIT”, “Big Boys Cry”). Plus a few of the backing tracks sound like karaoke renditions (ex: “Rock Steady”, “What A Feeling”).

    Maybe it’s a matter of having an ear for it...
  2. To be honest I only really listen from So Crazy onwards.
    Don’t call me a liar please
  3. I didn’t quote you as you weren’t the only person to mention this in this thread when the subject of the re-recordings being “just the same” comes up (including around release) so it wasn’t meant specifically at you and apologies if you took it as a direct slight.
  4. For me, the first disc tracks are generally better than the originals because she’s actually singing on key. Disc 2 is pretty horrible compared with the originals, though.
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  5. I tend to skip disc 2, actually. There's something really off about those tracks - I can't put my finger on what exactly. The masterpiece I Will suddenly sounds boring. Same with Want Me Want Me. I can't even listen to What A Feeling.

    Discs 1 and 3 are great though! Especially disc 1. It sounded like she had a lot of fun re-recording those.
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  6. Disc 01 pretty much improved vocals. Disc 02 however sounds like karaoke and even the backing track/music to the song sound cheaply produced.
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  7. You tone seem very pointed right now. Sorry I don't "have an ear for it", but that doesn't mean you can call me a liar over it, because I certainly didn't lie when I said I wasn't bothered by the "FINALLY" versions as some people were.
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  8. I really don't find them cheaply produced - but it's all good, the originals still exist.
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  9. Yeah, I really only listen to the first CD as Namie's voice has greatly improved over her original recordings. But everyone is allowed their opinion! I just appreciate her doing it in the first place, I love hearing the difference from then to now.
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  10. The Finally version of Dr. is good.

    It's a real shame Wild wasn't included... A studio version of the Past>Future tour arrangement would have been great:
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  11. I really missed WILD on the tracklist. I have to say, I hadn’t really noticed the difference with her later works on Finally even though I know they're new recordings, Dr. aside.
  12. Can anyone help me!? i've ordered from Yes Asia many times - but not i have items in my cart and it doesn't have an option to ship to UK. am i going mad?
  13. Did you have any luck? Last time I ordered with them was 28 Dec I think.

    Never End just came on shuffle. What a classic!
  14. Hmm...I think this is a mistake, but this popped up on Spotify and Apple Music under her name. It's only an instrumental, but it's interesting that both music services have it up, even if it ends up being a mistake.

  15. Are mistakes like this common? Surely they aren’t prepping us for something..

    Don’t do this to me!
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  16. Yeah feels like someone cheating. I doubt this would be how something is teased.
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  17. I’m all on board for her to release new material but I don’t think this is how Japanese marketing or Namie’s team has really ever operated. I’d love to be proven wrong, though!

    I am still hoping she will at least include some new cuts on the best album, otherwise there’s no point in really releasing it so soon after the previous Best.
  18. Dddd, what is this? The instrumental is okay, but it doesn't sound like a Namie song at all.
  19. Don’t get your hopes up! People have done this before, I remember a few songs added to Twice’s discography that were just random as fuck. They do it just to get attention.
  20. Oh, I had no idea it was that easy for people to do that. In that case, I can definitely write this off as fake.
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