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Namie Amuro

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. For anyone interested, I came across this super rare remix of "Taiyou no SEASON" that only appeared on a rare vinyl for the song.

    It's a shortened version. The full version is 5 minutes long, but I thought it was neat.

    I also found the "TRY ME (B4 ZA BEAT REMIX)" that was also on a rare vinyl. But...beware. There are very questionable images on the video.

  2. I know you warned us but that video is literally
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  3. Mirror mirror on the wall, boys are stupid let them fall, we stay shine like disco ball.

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  4. Every time a Namie PV pops up in my Youtube recommendations I get all happy until I remember it's the 1 minute version uploaded ages ago. It'd be great if Avex uploaded all the PVs for the 30th anniversary or released a boxset next year. I really liked the way they uploaded the PVs for Kuu's anniversary.
  5. I would've loved to see Namie's take on today's "disco revival", imagine an album full of What a feeling-level bops...
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  6. It’s really bugging me, especially as the GP are finally opening their eyes to East Asian music. Want to play her bangers at drinks with my mates in our YouTube queue and I’m stuck playing a pixelated WAF video!
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  7. Speaking of bangers, "Alive" recently came on while shuffling my library and I’m obsessed all over again (surprised this full version is still up on YouTube).

  8. We stan a charitable queen!

    Namie Amuro Receives Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon: Her Spirit of Donation Not Erased Even After Retirement


    It's been a while since her name has been mentioned in public, and her fans seem to be rejoicing: the official gazette dated July 9 contained information about Namie Amuro, 43, who retired in September 2018.

    The official gazette with the words "Namie Amuro" in the "Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon and Award Cup" column.

    The "Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon" is awarded once a month to individuals and organizations that have donated private funds for the public good.

    In February this year, the official gazette reported that former SMAP members Masahiro Nakai (48), Shingo Katori (44) and singer Ayumi Hamasaki (42) received the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon, and in March, the official gazette reported that YOSHIKI of X JAPAN (55) received the same award. Among them, fans must have been delighted to see Amuro receive the Medal of Honor this time.

    According to the "Medal of Honor Ordinance," which defines the system of the Medal of Honor, donations of at least 5 million yen are required, which means that the recipients had donated at least that much.

    "In addition to the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon, Amuro will also receive the Award Cup. The fact that she will receive this award means that she has donated more than 15 million yen. She has always been passionate about charitable activities.

    In 2005, she donated 10 million yen to the Japan Committee for UNICEF to help children affected by the tsunami that struck Sumatra, and in 2011, after the Great East Japan Earthquake, she donated 50 million yen to the Japanese Red Cross Society.
    "In September 2018, she donated 2 million yen to the Okinawa Children's Future Fund, which was set up to help solve the problem of child poverty in her hometown of Okinawa. In September 2018, we donated 2 million yen to the Okinawa Children's Future Fund, which was established to eliminate the problem of child poverty in Okinawa.

    The official gazette does not list the recipient of the donation or even the amount of the donation, so it is unclear where and what kind of donation Amuro made this time.

    Translated with (free version)
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  9. We love to stan a charitable, unproblematic queen!
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  10. I don't know what possessed me to click this thread not being a listener of J-Pop but something made me want to listen and I love everything I've heard. Hero is my present fave of the tracks I've checked out.
    There's so much to discover, I'm really excited to delve in.

    Genius 2000 has one of the best album covers of all time for sure, listened to it first solely based on that and I wasn't disappointed.

    (As a side: I hate how hard her music videos are to find - any good sources that aren't Apple Music?)
  11. That’s exciting! Sounds like me the first time I found out about her.

    Not really that I’m aware besides what you mentioned unfortunately. Some have been uploaded in full on YouTube by users but they’re few and far between.

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  12. I'm so excited for you! She really is one of the best artists ouut there and her catalogue is very strong. You can check the rates if you want to see what people on here loved.

    As for the music videos, there really is not much to do legally, since her label tried to erase them after her retirement.
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  13. I never understood this. What's the point?
  14. Japan and their slowness to catch up with the rest of world with regards to copyright and streaming.

    Basically, why put them up on YouTube for free when you could release an MV collection for 10,000 yen a couple years down the line in a country where physical copies still sell. It’s the air of exclusivity.
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  15. What a mess. It completely erases the promotional aspect of making music videos to begin with. Very few potential fans are going to care to look for her videos if they can't access them easily.

    I guess I'll have to go for the CD+DVD editions of her albums when I finally decide to collect her discography physically, dd.
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  16. Her compilation album “Best Fiction” would be a great starting point, then go with Past Future and Feel.
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  17. I'm waiting for the MV collection Avex, c'mon!
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  18. Facebook has a lot of her music videos and live performances!
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  19. I guess the lack of MVs on Youtube is because she is such a big star, since a lot of other Jpop-artists release full MVs on Youtube these days.
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